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Index of Topics

About Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
From Windows 95 to Windows 7 and much more.
Broadband & Speed Tests
About Broadband / Connection speeds
Computer Help Primer
Many beginner tips and shortcuts
Computer Security
Security Check / Firewalls
PC Curiosities & Guides
Common Q & A, USB, DVD / BluRay, Video, Audio, Key codes, VoIP, Digital TV, Backup & More.
Protect your kids on the Web
Programs to help protect kids.
Computer & Program Problems
Common hardware & software problems
Possible System Board Shorts
General warnings posted here

Need a driver?
Trouble getting hardware drivers?

Networking Topics
Types / Pros and cons / Setups


Windows Operating Systems

Windows - Newest release on top

In case you are wondering about the distant past.

Read Windows 10
 There will be a FREE upgrade to Windows 10 for Windows 7 and 8 users.
Windows 10 will be available July 29, 2015 Microsoft confirms. Free download for One Year. After that year it will cost you. You will be notified through Windows Updates.
 Hardware Note: If your PC can run Windows 8, it should be able to run 10.

Read Windows 8 & 8.1
  Windows 8 is primarily designed for touch screen. No typical start button.
  Get the Windows Start Menu Back / Using Windows 8

Windows 7
Windows Vista / About / Incompatibilities
Windows Vista / Help and Tips
Windows Versions Past and Future
Stay away from beta test products.
They are unfinished program releases and can, and will, be unstable.

Windows XP / About
Windows XP / Help and Tips

4-8-14 End of support for Windows XP - No more security updates.

Windows 2000 / About and Installing 2000
Windows Millennium / About
Windows 98SE (Second Edition)
Windows 98 / Installing
Windows98: What is new over Windows 95?
Installing Windows 95 Upgrade (From Windows 3.1)
Win95b - FAT32 vs. FAT16 (More hard drive space)

Curiosities and Guides

Top mistakes made when buying an HDTV
USB 3.0
Burn an audio CD with Windows Media Player (MS Link)
DVD and DVD Recordable Drives / Blue Ray -HD DVD
Transferring home movies to CD, DVD or Hard Drive
Convert your records (or tapes) to CDs
You don't need Windows Media Center to record TV
How many megapixel camera do you need? (Chart)
Copy songs from your CDs to your PC with Windows Media Player (MS Link)
10 Things Users Do To Mess Up Their Computer
Change Windows Explorer default open location

File Extensions / File Associations
Backup your hard drive!
Backup & Repairing Outlook (P.I.M. / .PST)  
Backup the Registry
Computer Acronyms and Emoticons
Alt Key Codes

What is VoIP

Word Templates (From Microsoft)


Networking Types / Pros and Cons

Home Networking Windows 98/2000-Software Setup

Computer & Program Problems

No Sound
Grinding Noise that changes as the PC heats up
No video (Black Screen) Tips for beginners
Spell check won't work in Outlook Express
Outlook Express help - List of MS links
Scandisk and Defrag takes forever! Use Safe Mode

Wallpaper Changed by Spyware
Right-click an empty spot on your desktop
Left-Click "Properties"
Left-Click Desktop Tab
Left-Click Web Tab
Uncheck "My Current Home Page"
Click OK

Adobe Flash Player - Flash player not loading (text file)

Error with Acrobat Reader when printing

Norton Anti-Virus Related Fixes
Your system is low on virtual memory on Windows XP
Cannot find MSIEXEC.EXE after you got the Klez Virus

Top 10 reasons for computer slow-downs

Keeping Your Computer Secure

Shields UP! Check Your Security Here! (Link)
Quickly checks the security of your computer's connection to the Internet.
Without your knowledge or explicit permission, the technology which connects your computer to the Internet may be offering some or all of your computer's data to the entire world at this moment!

ZoneAlarm Internet Firewall keeps your computer safe. (Will not yet work well with Vista)
After installing ZoneAlarm, results should look similar to THIS common port Shields UP! test.
If yours don't, go HERE and install the free ZoneAlarm Firewall software and test again.

Virus and Security Help Must Read! Virus Alerts!

What is DSL? / Types of Internet Connections

Test your Internet Connection Speed.
Some Tests Require Flash Player

Speed Test 1
Speed Test 2
Speed Test 3

Note: The first hard drive, which came with the RAMAC computer in 1956, weighed about a ton and held 4.4MB of data.

In 2007 Toshiba came out with a 3.5" terabyte hard drive! (Seagate and a few others have them now)
 A terabyte is a trillion bytes, or a million megabytes, or 1,000 gigabytes, as measured by the hard-drive industry.

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