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Change Windows Explorer defaults

By design, Windows Explorer opens in it's default folder.
Such as, in Windows98 it's
drive C: and  Windows XP it's Documents and Settings.

To change the default setting so your chosen folder is shown, follow these steps: 

Right–click the Windows Explorer icon, and click Properties.

Under Target field, which reads (in XP) %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe,
add to the end of the line to read %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /n, /e, C:\

If you wish it to open in drive d:, make the line read
/n, /e, d:\

If you wish to select the drive yourself, get a drive list by adding:
/n, /e, /select, C:\

Click OK.

 Note: There are spaces here * %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe * /n,* /e,* /select,* C:\

Caution in Windows XP: If a program (Like Outlook's .pst file ) associates it's files in Documents and Settings and you change it to My Documents you will loose your settings. You have to re-associate it from Outlooks file menu.


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