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Dark eyed angels swam with me...

This Site is Always Under Construction

This site is offered to your imagination as a way of conversing with images, images created with words and visual expression.  It is my hope that what is given here will feed the inspiration that lives in us all.  If just one new poem or story is written or image is created because of this effort, then it will have been worth it.
Creativity, I believe, is the art of bringing into the world the part of all of us that comes from deep within in search of expression, truths that are waiting to step into the light of day where all can see them.  To this end I invite you to stop and rest here a while, perhaps even offer a gift of yourself to be put on these pages for others passing this way.  the world is waiting to hear your voice.
Journey well and be blessed pilgrims of creation,

Most of the writers represented on this website live in, or have lived in, Kern County, California at one time or another.   Most of those writers have read their works at stand-up poetry venues in Bakersfield over the last several years.  Their ages range from 13 to 82.
The diversity of poetry and prose is welcomed on this site in celebration of the richness and breadth of poetic vision.  I offer my sincere thanks to those who have given their permission to have their work posted here.


All photos except "Spring in Kern County" were taken by Donnel Lester.  The drawings, "Unfinished Man", "The Key", "Men Around the Bonfire", "Finding the Shadow" and "Writer at Work" were done by Aaron Lester.  Other artists are noted with their creations.  The photographer of "Spring in Kern County" is Frank Kee.

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There is nothing we must do.  There is nothing we must have.  There is nothing we must be. There is nothing we must know.  However, it is important to remember that when it rains we can get wet and that fire burns.