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The Book of Dup




By Richard P. Dolan








© 2000, 2004 Richard P. Dolan








Whatís Dup?

One day my wife, Louise, came home from work and announced with some pleasure that there were changes afoot and she was going to get free dup so that she could take on some new and exciting challenges.

I thought, "Whatís dup? And how much does it normally cost?"

My curiosity aroused, I began to look for more evidence of this mysterious dup. To my surprise, I found it everywhere. Dup apparently pervades every aspect of life. It seems to be a substance that has many forms. Someone or something can get it, or can get it for someone or something else. For example, "I stood in front of the fire to get warm dup." Or, "I finally got my room clean dup." Yet, weíre never aware of getting it. Why?

Iíve come to the conclusion that dup is a magical substance. As soon as we get it we become it, so we never realize that weíve received something. As soon as I get warm dup, I am warm dup.

(Purists will point out that it is the dual meanings of getóto acquire and to becomeóthat make this wordplay possible, but what do they know? Just ignore them.)

I decided to try to catalog all the different kinds of dup, and so in this little book, youíll find them listed alphabetically, each with a brief introduction telling where you get it and what it does, along with a sentence or two showing how each kind of dup enters our daily lives. I had to be somewhat selective because there are so many kinds of dup, so Iíve left out types that are extremely awkward to get or extremely disgusting. I also tried to avoid types that arenít found in the U.S.A.

I required that it be possible to write a natural-sounding sentence about getting each type of dup. Not every "d" sound followed by an "up" sound in the English language qualifies. For example, you wonít find woun dup because woun isnít an English word. This is an example of what I call false dup. Also, if you canít get it, it isnít dup. Thus, "The fire flared up," isnít a reference to dup, the substance. Finally, if the "up" sound is only a direction, itís not dup. For example, "The chimney sweepís broom gets poked up the chimney" isnít a reference to real poke dup.

After reading this, you may find yourself looking for dup. Not to worry. Have fun! Maybe youíll find a few kinds of dup that Iíve missed. Youíll probably also run across several related magical substances that I havenít included in this book, like doff (wipe doff), dout (clean dout), dover (pass dover), and din (snow din). You might even begin to make up dup games, like dup trivia (What kind of dup makes images larger? Zoom dup.) or contests to see who can find the most kinds of dup (Thereís a car that got bang dup.). Maybe you should worry about that.



Ante Dup is found in poker games. It puts money in the pot. ** Before each poker hand, a certain amount of money gets ante dup.


Back Dup is very versatile. It can cause an object to move backwards, it can support a person or group in some endeavor, it can make a copy of a computer file, or it can cause congestion. ** Always make sure your data files get back dup whenever theyíre updated. * Never stand behind a truck while itís getting back dup. * The freeway got back dup because of the accident.

Bag Dup causes a group of objects to end up in a bag. It is found in and near bags. ** Yes, we can go home as soon as our groceries get bag dup.

Ball Dup is not found near balls. It comes from incompetence, ignorance, or negligence, and causes things to go wrong. ** I thought we were clear on what needed to be done, but things got ball dup anyway.

Bang Dup comes from crashing into something. It usually hurts and leaves scars. ** He got bang dup badly in the accident.

Beef Dup has nothing to do with cattle. It makes things stronger. It comes from an application of effort and sometimes materials. ** It was a good offer but they refused it, so I guess it needed to get beef dup. * We knew that if the levee didnít get beef dup soon, weíd be flooded out for sure.

Block Dup is found in accumulations of either too many objects or too much of a substance to go through an opening. It closes the opening so that nothing gets through. ** We fixed the levee, but the storm drain got block dup and we got flooded out anyway.

Blotch Dup covers things with large, irregular spots. It usually accompanies some unexpected and undesired occurrence, such as a disease. ** A rare tropical disease caused her face to get blotch dup.

Boil Dup is found in boiling water. It can cook, clean, or sterilize. ** As the new assistant cook, your job is to see that the vegetables get boil dup.

Bollix Dup is similar to ball dup. It can come from incompetence or just bad luck. Things that get it end up in bad shape. ** I knew that after he took over the company it wouldnít be long before all of its operations got bollix dup.

Book Dup comes from demand for products or services, causing them to become unavailable. ** As soon as she opened her office, she got book dup for four months.

Bottle Dup lurks in places with narrow or nonexistent exits. It makes it difficult or impossible to get out. ** Traffic always gets bottle dup here because the highway narrows from three lanes to two.

Box Dup lives in boxes and causes objects that get it to come and live there, too. ** On Tuesdays, all of the snow globes have to get box dup for shipment.

Brew Dup comes from steeping, boiling, fermenting, or infusing. It changes one liquid into another. ** On those cold winter evenings, the family gathering couldnít begin until a big pot of tea got brew dup.

Brick Dup is found in bricks and mortar. It closes openings permanently. ** The door to the dungeon had got brick dup a hundred years before and no one knew it was there until the earthquake destroyed the castle.

Bruise Dup comes from impacts to the body. It causes pain and discoloration at the point of impact. ** Tom was lucky that he only got bruise dup when the scaffold gave way.

Brush Dup comes from studying, not from brushes. It refreshes your memory. ** Your math needs to get brush dup if you expect to qualify for that astrophysics job.

Buck Dup makes people feel better. You donít get it from dollar bills or male deer, but from empathy. ** The kidsí ball team was terrible, so a big part of the coachís job was to make sure they got buck dup after a loss.

Buckle Dup is found in belts. It keeps things securely in place. ** Make sure your children get buckle dup as soon as they get into the car.

Buff Dup is found in polishing cloths. It makes things shine. ** Alís job at the car dealership was to see that the cars got buff dup every morning.

Bulk Dup gives you big muscles. It comes from exercise and diet. ** You need weight training and the proper diet to get bulk dup for bodybuilding competitions.

Bunch Dup causes gathering or crowding. It can occur when things or people move at different speeds, or it can be intentionally created. ** Cars tend to get bunch dup on a freeway.

Bundle Dup occurs in different forms. The kind that causes gathering and tying is created using string, while the kind that protects you from the weather is found in warm clothing. ** Itís really cold today, so weíll have to get bundle dup. * The newspapers need to get bundle dup for recycling.

Bung Dup comes from wear and tear and hard knocks. It inflicts dents and scratches. ** The truck wasnít very old, but it had got bung dup in hard use.

Buoy Dup can keep your head above water or raise your spirits. The first kind is found in flotation devices, while the second comes from encouragement. ** Whenever Ellen fell on the ice, which was often, her coach would talk to her and she would get buoy dup again.

Burn Dup makes people hot under the collar and turns objects into ashes. It is found in fire and in anger-producing situations. ** Her father would get burn dup when Dorothy stayed out too late. * In the bad old days, Saturday was the day when the trash got burn dup in the back yard.

Burp Dup is found in the upper digestive tract, especially in babies. It causes regurgitation of food or gas. ** Sometimes the babyís mother was surprised at what got burp dup.

Bus Dup is a form of clean dup that is found in restaurants. It comes from the efforts of busboys. ** John, table 23 needs to get bus dup right away; there are customers waiting for it.

Butter Dup is found in the flattering attentions of another person. It makes one feel favorably disposed towards the otherís desires. ** Nancyís father was always good for some money. He just needed to get butter dup.

