High School games are played in accordance with USA Hockey's OFFICIAL RULES of ICE HOCKEY, latest edition. The rule book is published every other year - the latest was published this season.

RULES CHANGES - Changes to the playing rules are determined during odd numbered years by the Playing Rules Committee of USA Hockey during the USA Hockey Annual Congress in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The District Referee-in-Chief may approve "local rule deviations" so long as such deviations do not materially or adversely affect the competition or create an unsafe playing condition. If your rules book is more than 2 years old, you should replace it with an updated edition. The latest playing rules changes for the 1999-00 and 2000-01 Seasons are available through the following link:

SUPPLEMENTARY DISCIPLINE - Rule 410 (a) of the rule book states, "In addition to the suspensions imposed under these rules, the proper disciplinary authority may, at the conclusion of the game, at their discretion, investigate any incident that occurs in connection with any game and may assess additional suspensions for any offense committed before, during the course of a game, or any aftermath thereof by a player or Team Official, whether or not such offense has been penalized by the referee."

High School hockey Leagues and teams are encouraged to formally utilize Rule 410 (a) when implementing supplementary discipline of team members. The provisions of Rule 410 (a) should be considered as coupled with the USA Hockey provisions for a team member's right of due process (USA Hockey Annual Guide, latest edition).

While the proper disciplinary authority may impose additional disciplinary actions as a result of a game, the authority may not disregard penalties imposed by a referee and impose a lesser disciplinary action than prescribed by the rule book.

USA HOCKEY RULE BOOK - Each high school team coach is provided with one copy of USA Hockey's OFFICIAL RULES of ICE HOCKEY and USA Hockey Annual Guide, latest editions, after registering a team with USA HOCKEY.

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