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Welcome to Gryffynlloches

Welsh for Refuge of the Griffins, this is the homepage for Don Cox and the name of my household.

The South Lab is my hobby inner sanctum. Herein find computers, handcrafts, period reenactment, electronics, music, tales, and toy-making.

More of my online presence can be found on my friends' site, Draigsffau.

Employers in need of an experienced senior electronics technician / senior technologist can peruse my resume.

On the Soapbox

Monday August 8, 2016

My, how the years fly by. Social media appears to have dominated most of that sphere, so these little hobby websites are mostly good for archiving useful bits of information. I've made some updates to reflect this.

Tuesday May 4, 2010

-My software development efforts continue.
-Darkroom is done! Remodeling continues at a snail's pace.
-Got dragged into Facebook and reconnected with friends.
-Lost two months to a hard drive crash (backups, my friends.)
-Made (if unused) photopolymer plates for last issue of The Bulletin!

Tuesday Feb 3, 2009

Leaving behind a particularly painful year for many, the time has come for some serious coding efforts and home remodeling. The darkroom is about finished leaving us free to continue with the rest of the ground floor--print shop, library/music room, and South Lab (yay!) I have modeled the space in 3D using Design Workshop Lite. This proved a long-overdue improvement as we have been attempting to communicate what we want to see built to one another using verbal descriptions.

Software time gives me an excuse to dabble in finding new free or fair-priced software. I have added a CAD page and a few entries along similar lines to my CNC and PCB pages. Also, I have added a summary of my photopolymer techniques on my printed circuit board page that I have been grooming for use as printing plates for The Bulletin at the Dickens Christmas Fair. You can make rubber stamps and printing plates quite easily with this stuff.

Friday Oct 24, 2008

The Renaissance Faire season has come to a close for another year. Somewhere in there, Sully, my lady's father and all-around genial curmudgeon, passed away. There is a wake to be held at Dickens Fair this year.

The Dickens' Christmas Fair will once again be how I spend my Yuletide season. The Bulletin will again publish and many silly gigs will happen. Sully will be greatly missed, but it was his fond wish that we continue this tradition and enjoy ourselves. Lots to write!

Tuesday July 8, 2008

Had a lovely Independence Day weekend with the denizens of Draigsffau. Fireworks, food, and friends!

There looks to be a steampunk twist to the convention circuit this year.

Self-portrait in South Lab

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08/08/16 Update Philosophy pages
06/19/16 Move Photopolymer Plates
05/08/16 Add 6x6 Cross-Strung Harp
06/20/11 Edit Logic page
02/04/11 Edit Electronics Tutorial
01/05/11 Edit Photopolymer plates
05/03/10 Add Windows 98 freebies
12/01/10 Edit Bulletin archives
10/16/09 Edit Electronics Tutorial
03/25/09 Edit CAD page
03/09/09 Edit Ethics page
02/11/09 Edit Electronics software list
02/10/09 Edit PCB page
02/04/09 Photopolymer technique
01/26/09 Add CAD page
10/24/08 Update Bulletin pages
12/22/07 Update Bulletin archives
01/24/04 Edit Business page
01/10/04 Add software links to WEC
04/10/04 Edit biz page
04/02/04 Edit CNC, PCB pages
03/02/04 Add Computer security page
07/30/03 Add Roaring Dragon Press