Button Dup guides buttons through buttonholes. Itís always lurking somewhere in the vicinity of buttons on clothing. ** Iíll be ready as soon as I get my overcoat button dup.


Cake Dup puts a dry residue on an object. It comes from contact with a sticky substance that will eventually dry. ** My shoes got cake dup because I had to walk through some mud yesterday.

Call Dup usually causes your phone to ring. It may also cause you to receive a communication that you were hoping you wouldnít get. It comes from other peopleís decisions. ** The reserves may get call dup when the president declares a national emergency.

Cap Dup preserves liquids by keeping the liquids in and air out. It comes from caps. ** Make sure your pen gets cap dup so it wonít dry out when youíve finished using it.

Carve Dup removes material or parts from what was originally a solid whole. It can be found in knives, chisels, or lawyersí pens. ** At some rustic restaurants youíll find that the tables have got carve dup. * When old Herb Baldwin died, the family farm got carve dup.

Caulk Dup comes from tubes of caulk. It seals joints. ** If your bathtub leaks it probably just needs to get caulk dup again.

Chain Dup connects things, often in a confining way. It is found in chains or other connections. ** Irvingís dog King hated to get chain dup.

Charge Dup energizes people or things. It comes from an electrical or psychological jolt. ** Youíll find that the batteries in your laptop computer need to get charge dup frequently. * Bill got charge dup when it looked like he might be a winner.

Cheapen Dup reduces the quality of products. It comes from greed. ** It never fails. New owners come in and the product gets cheapen dup.

Cheer Dup makes you happy. You can find it in lots of places: books, friends, food, nice weather, motion pictures. Itís nearly everywhere if you look for it. ** Itís wonderful to know that I can always get cheer dup just by calling you.

Chew Dup comes from dogs or certain types of machinery. It destroys things. ** My dog likes to fetch my slippers, but eventually they get chew dup.

Choke Dup tightens your throat and makes you feel like crying. Itís found in emotionally charged situations. ** I couldnít help getting choke dup when he told me he had cancer.

Chomp Dup comes from teeth. It reduces things, usually food, to a swallowable state. ** If my horse sees that apple, itíll get chomp dup in a flash.

Chop Dup is found in blades. It converts large objects to little pieces. ** Just give those onions to Ramon and theyíll get chop dup so fast itíll make your head swim.

Chuck Dup is found in rotating machine tools. It holds objects securely. ** To make one of these parts, a piece of steel first gets chuck dup in a lathe.

Chunk Dup reduces large objects to smaller pieces. It comes from knives. ** To make guacamole, avocados get chunk dup, then mashed.

Churn Dup roils liquids. It occurs when something in a liquid is thrashing about. ** You could tell the alligator had caught something by the way the water got churn dup.

Cinch Dup comes from the application of tension to a belt. It tightens the belt. ** Lady Anne was nearly killed when her saddle mysteriously failed to get cinch dup.

Claw Dup comes from claws. It tears things to shreds. ** Donít touch Nancyís cat unless you want to get claw dup.

Clean Dup removes spills, dirt, and clutter. It comes from effort and the right products. ** The hotel staff was so efficient that spills got clean dup almost before they hit the floor. * He had to stop working on his car so heíd have time to get clean dup before dinner.

Clear Dup promotes understanding and improves visibility. It usually comes from effort, but sometimes just waiting is enough. ** Iím certainly glad that misunderstanding got clear dup. * The wine didnít get clear dup because the filter wasnít fine enough.

Clog Dup often occurs when capacity is exceeded. It reduces throughput to zero. ** Howíd this drain get clog dup?

Close Dup prevents entry. Usually it comes from doors or lids, especially with locks. ** Abby always felt a twinge of sadness when the cabin got close dup for the winter.

Clump Dup causes smooth things to become lumpy. Itís usually unexpected and unwanted, and comes from a variety of sources, including poor technique. ** Grits should be smooth, but somehow mine tend to get clump dup.

Clutter Dup litters spaces with unnecessary stuff. It results from a lack of discipline. ** Why is it that when I clean this room it seems to get clutter dup again in five minutes?

Cobble Dup produces things in much less time that it should take. It comes from a sense of panic brought on by procrastination. ** You havenít been working on this costume for a week. It got cobble dup just now, didnít it?

Coil Dup will wrap a long thing in a compact spiral. A reel will produce it, or just a practiced hand. ** That hose should get coil dup and hung on that hook over there.

Cook Dup causes raw foods to become cooked. Another kind creates plans and explanations where none exist. The first kind is found in kitchens, and the second comes from ingenuity. ** The ground beef that was in the freezer? It got cook dup on Monday. * It was always interesting to see what kinds of stories would get cook dup in those sessions.

Coop Dup traps you in a small space. It can come from disability, but might be forced upon you by others. ** Pete the parrot didnít like getting coop dup all day.

Cork Dup inserts corks in bottles. Itís found in corks. ** In California, when you donít finish your wine in a restaurant, the bottle just gets cork dup and you take it home with you.

Cough Dup occasionally results from a cough. It causes something, possibly yucky, to come out of your mouth. ** They were lucky that the button got cough dup when they slapped their child on the back.

Couple Dup joins two objects or people together physically or emotionally. Itís found in couplers, hitches, and love. ** A yard is a place where railroad cars get couple dup to make a train. * Tim and Marie got couple dup in high school and stayed together all their lives.

Cover Dup hides things from view. It can be found in a physical covering or a veil of secrecy. ** Scandals regularly got cover dup in the previous administration. * When a landfill runs out of room it gets cover dup and may be turned into a park.

Crack Dup comes from accidental crashes. It destroys vehicles. ** It was a really nice car before it got crack dup.

Cramp Dup comes from overusing your muscles. You know youíve got it because it hurts. ** At mile twenty, my leg got cramp dup and I hit the wall.

Crank Dup makes amplified sounds get louder and machines run faster. Itís usually found in a knob or accelerator of some kind. ** The party didnít hit its stride until the stereo got crank dup real loud.

Crimp Dup is found in certain kinds of tools. It squishes things and makes them crinkly. ** For a finishing touch, the pie crust should get crimp dup.

Crisp Dup makes food crisper. It comes from exposure to extreme cold or extreme heat. ** Your vegetables will get crisp dup if you just put them in ice water for a minute.

Cross Dup confuses people. It comes from incorrect information or uninformed choices. ** They deliberately gave him the wrong directions so heíd get cross dup.

Crumble Dup reduces solid substances to crumbs. It comes from pressure, impact, or shock and can be found in lots of places. ** The blue cheese gets crumble dup on top of the salad.

Crumple Dup crushes things and causes them to collapse. It comes from impact or pressure. ** The fender got crumple dup like so much paper.

Crunch Dup can be very similar to chew dup, but itís also been found in computers, where it reduces raw data to answers. ** Youíll have your answer as soon as the numbers get crunch dup in the computer.

Cube Dup forms or cuts stuff into cubes. It comes from manual or machine manipulation, often with knives. ** To make ratatouille, eggplant, zucchini, and other vegetables get cube dup and are then sautťed.

Cue Dup is generated by following a schedule. It makes performances go as planned. ** Manning the engineerís booth, Georgio made sure that the tapes got cue dup in the proper order.

