Parents frequently ask Section Representatives, "Besides paying the bills, what can and should I be doing for my team?" Glad you asked!

First - Get involved. Volunteer to work with the team staff. This can involve forming a team, serving as off-ice officials at games, fund raising, scheduling, and a host of other activities that are behind the scenes, yet necessary to put a team on the ice. The basics concerning what is involved in putting a team on the ice can be reviewed by clicking the following link.

Second - Find out what USA Hockey and High School hockey stands for as a youth organization. Read our policies and codes of conduct for an understanding of where we are coming from and where we are going by clicking on the following link.

Third - Know the rules of the game. Take the time to read the official playing rules so that you will know what the calls are during a game and why. You can review the USA Hockey Official Rules of Ice Hockey by clicking the following link.

Find out ahead of time what a "suspension" is and is not by clicking the following link.

Are there other rules, such as local rules? How do I get a rule book? Click on the following link for answers.

Fourth - Give your son or daughter the player's edge by getting them mentally and physically prepared for ice hockey by checking out the Section's tips and techniques at the following link.

Fifth - Heaven forbid that your child should get hurt, but, just in case, check out what to do regarding accidents and insurance claims by clicking the following links.

Sixth - Support your team by attending the games and giving them and their opponents your attention and vocal support. Be an enthusiastic supporter of ice hockey as a skill sport. Check out USA Hockey's concerns regarding spectators by clicking the following link.