Amtrak 48 & 49, Lake Shore Limited

Chicago Union Station to 21st Street and Halsted Street

21st Street to Englewood

Englewood to CP 509/River Junction

CP 509/River Junction to Hammond-Whiting

Hammond-Whiting to CP 506

CP 506 to CP 501 and Pine Junction

Pine Junction to Porter

Porter to Elkhart

Elkhart to Airline Junction (Toledo)

Airline Junction to East Toledo

East Toledo to Berea

Berea to CP 181 (Cleveland)

CP 181 to Collinwood (Cleveland)

Collinwood to Ashtabula

Ashtabula to Carroll Street (Buffalo)

Carroll Street (Buffalo) to Chili Junction

Chili Junction to Fairport (Rochester)

Fairport to Syracuse

Syracuse to Hoffmans

Hoffmans to Albany-Rennselaer

Albany-Rennselaer to Poughkeepsie

Spuyton-Duyvil to Poughkeepsie

New York City (Penn Station) to Spuyton-Duyvil

Penn Station (New York City)

The Boston Section (and later Boston Connection) splits off the main route at Albany-Rennselaer

Albany-Rennselaer to Port Road Crossing

Port Road Crossing to Pittsfield

Pittsfield to Springfield

Springfield to Palmer

Palmer to Worcester

Framingham to Worcester

Back Bay to Framingham