Curl Dup usually affects people and animals, bending them into a semi-fetal position that they find comfortable. Itís induced by warm, quiet surroundings. ** Marleneís cat liked to get curl dup in front of the fire.


Dab Dup picks up spills. It comes from absorbent materials used with a blotting action. ** Anything spilled on this carpet should get dab dup gently.

Dam Dup is found in dams, even very small ones like mashed potatoes on your dinner plate. It holds back liquids, such as water or gravy. ** It was the only wild river in the state that hadnít got dam dup yet.

Dice Dup is similar to cube dup, but the cubes are smaller and usually consist of food. ** All I remember about the recipe is that some mangoes get dice dup.

Ding Dup causes little dents and chips to appear. It occurs in everyday use, especially where contact is likely. ** He took two parking spaces so his new car wouldnít get ding dup.

Dish Dup is found in kitchens, where it transfers food from cooking to serving dishes, and in entertainment media, where it increases variety. ** The soup gets dish dup first, then the salad. * Amazing and wonderful acts get dish dup one after another in a circus performance.

Divvy Dup divides thing among two or more people. Itís often part of agreements. ** They bought the lottery ticket together and agreed that any winnings would get divvy dup equally.

Doctor Dup Makes things different, hopefully better. Itís applied by experts. ** The stew will be fine. It just needs to get doctor dup a little.

Doll Dup makes women look their best. Itís found in cosmetics and fine clothing. ** Kate set aside three hours to get doll dup for her first date.

Dope Dup is found in narcotics. It makes it difficult for a person to function normally. ** Nobody wanted to be around Stanley when he got dope dup.

Double Dup multiplies something by two. It appears when necessity demands it. ** They had requested single accommodations, but got double dup by mistake. * A paper towel is less likely to fall apart if it gets double dup.

Drag Dup comes from an application of force, and makes things or people go where they wouldnít go without it. ** Getting drag dup before a judge isnít a pleasant experience. * To slide down, a toboggan must first get drag dup.

Dream Dup is found in the imagination. It creates ideas. ** There was something magical about the productions that got dream dup at that studio.

Dredge Dup comes from digging or searching. It finds things. ** His heart sank when that incident from his past got dredge dup. * Where did that old picture get dredge dup? * Archaeologists were called in when Roman artifacts got dredge dup unexpectedly.

Dress Dup is found in nice clothes. It makes people look good. ** Lots of couples like to get dress dup and go out once in a while.

Drum Dup rallies people behind a cause. It comes from persuasion. ** He announced his bid for the presidency when it became clear that enough support could get drum dup.

Dry Dup causes a stream of liquid or resources to disappear. Itís found in hostile environments. ** Immediately, his opponent announced that if his support didnít dry up by itself she would see that it got dry dup.


Ease Dup lifts things gently. Itís found in muscles or machines that are precisely controlled. ** Make sure the statue gets ease dup slowly so you donít damage it. [Note: "He realized he was pushing too hard so he eased up" is not a reference to dup.]

Even Dup equalizes, balances, or levels things. Sometimes a good eye will produce it, but it may require measuring devices. ** Those portions are too different; they need to get even dup.


Fancy Dup elevates appearances from shabby or rustic to elegant. Itís produced by money and design. ** The hotel decided that it could charge more if its rooms got fancy dup.

Fasten Dup keeps things from getting open dup accidentally. Itís found in locks, latches, and other fasteners. ** Weíll be ready to go as soon as my trunk gets fasten dup.

Fatten Dup makes animals and vegetables increase in girth. It can also increase the size of financial packages. It occurs when the supply of food or money exceeds the requirements. ** Itíll probably take until June for it to get fatten dup, and then we can eat it.

Fetch Dup retrieves objects or data. It comes from accessing storage. ** If that information doesnít get fetch dup right now weíll have to sue to get it.

Fill Dup makes containers full. Itís found in adequate supplies. ** What do you mean you need money for gas? That tank just got fill dup yesterday. * They liked to eat at Boís diner because they knew theyíd get fill dup for not much money.

Finish Dup comes from time and effort. It completes tasks. ** Itíll take at least an hour for me to get finish dup here.

Fire Dup makes you try harder. Itís found in motivational speeches, either from someone else or from your own mind. ** They were a different team in the second half. I wonder how they managed to get fire dup.

Firm Dup makes things more unyielding. Itís found in stuffing, structure, and determination. ** The more they attacked her, the more her resolve got firm dup.

Fix Dup is good stuff. It repairs broken things and makes wrong things right. It comes from knowledge, skill, and the right tools. ** Donít worry; your bikeíll get fix dup like new in no time.

Flip Dup launches things into the air. Itís created when specific forces are applied to an object. ** The car was going so fast when it hit the curb that it got flip dup and landed on its top.

Fluff Dup is found in shaking or patting behavior. It restores matted objects to their original fluffy state. ** In a good hotel, the pillows get fluff dup every day.

Fog Dup makes windows and eyewear hard to see through. It comes from water vapor in the air. ** If the windows get fog dup, just turn on the defroster.

Follow Dup can be created by allocating time or assigning people. It causes decisions or information to be acted upon. ** The police have several leads in the case that still need to get follow dup.

Form Dup is found in military commands. It arranges troops in a prescribed order. ** The sergeant saw to it that the platoon got form dup for the parade.

Foul Dup makes things look bad, smell bad, run badly, or fail. It comes from neglect, incompetence, or bad luck. A source of contamination is often but not always involved. ** You have to clean the toilet frequently or itíll get foul dup something awful. * The project couldnít have got foul dup any worse if a monkey had been in charge.

Frame Dup creates the skeleton of a building. Itís found in lumber. ** With the whole town helping, the new barn got frame dup in a day.

Free Dup comes from personal or management decisions and gives you more resources or discretionary time. [Note: Most kinds of dup are free, but only one is free dup.] ** She was excited at the prospect of getting free dup to take on new challenges.

Freshen Dup makes you feel cleaner and look better. Itís mostly found in bathrooms, but bedrooms can provide some, too. ** They excused themselves to get freshen dup after their trip.

Frizz Dup puts hair in tight curls. Itís found in moisture and beauty salons. ** Her hair always got frizz dup when it rained.

Fry Dup cooks food. Itís found in skillets. ** The best part of fishing is when the dayís catch gets fry dup.

F**k Dup causes things to go wrong. Itís like ball dup or bollix dup, but can be worse. It comes from incompetence or bad luck. ** Things started getting f**k dup around here when Andreas left for a better job.

Furl Dup wraps cloth, like a sail or flag, around a support. Given the support, it comes from effort. ** First the jib gets furl dup and then we drop the mainsail.

Fuzz Dup or Fuzzy Dup makes things look unclear or blurred. Itís found in bad, dirty, or misadjusted optical components. Another kind causes a fine furry coating to appear. This kind comes from mold or surface disturbances. ** The image gets fuzz dup when the telescope isnít focused.


Gas Dup fills fuel tanks with gasoline. You get it at gas stations. ** Take the car and get it gas dup while I finish dressing.

Gather Dup collects things. It comes from effort and sometimes skill. ** Mom says I canít go out until the stuff in my room gets gather dup. * A strip of cloth gets gather dup to make a ruffle.

