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Specializing in Academic Publications, 

Textbooks, and Trade Books

Still Indexing Services:

Produces quality, professional indexes

Provides meticulous, detail-oriented indexing services

Works with clients to meet deadlines while producing quality books that serve the needs of the reader

Generates indexes using Sky Indexing Software which produces a consistent, professional index

Provides proofing of all indexes

Delivers indexes on disk, hardcopy, and/or via email or ftp

Devotes the time and energy needed to produce the highest quality in indexing

Strives for perfection and customer-satisfaction.

About the Freelance Indexer:

    Donna Still has a unique combination of education and experience, which supports her aptitude for creating thorough, accurate, and well-organized indexes. She has 20+ years of experience teaching indexing and editing skills, as well as evaluating indexes as part of the textbook adoption process. She has a Bachelorís Degree in Education with a minor in English, as well as a Masterís Degree in Education with a certification as a Reading Specialist. Mrs. Still has many years of experience teaching others how to keep the audience in mind while writing, which is a critical skill when developing an index. Mrs. Still is an active member of the American Society of Indexers, both at the national and state levels.


Still Indexing Services

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back-of-book indexing needs.

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