River Cities
New Orleans—St. Louis—Kansas City

The River Cities ran in the early 1990s, as a through coach and sleeper between the City of New Orleans at Carbondale and the St. Louis-Kansas City service

East Bridge Junction to New Orleans (NOUPT)

East Bridge Junction to Orleans Junction (New Orleans)

Orleans Junction to Hammond

Hammond to Jackson

Jackson to Memphis via Grenada (prior to the mid 1990s)

Jackson to Memphis via Yazoo City (since the mid 1990s)

Memphis to Fulton

Fulton to Du Quoin

Du Quoin to East St. Louis

East St. Louis to Gratiot

[East St. Louis to Q Tower

Gratiot to Q Tower

Grand Avenue to Gratiot (St. Louis)

Iron Mountain Junction to Grand Avenue (St. Louis)

Jefferson City to Iron Mountain Junction

Independence to Jefferson City (via Sedalia)

Kansas City (Sheffield) to Independence

Kansas City Terminal