Gear Dup makes projects possible by arranging for the necessary equipment, manpower, and supplies. It requires a lot of effort and know-how. ** It took them a year to get gear dup for the assault on Mount Everest.

Gimmick Dup adds unnecessary features. It comes from misguided designers. ** The product got gimmick dup when the marketing department got involved.

Gin Dup creates things out of next to nothing. It comes from perceived necessity. ** Itís amazing how quickly an excuse gets gin dup when his allowance is threatened.

Glop Dup causes the appearance of a slimy, thick, sticky substance. It comes from bad maintenance or chemistry. ** I donít know what I did wrong, but my stew got glop dup so badly that I had to throw it out.

Glue Dup bonds things together. It comes from adhesives. ** Once the wallpaper gets glue dup, weíll be finished remodeling the bathroom.

Gobble Dup comes from hunger. It causes food to disappear quickly. ** Momís fried chicken gets gobble dup so fast youíre lucky to get one serving.

Goo Dup or Goop Dup coats things with a sticky, viscous liquid. Itís usually accidental. ** My pocket got goo dup when my chocolate bar melted.

Goof Dup is similar to cross dup. It comes from bad information or lack of knowledge or skill. ** The fans were so noisy that we couldnít hear the signals and got goof dup.

Gouge Dup causes holes or grooves in smooth surfaces. Itís found in sharp tools. ** Putting a wooden table in a dive like this is just an invitation for it to get gouge dup.

Grease Dup lubricates things. Itís found in lubricants. ** A squeaky wheel usually just needs to get grease dup.

Gum Dup coats things with the sticky substances in which it is found. ** I hate the way my hands get gum dup when I have to work with sticky dough.

Gunk Dup causes things to corrode. It comes from bad maintenance. ** When I opened my flashlight to change the batteries, I found that the old batteries had leaked and the flashlight had got gunk dup inside.

Gussy Dup is found in makeup and fancy clothing. It makes people look festive. ** Betty Sue loved to get gussy dup for the Saturday night dances.


Hack Dup comes from sharp tools applied with little care or skill. It cuts or shapes things, but not very well. ** The tree will just get hack dup if you ask Tony to trim it.

Harden Dup makes things hard or harder (liquids), tougher (military targets, troops, athletes), more callous (hearts), less flexible (negotiating positions), or tighter (sails). It comes from cold temperatures, fortifications, training, experiences, and sheets (ropes attached to sails). ** After the plastic gets harden dup, it can be taken out of the mold. * Tomís heart got harden dup when his son was killed for no reason. * Youíll be able to get the mainsail harden dup when I turn the boat more into the wind.

Hash Dup chops food into small pieces. Itís found in knives or food processors. ** The corned beef needs to get hash dup and put in this bowl.

Haul Dup is found in conveyances, elevators, ropes and pulleys, and the like. It lifts things, sometimes also moving them over long distances. ** All of the observatoryís supplies get haul dup on a funicular.

Heal Dup repairs bodies. It comes from within the body, over time. ** It took the cut about two weeks to get heal dup so that he could run again.

Heap Dup puts things in a pile. It can be found almost anywhere. ** All their trash just got heap dup in a corner of the cave.

Heave Dup throws things upward in an uncontrolled manner. Strong people have a supply of it, and itís also found in the forces of nature. ** The pavement got heave dup when the ground underneath it froze.

Help Dup comes from good Samaritans. You use it to raise yourself. ** Miriam had to get help dup when she slipped on the wet floor and fell.

Hem Dup comes from needle and thread. It finishes the edges of clothing. ** My wedding dress is almost finished. It just needs to get hem dup.

Hep Dup gets people interested and excited. It comes from ideas. ** Jess really got hep dup when he heard the proposal.

Hitch Dup comes in different forms. One form comes from preachers and judges and causes people to get married. Another form, found in leather straps, attaches horses to wagons or posts. A third form, found in belts and ropes, lifts things and keeps them from falling down. ** Scott and Jennifer get hitch dup on Saturday. * The horses got hitch dup just before the family left for church. * At school, his pants were worn alarmingly low, but theyíd always get hitch dup before he got home.

Hoe Dup is found in hoes. Itís an aid in gardening. ** Three rows got hoe dup today. The garden should be finished tomorrow.

Hook Dup connects things with wires or fastens them with hooks. Itís found in hooks and hookups. ** The printer will get hook dup this afternoon and weíll be in business.

Hump Dup comes from upward pressure. It creates humps. ** The terrain in that area got hump dup at the end of the ice age.

Hush Dup inhibits talking. Itís found in threats. ** The affair got hush dup so that it wouldnít affect the presidentís reelection campaign. * Emmy didnít like going to church because she was constantly getting hush dup.

Hype Dup is found in news, ads, speeches, and other media. It makes things or people seem important. ** His qualifications got hype dup far beyond the reality.


Ice Dup is found in very cold environments. It coats things with ice. ** If an airplaneís wings get ice dup, it may crash.


Jack Dup raises objects or prices. The physical kind is found in jacks, while the financial kind comes from greed. ** The price always gets jack dup when the supply is less than the demand. * ItĎs hard to change a tire before the car gets jack dup.

Jam Dup causes mechanical systems to stop suddenly. It occurs when an object gets misdirected. ** Sometimes the product gets jam dup in the packaging machine and we have to shut down.

Jazz Dup makes things livelier. Itís found in creative effort. ** The playís a real snoozer. It desperately needs to get jazz dup.

Jerk Dup makes things jump abruptly upward. It comes from suddenly applied vertical force. ** The idea in bungee jumping is that youíre supposed to get jerk dup before you hit the water.

Join Dup puts things together. Itís found in interfaces. ** These pictures show you how those four pieces get join dup and support the tabletop.

Jolly Dup comes from joyful stimulation. It makes people happier. ** Grandma always gets jolly dup when the kids come to visit.

Jumble Dup throws solid objects around. Itís caused by random forces. ** Everything got jumble dup so badly in the earthquake that itíll take weeks to straighten it all out.


Key Dup makes people feel tense. Itís produced by stressful situations. ** Charles started to get key dup a few days before his operation.

Kink Dup creates sharp bends. It comes from applied force. ** The reason there was no water was that the hose had got kink dup.


Lace Dup puts laces through holes and tightens them. It comes from manual manipulation. ** In baroque times a lady might be uncomfortable if her corset got lace dup too enthusiastically.

Lap Dup isnít found in laps, but in tongues. It makes liquid foods disappear. ** Give the dogs more water. The last bowl got lap dup in no time.

Lash Dup ties things to solid objects. Itís found in ropes. ** With a storm approaching, the boats would get lash dup at the docks.

Latch Dup secures doors. Itís found in latches. ** This cabinet should get latch dup before you go home.

Lather Dup is found in soaps and shampoos, but it can also be a byproduct of exercise. It covers things with bubbles. ** The horse didnít get lather dup like that just standing here in the barn.

Lay Dup puts people in bed and supplies in storage. One kind comes from illness and the other from prudence and foresight. ** Carlos got lay dup when he fell off his horse in a polo match. * Alfalfa gets lay dup in the summer so the cattle can be fed all winter.

Level Dup makes things level. Itís created by shimming or shaping. ** The foundation needs to get level dup unless you want a leaning house.

