This page is the home of Eva and Don Pageler.  The name Liberty/Turtle represents our future endeavors.
  Don is a survivor of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty and is dedicated to putting the survivor's story into history.  Two thirds of the crew were killed or wounded.  The ship suffered in excess of 820 rocket and cannon holes, napalm fires, and a 40ft torpedo hole in the starboard side.  The crew sailed her a week, 1000 miles to put her in dry-dock in Malta.  Captain McGonagle received the Congressional Medal of Honor.  For more information see The USS Liberty Home Page at
  Eva collects turtles and makes crafts.  She, being a widow, spent much of her life raising four children by herself.  She is ready to enjoy making crafts.
  We are now retired.  Retirement is quite a transition.  We hope to go on the road with the Liberty/Turtle show.  We may see you in your town.
  Thank you for visiting our Page.  You can contact me at