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A computer with an always-on connection makes it especially vulnerable to information theft and other attacks.
(Not necessarily needed if you have a hardware firewall built into your router.)

Workaround to Sudden Loss of Internet Access Problem after Windows Update on 7-9-08

ZoneAlarm - Download Here

ZoneAlarm is designed to protect your DSL- or cable-connected PC from hackers. This program includes four interlocking security services: a firewall, an application control, an Internet lock, and Zones. The firewall controls the door to your computer and allows only traffic you understand and initiate. The Internet lock blocks Internet traffic while your computer is unattended or while you're not using the Internet, and it can be activated automatically with your computer's screensaver or after a set period of inactivity. Zones monitor all activity on your computer and alert you when a new application attempts to access the Internet. 

The FREE Basic version of ZoneAlarm is for individual and not-for-profit charitable use .

See if you need a firewall

Shields UP!
Quickly checks the security of your computer's connection to the Internet.
Without your knowledge or explicit permission, the Windows networking technology which connects your computer to the Internet may be offering some or all of your computer's data to the entire world at this very moment!

Check Your Security Here!

Click here to see an earlier test I ran on, the Shields Up test, after I installed ZoneAlarm.
If yours don't look similar or better than this, you should install a firewall.

Note: Installing a router, with a built-in firewall on your broadband connection, is the best first line of defense.

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