Limber Dup comes from stretching and warming. It makes muscles more supple. ** Dancers get limber dup before a performance by taking "class."

Line Dup arranges objects linearly. It comes from directed effort. ** If you expect to succeed, you have to make sure your ducks get line dup.

Link Dup causes long, thin objects to get join dup. It comes from interfaces. ** The two ends of the transcontinental railroad got link dup when Leland Stanford drove the gold spike at Promontory Point.

Liquor Dup comes from alcoholic beverages. It makes you drunk. ** When that bunch gets liquor dup, you can expect trouble.

Liven Dup comes from lively influences or additions. It increases liveliness. ** The party got liven dup when Mary Anne arrived with her friends.

Lock Dup is found in locks. It secures doors. ** I canít remember if the house got lock dup before we left.

Look Dup finds facts. Itís found in reference books. ** Any word youíre not sure how to spell should get look dup in the dictionary.

Loosen Dup comes from manual manipulation. It reduces pressure or tightness. ** About halfway through a big dinner his belt would get loosen dup surreptitiously.

Louse Dup is generated by accidents or errors. It makes things come out wrong. ** Somehow the report got louse dup in translation.

Love Dup bestows hugs and kisses. It comes from the heart. ** Puppies and kittens get love dup constantly.

Lube Dup makes machines run more smoothly. It comes from lubricants. ** Chester got the RV lube dup while Becky stocked it with supplies.


Mark Dup usually adds meaningful annotation to written material, but it can also apply random marks or graffiti to almost any object. It comes from writing and marking devices and from contact with certain kinds of objects. ** Paulís term papers always got mark dup with a lot of red ink.

Mash Dup reduces solid food to a puree. Itís found in various kitchen tools. ** For this recipe, the avocado gets mash dup but not the potato.

Match Dup creates harmony, equality, or opposition between objects or people. It occurs naturally in certain situations, sometimes unexpectedly. ** Whenever a candidate and an opening get match dup, we send out a job offer. * Ted and the world champion got match dup in the tournament. Ted is nervous.

Mess Dup makes things dirty or disorderly. You sometimes find it by accident, but usually it comes from carelessness or malice. ** Nothing gets mess dup faster than a heavily used public rest room.

Mince Dup comes from knives. It cuts things into tiny pieces. ** The trainee got the garlic mince dup but sustained a few cuts in the process.

Mix Dup mingles substances and causes confusion in people. It comes from mental or physical agitation. ** Obviously you got mix dup. Your appointment is next week. * Go ask the bartender if heís got that martini mix dup yet.

Mop Dup is found in mops, sponges, and rags. It cleans floors. ** Thereís milk all over the floor. It needs to get mop dup right away.

Muck Dup covers things or people with slimy dirt. Itís found in slimy dirt. ** Thereís no way to keep from getting muck dup when you have to clean the grease trap.

Muddy Dup is found in mud. It makes things dirty. ** The mud room keeps the living room from getting muddy dup in the wet season.

Muss Dup makes things untidy. It comes from disturbances. ** Donít you just hate it when your hair gets muss dup right after youíve had it done?


Nail Dup comes from hammers and nails. It attaches wood or other materials to wood. ** Everyone was hurrying to get the plywood nail dup before the hurricane hit.

Nick Dup inflicts tiny cuts. It comes from contact with sharp objects. ** Getting nick dup is just part of learning to shave.

Numb Dup takes away feeling. It comes from drugs or ice. ** Iíve put in the Novocain, so weíll get started as soon as you get numb dup.


Offer Dup makes a sacrifice of whatever gets it. It comes from being in the wrong place at the wrong time. ** That was a horrible scandal, so it was inevitable that someone would get offer dup as a scapegoat.

Oil Dup coats things with the oil it comes from. ** All the hinges got oil dup today so you shouldnít hear any more squeaks.

Open Dup opens things. Itís found in strength, keys, doorknobs, can and bottle openers, and many other places. ** She always needed help getting the honey jar open dup.

Order Dup requests things. Itís generated by sending messages. ** Get the pizza order dup and Iíll set up the room for the meeting.


Pack Dup puts things in suitcases or storage containers. Itís found in those suitcases and storage containers. ** I like to get my clothes pack dup at least a week before a trip.

Package Dup causes things to become enclosed in the packaging materials from which it comes. ** All of the donated food will get package dup and will be distributed on Christmas eve.

Pair Dup places people or objects in groups of two. Itís inherent in certain situations. ** They got pair dup at a singles party and ended up getting married.

Pass Dup leaves you behind. It comes from not being on the fast track. ** Itís considered bad for your career if you get pass dup for a promotion.

Patch Dup mends things, often hastily, usually leaving them looking shabby. It comes from ingenuity applied to whatever materials are available. ** During the depression, clothing got patch dup instead of being thrown away. * I hear that Chet and Tammy got their relationship patch dup again.

Pay Dup settles accounts. Itís found in money. ** I got all my bills pay dup yesterday.

Pen Dup is found in enclosures. It keeps animals from escaping. ** The animal trainer couldnít relax until he got the tigers pen dup.

Pep Dup makes you energetic, motivated, or both. You can get it from food or from a book or speech, or you can generate it within yourself. ** Sam wanted his sales force to get pep dup so he hired an inspirational speaker.

Perk Dup is a mild form of pep dup. It raises your spirits. You can generate it yourself or get it from a book, a talk, or an event. ** You get the other kids ready and Iíll try to get Annie perk dup.

Pick Dup removes someone or something from the current location. Itís found in conveyances, cranes, and muscles. ** Youíll get pick dup at seven oíclock sharp.

Pile Dup puts things in piles. Itís found in machines and muscles. ** There was no time to open it so all of the mail just got pile dup on the desk.

Pin Dup comes from pins. It keeps things from falling down or coming apart. ** She managed to get her dress pin dup so no one noticed that it was torn.

Plaster Dup is found in plaster. It covers walls and holes. ** A contractor was hired to get the hole plaster dup.

Play Dup is found in media. It makes things seem important. ** His philanthropy got play dup far beyond the reality.

Plow Dup breaks up the surface of the earth. It comes from plows. * All eighteen acres had to get plow dup before April.

Plug Dup comes from plugs, obstructions, colds, and allergies. It blocks normal flow. ** When a toilet gets plug dup, go for the plumberís helper. * My nose gets plug dup every year at this time.

Plump Dup restores bulk and softness. It comes from controlled impacts or input. ** If her pillows didnít get plump dup, she would complain loudly.

Poke Dup causes things to rise into view. It comes from vertical force. ** The enemy had us pinned down, and anything that got poke dup got blown away.

Police Dup is a military form of clean dup. It comes from the efforts of military personnel and makes things clean and orderly. ** Sergeant, make sure this area gets police dup before the inspection tomorrow.

Polish Dup is found in polish. It makes things shine. ** The good silver only got polish dup for special occasions.

Pony Dup settles accounts. It comes from people reaching into their wallets. ** The dealer makes sure enough money gets pony dup to cover all of the bets.

Pop Dup causes things to jump. It comes from abrupt vertical force. ** The toast will get pop dup automatically when itís done.

Powder Dup comes from powder and applies powder to objects. ** Fran will be back as soon as she gets her nose powder dup.

Power Dup turns on electrical things. It comes from power lines. ** The computer goes through the boot process whenever it gets power dup.

