Loss of Liberty
By Jack Tillar
America, proud and mighty America,
You now must hear our call,
The Loss of Liberty for one,
Is Loss of Liberty for all,
And when our call is heeded,
And when you right this wrong,
And when you do what's needed,
Then, and only then,
Again, you will be strong.
My chilhood friend, Bruce Walker is still listed MIA.  Bruce flew a OV10A at the end of the BAT 21 mission.  The last site of Bruce had him surounded by 40 NVA troops.  In 1991 his military ID card was found in a museum in Hanoi.  My I speak to him after death and tell him, "I remembered".  However long he survived, may none of us forget.  His last transmission was,  "Do not try to rescue, surrounded by enemy troops."
Remember my High School football team mate, John George Southall.  Died 06/16/68 in Vietnam.  Corpral US Maine Corp.  Thank you John, for serving our country.