This is to remember Lisa Najera(Eva's sister)- Died 10/30/92 from Spinal Meningitis.  In January 1989 Carl (her husband) died from a gun shot during the  robbery of their home.  Lisa was left with an 8 year old son and learned 3 months later she had leukemia.  After a bone marrow transplant Lisa was pronounced cancer free on October 1, 1992.  A month later she died.  Michael (her son) died in 1994.  We miss Lisa, Michael and Carl.
Son Michael & wife Kara have children Jared, Christian & Zackary & Michaela.  Daughter Nadean & husband Junior have children Klayton & Kiona, along with Junior's children.  Son Robert & wife Carla.  Daughter Gloria & husband Oscar have children Monique, Kristina & Oscar.
Eva collects grandchildren, turtles, along with
an old veteran.
Eva's years of raising children by herself was very productive.  The current Grandchild count is 09.   In the future, this page will house information about us in retirement.