Prop Dup keeps things from falling down. Itís found in mechanical supports. ** Until that wall gets prop dup, it wonít be safe to go inside.

Pry Dup comes from crowbars, screwdrivers, and other levers. It raises things. ** I managed to get the lid pry dup, but it wouldnít come all the way off.

Psych Dup generates a mental state of readiness. It comes from adrenaline. ** Performers often have to spend time getting psych dup before going onstage.

Puff Dup increases volume. It comes from air or other gases. ** These popovers will get puff dup when theyíre baked.

Pull Dup raises something to a higher level. It comes from an upward force. ** Before there were chair lifts, you grabbed a rope tow and got pull dup with your skis on the ground.

Pump Dup makes people excited and fills inflatable objects with air. It comes from important events and air pumps. ** The fans really get pump dup on big game day. * My right front tire needs to get pump dup.

Punch Dup adds emphasis. It comes from talent. ** The client likes the ad but thinks the productís name should get punch dup.

Push Dup does the same thing as pull dup, but from the other side. ** The engine quit halfway to the top, so we got push dup.


Queue Dup makes people get in line. It comes from habit or coersion. ** At the personnel office we got queue dup along with a lot of other applicants.


Rack Dup places something in a rack. Itís found near racks. ** Letís get those balls rack dup and shoot some pool.

Raise Dup moves things upwards. It comes from vertical force. ** In that new ride at the amusement park, first you get raise dup, and when youíre at the top, youíre dropped like a stone.

Rake Dup is found around rakes. It moves litter onto a pile. ** How long did it take to get all those leaves rake dup?

Ramp Dup increases something over a period of time. Itís comes from planning. ** They couldnít meet the demand until they got production ramp dup.

Reel Dup is found around reels. It causes hoses, wires, ropes, and the like to be wound up on a reel. ** Make sure the hose gets reel dup after the lawn gets watered.

Rev Dup increases engine speed (revolutions per minute). Itís generated when someone steps on the accelerator or changes gears. ** When youíre on cruise control and you come to a hill, the engine gets rev dup automatically.

Rig Dup is found in certain combinations of materials and equipment. It constructs useful things. ** With everyone pitching in, a shelter got rig dup before it started to snow.

Rile Dup makes you angry. It sometimes appears in response to stress, frustration, or attack. ** Homer always got rile dup when he thought the umpire had made a bad call.

Rip Dup comes from destructive forces. It tears things apart. ** It seems like our street gets rip dup about once a week. * If the editor didnít like a story, it would just get rip dup.

Robe Dup is found in costumes. It puts them on you. ** The pastor only had five minutes to get robe dup for the service.

Roll Dup bends flat things into cylinders, sometimes only figuratively. The real stuff comes from applied forces. The figurative stuff comes from your mind. ** In that town, the sidewalks get roll dup at nine oíclock.

Rough Dup beats you up. It comes from physical contact. ** If you donít want to get rough dup, donít play football with that bunch.


Save Dup collects things, especially money. It comes from parsimony. ** Each time enough money got save dup, the children were allowed to buy a new computer game.

Saw Dup is found near saws. It cuts things into pieces. ** That old tree you used to climb? It got saw dup years ago after it died.

Scale Dup makes things proportionally bigger. It comes from planners and designers. ** The plans had to get scale dup to meet the new projections.

Scar Dup comes from contact with sharp objects. It leaves ugly marks on bodies or objects. ** How did her face get scar dup?

Scarf Dup is generated by hunger. It causes food to be eaten rapidly. ** My guacamole always gets scarf dup in short order.

Scoop Dup causes a lot of stuff to get pick dup at once. Itís found in shovels, loaders, scoops, hands, and arms. ** When youíve finished raking the leaves, they should get scoop dup and put into trash bags.

Scorch Dup comes from sources of high heat, like torches, irons, and fires. It turns things brown at the point of contact. ** The shirts are getting scorch dup because your iron is too hot.

Scramble Dup creates mixtures out of separate ingredients, and gibberish out of information. It can be found by accident or created on purpose. ** While momís getting the eggs scramble dup, you kids can go wash your hands. * The message got scramble dup in transmission.

Scrape Dup is strange stuff. It can save money and remove coatings, including skin. Itís found in thriftiness, sharp edges, and rough surfaces. ** Lance got scrape dup when he fell off his bike, but heís OK otherwise. * I finally got the money scrape dup. Whatís the next step? * That paint spill will have to get scrape dup since itís already dried.

Scratch Dup comes from contact with sharp objects. It damages surfaces. ** When thereís a cat in the house, the furniture may get scratch dup.

Screw Dup comes from errors or bad luck. It causes things to go wrong. ** Things have got screw dup so badly that weíll have to start over.

Scrounge Dup provides necessary resources where there seem to be none. It appears when ingenuity is applied. ** Somehow whatever they needed to survive always got scrounge dup.

Scrub Dup makes things clean. It comes from soap and water. ** A surgeon spends a long time getting scrub dup before an operation.

Scrunch Dup can be similar to crumple dup, but in its most common form it squeezes you into a compact shape, either alone or with another person, and gives you a warm, safe feeling. You often find this common form under blankets and near fires. ** It was a cold night, and the children couldnít wait to get scrunch dup in their beds.

Scuff Dup comes from contact with rough surfaces. It roughens and discolors things. ** I can never understand how his shoes get scuff dup so quickly.

Seal Dup closes or encloses things in a permanent manner. It comes from closures such as glue, locks, walls, and so on. ** His papers got seal dup when he died and werenít made public until twenty years later.

Seam Dup is used in making clothes and various kinds of enclosures. It joins two edges of flat material. ** Her skirt just needs to get seam dup and itíll be ready for the dance.

Serve Dup presents things, usually food, for enjoyment, consumption, or use. Itís found in kitchens and in creative people. ** Dinner has to get serve dup by six oíclock. * Many insights into the political process get serve dup in his book.

Sew Dup mends or joins pieces of cloth. You get it from a needle and some thread. ** As soon as Allie gets the mainsail sew dup, help her raise it.

Shape Dup puts things in top condition. It comes from effort. ** Chris was determined to get shape dup before the wedding. * If he you canít get him shape dup in a week Iíll have to fire him. * The plans didnít really begin to get shape dup until Sam took over.

Sharpen Dup makes cutting implements sharp. It comes from abrasive substances. ** If I have time today Iíll get my knives sharpen dup.

Shim Dup moves things just a little and holds them in place. It comes from thin objects called shims. ** Itíll fit all right once it gets shim dup.

Shine Dup is similar in effect to polish dup. Itís found in polish or polishing cloths and it makes things shine. ** All of his shoes got shine dup yesterday.

Shore Dup is found in braces. It keeps structures from collapsing. ** The earthquake damaged the building so badly that it wonít be safe to occupy until it gets shore dup.

Shovel Dup is found in shovels. It moves material. ** Get that mud shovel dup right away.

Shower Dup makes you clean. You get it in the shower. ** Iíll need to get shower dup before I can go out.

Sign Dup commits someone to do something. Itís found at the bottom of contracts and sometimes (figuratively) in handshakes. ** When I got sign dup for that job I didnít know what I was in for..

Siphon Dup sucks liquids through a tube. Itís generated by applying suction to the tube. ** To reach the next higher level, the wine had to get siphon dup.

