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Current Projects

·         Current Topics in Physics
1. Inflation, Dark Energy, and Dark Matter: a New Paradigm
2. Black Holes, Singularities, and Information Loss

·         Dick's entries in the essay contests of the Foundational Questions Institute
1. On the nature of time: "Time Complementarity in the Inflaton Spacetime Model"
2. On what is ultimately possible in physics: "ant among giants...a fable"
3. On whether reality is analog or digital: "AModel for Digital Reality"

CRACKPOT DISCLAIMER:  Dick is serious about his work and believes it to be correct, but he doesn't have a degree in physics or philosophy, so he makes no claim, express or implied, that his ideas actually correspond to reality, or that the ideas of others cited in support of his ideas are accurately expressed, correctly applied, or actually do support his ideas.  


Dick: dick.dolan@stanfordalumni.org

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