Size Dup evaluates people or things. It comes from critical judgment and expertise. ** Every new arrival got size dup instantly.

Skin Dup damages skin. It comes from contact with rough surfaces. ** Jimmy got skin dup falling off his skateboard.

Slash Dup Puts cuts in solid objects and reduces cloth to ribbons. It comes from knives, claws, and other sharp objects. ** When the bears came looking for food, several of the tents got slash dup.

Slice Dup reduces solid objects to thin slices. It comes from knives. ** Get those onions slice dup right away, please.

Slick Dup comes in two forms. One is found in slippery substances and makes surfaces slippery. The other is found in bathrooms and closets and makes people look good. ** Slim got slick dup for the Saturday night dance.

Slim Dup makes things thinner, especially people. People find it in diets and exercise, but the generic form can be found in any means of removing material. ** Getting slim dup is on many peopleís list of New Yearís resolutions.

Slime Dup comes from slime and makes things slimy. ** I donít like the way the windows get slime dup when the snails crawl over them.

Slow Dup makes tasks take longer than you expect. It comes from obstacles. ** I would have been on time but I got slow dup when I had to wait for a train.

Slurp Dup causes liquids to disappear. Itís found in mouths and especially tongues. ** The sound of water getting slurp dup is a sign of a thirsty dog.

Smarten Dup makes people smarter. It comes from training and experience. ** Hattie hoped that her son would get smarten dup at Boy Scout camp.

Smash Dup damages things extensively. It comes from impacts. ** His brand new car got smash dup just two hours after he took delivery.

Smear Dup spreads sticky stuff over surfaces. You can find it in lots of sticky materials. ** Your windshield will just get smear dup if you turn on the wipers when thereís oil on the glass.

Smell Dup is found in things that have bad or strong smells. It makes the surrounding area smell. ** Somehow the place got smell dup as if there were something there that had been dead a long time.

Smoke Dup fills spaces with smoke. It comes from burning material. ** Close the windows when you light the barbecue so the house doesnít get smoke dup.

Smooth Dup makes surfaces smooth. It comes from the use of certain tools and substances. ** Theyíve poured the concrete for the new driveway, but it still needs to get smooth dup.

Smudge Dup puts smeary spots on surfaces. Any material that will smear contains some of it. ** If you eat chocolate while you do your homework, your papers may get smudge dup.

Snap Dup can close the snaps on your jacket or make stuff disappear. The first kind is found in snaps, and the second comes from demand that exceeds supply. ** The new gold dollars got snap dup within hours of their release.

Snarl Dup tangles yarn or rope and brings traffic to a halt. It comes from random forces. ** An intensive driver education campaign helped keep traffic from getting snarl dup.

Snatch Dup causes things to get pick dup suddenly. Itís usually found in hands or claws when thereís an element of urgency. ** Sometimes youíll see a fish get snatch dup when the eagles are feeding.

Snip Dup cuts things into bits with scissors. Itís found around scissors. ** When you get the chives snip dup, put them in this bowl.

Snug Dup is found around ropes. You use it to make the ropes tighter. ** The dock lines need to get snug dup so the boat doesnít drift too far.

Soak Dup causes liquids to be absorbed. Itís found in absorbent materials like cloths, sponges, or the ground. ** Get that wine off the carpet before it gets soak dup.

Soap Dup covers something with soap. Itís found in soap and water. ** To take a navy shower, you get soap dup with the water turned off, then turn on the water and rinse off.

Sober Dup comes from the avoidance of alcoholic drinks and drugs. It counteracts liquor dup and makes you sober. ** Ellie told Travis that if he didnít get sober dup and stay sober, heíd better not come around any more.

Soften Dup makes things less hard or tough, such as shoes, ice cream, military resistance, or sales resistance. It comes from use, warm temperatures, harassment or bombardment, or certain sales tactics. ** Take the ice cream out of the freezer for about ten minutes and itíll get soften dup nicely. * Peter wasnít going to buy anything, but he got soften dup when they told him that part of the proceeds would go to help homeless children.

Solder Dup is obtained by heating solder with a soldering iron. It causes wires to become connected. ** He just has one more circuit board to get solder dup and then he can turn on the computer.

Sop Dup is found in absorbent materials such as sponges, rags, and bread. It pulls liquids into the material. ** If you dip some bread into the sauce so that it gets sop dup, youíll be able to eat every drop.

Soup Dup increases engine power. It comes from various accessories and adjustments. ** Tired of finishing dead last, he decided it was time for his engine to get soup dup.

Spatter Dup comes from liquids like mud and paint. It coats things with dirty spots. ** Donít walk too close to the curb or your clothes will get spatter dup if a car comes along.

Spice Dup can be culinary or literary. It comes from spices or clever writing, and increases the complexity or hotness of foods or literary works. ** This soup is bland, but Tedíll know how to get it spice dup.

Spiff Dup comes from cleaning and decorating products. It makes things look better. ** If you want this house to sell for top dollar, itíll need to get spiff dup.

Splatter Dup is another name for spatter dup. ** Donít drop the paint bucket or the place will get splatter dup.

Splice Dup joins things, like the ends of wires. It can come from solder, glue, knots, or other attachments. ** Every wire in that broken cable will have to get splice dup individually.

Splinter Dup reduces wood to splinters. It comes from enormous forces. ** When the tornado hit, houses got splinter dup as if they were made of matchsticks.

Sponge Dup is sop dup that comes from a sponge. It causes liquid to enter the sponge. ** Cleanup was easy once the water got sponge dup.

Spool Dup is found around spools. It causes thread, rope, wire, hoses, and the like to be wound up on a spool. ** The thread gets spool dup in this machine.

Spoon Dup is generated by picking up a spoon and making certain arm motions. It raises liquids from one location to another, such as a mouth. ** You need a knife and fork to eat meat, but soup can just get spoon dup.

Spruce Dup results from elbow grease. It makes things look better. ** Tell them to wait a few minutes until I get the room spruce dup.

Square Dup causes angles to become right angles. It comes from applying specific skills and tools. ** You wonít be able to hang the door unless the frame gets square dup.

Squash Dup comes from the application of pressure to opposite sides of an object, causing it to flatten in that direction and spread out in other directions. It can really mess up the object. ** Howíd this snail get squash dup?

Squeeze Dup comes from the application of uniform pressure to something so that it then fits in a smaller space, sometimes becoming more solid. ** When loose snow gets squeeze dup in your hands like this, the result is a snowball.

Stack Dup comes from human effort, sometimes assisted by a machine such as a forklift. It arranges things vertically. ** All those boxes on the loading dock have to get stack dup in the warehouse by noon.

Staff Dup is obtained by hiring or otherwise engaging the services of people. It allows an organization to do more work. ** Department stores and the postal service need to get staff dup for the Christmas season.

Staple Dup joins things with staples. Itís found in staple guns. ** Nowadays an incision is likely to get staple dup after an operation.

Steady Dup can be found in mechanical supports or in calming influences. It calms people and makes structures more rigid. ** He thought his nerves would get steady dup if he had a drink, but it didnít help. * I wonít get on that scaffolding unless it gets steady dup.

Steam Dup is found in steam. It fills spaces with steam and deposits water on cold surfaces. ** My kitchen has a view until the windows get steam dup.

Steepen Dup increases the slope of an object or a line. It can appear spontaneously, but more often it comes from intentional changes to an object or process. ** The learning curve just got steepen dup.

Step Dup increases the rate at which something happens. It often accompanies a sense of urgency. ** The pace of work around here got step dup a lot when Mr. Chin took over.

Stew Dup turns meat and other foodstuffs into stews. Itís found in kitchens. ** Itís a tough piece of meat, but youíll be surprised how tender it becomes after it gets stew dup.

Stiffen Dup makes objects more rigid. It comes from mechanical changes. ** The center support is too thin. It needs to get stiffen dup.

Stir Dup agitates liquids and environments. It comes from disturbing influences. ** Things were so quiet around here that you could predict theyíd get stir dup somehow.

Stitch Dup closes openings in cloth or skin. It comes from a needle and some thread. ** Shouldnít that cut on your forehead get stitch dup?

Stock Dup collects supplies for the future. Itís found in squirrels and in people with foresight. ** We really depleted our supplies during the last storm, so weíll have to get stock dup again before the next one.

Stoke Dup increases the intensity of fires and the enthusiasm of people. Fires get it from tools and fuel, and people get it from psychic stimulation. ** Get the fire stoke dup while I unpack the groceries.

Stop Dup plugs drains. Itís appears when thereís an oversupply of material going through a drain. ** I think youíve managed to get the toilet stop dup.

Store Dup is similar to stock dup, but it doesnít require foresight. It just collects things and puts them into a designated location, with or without a plan for their use. Itís found where stock dup is found, and also in pack rats and people who canít or donít want to throw things away. ** All the neighborhood squirrels are busy getting nuts store dup for the winter.

Straighten Dup makes objects or people conform to various measures of straightness. It comes from directed pressure. ** I see you finally got that picture straighten dup.

Strap Dup secures things. Itís found near straps. ** Weíll be off as soon as we get the luggage strap dup on top of the car.

Streak Dup makes long, thin marks on surfaces. It usually comes from accidents. ** I donít like that cleaner because the windows get streak dup when I use it.

Stuff Dup makes it hard to breathe. It comes from colds and allergies. ** My nose always gets stuff dup when there are roses nearby.

Suck Dup comes from mouths, vacuum cleaners, and tornadoes. It makes liquids disappear and removes solid objects from their original locations. ** It only took an hour for the first keg of beer to get suck dup at Harryís party. * Itís not unheard of for people to get suck dup when a tornado strikes.

Suction Dup is similar to suck dup. It comes from a vacuum hose and removes liquids and debris. ** The dental assistant makes sure that excess liquid and particles in a patientís mouth get suction dup.

Sugar Dup is found in sugar. It makes food and drink sweeter. ** Those strawberries will taste much better after they get sugar dup.

Sum Dup adds numbers and summarizes proceedings. Itís found in calculators and peopleís brains. ** When those two columns get sum dup, the totals should match.

Swab Dup cleans things. Itís found in wet, soapy mops and rags. ** A shipís deck has to get swab dup every day.

Swallow Dup moves food from mouth to stomach and makes objects disappear into holes. Itís found in people, animals, earthquakes, and extreme or unstable terrain. ** Along came a whale and Jonah got swallow dup.

Sweeten Dup can make food and drink sweeter, like sugar dup. This kind is found in sugar, artificial sweeteners and sweet foods. It can also make offers more attractive. This kind is found in money or other valuable considerations. ** Iíd like this tea much more if it got sweeten dup a little. * We wonít be accepting their offer unless it gets sweeten dup.


Tack Dup holds things up temporarily or impermanently. Itís found around tacks, thread, glue, pins, and other fasteners. ** Lots of posters get tack dup before an election. * I got the hem tack dup and Iíll finish sewing it tomorrow.

Talk Dup comes from people. It publicizes or promotes things or events. ** If you want your event to be well-attended, find ways of getting it talk dup.

Tangle Dup snarls rope, hair, thread, and the like. It comes from uncontrolled forces. ** We were fine until the prop got tangle dup in the anchor line.

Tank Dup makes you drunk. Itís found in alcoholic beverages. Another type fills fuel tanks. Itís found at filling stations. ** Uncle Harry gets tank dup every day at five oíclock.

Tape Dup is found around tape. It stabilizes, protects, or secures something. ** You should go to the first aid room and get that sprain tape dup.

Tar Dup comes from tar. It covers things or people with tar. ** My feet got tar dup at the beach. A ship must have dumped some oil.

Tee Dup is found on golf courses. It elevates a ball about an inch off the ground. ** A golf ball only gets tee dup for the first shot of a hole.

Tense Dup keeps you from relaxing. Itís found in stressful situations. ** Itís normal to get a little tense dup when you have to give a speech.

Tether Dup keeps an animal within a fixed radius. Itís found in ropes thongs, or chains. ** Your horse wandered off because you didnít get it tether dup properly.

Thicken Dup makes liquids, solid objects, or graphic elements thicker. It comes from chefs, workers, or artists. ** The gravy tastes good but it needs to get thicken dup.

Tidy Dup puts things where they belong. It comes from Virgos and other neat people, but anybody can produce some if threatened. ** If this room doesnít get tidy dup in ten minutes, someone will be in trouble.

Tie Dup restrains or detains people and animals and secures objects. Itís found in ropes and obligations. ** I wouldnít wait for him; he probably got tie dup at the office. * Actually, there was a robbery, and he really did get tie dup.

Tighten Dup increases tension, making things tighter. Muscles make it when overstressed, but itís most common for it to be produced by force. ** He dropped out of the race because his hamstring muscle got tighten dup. * All of these screws should get tighten dup equally.

Tip Dup comes from overturning forces and baseball bats. It upsets objects and applies a glancing blow to baseballs. ** A baseball that gets tip dup is usually an easy out.

Tool Dup Makes fixtures and tools for manufacturing. It comes from engineers and machinists. ** With the assembly line shut down, they started to get tool dup for the next production run.

Top Dup fills tanks, barrels, and the like. It comes from sources of liquids. ** Once a month, these wine barrels get top dup to compensate for evaporation.

Toss Dup launches something into the air. It comes from vertical force. ** Often, when people canít agree, a coin will get toss dup. * Members of cheerleader teams have been known to get toss dup.

Total Dup adds a group of numbers, like one form of sum dup. It comes from calculators or peoplesí brains. ** When Sarahís bill got total dup, she couldnít believe her eyes.

Touch Dup makes minor repairs or improvements. Itís found in people who have the right talent and tools. ** Itís not in bad shape, but the paint could stand to get touch dup.

Track Dup deposits dirt on floors. It comes from dirty shoes. ** How should I know how the floor got track dup?

Trash Dup makes a mess. Itís generally a byproduct of large gatherings of people. ** Yes, you can give a party, but the house better not get trash dup.

Trim Dup reduces things to a proper size. It can come from cutting devices or from diet and exercise. ** Weíll put down the carpet, get it trim dup accurately, and tack it in place. * Josie couldnít believe how her sister had got trim dup so nicely.

Trip Dup can foil your plans or just make you fall down. Itís caused by mistakes or inattention. ** The thieves got trip dup because they made stupid mistakes.

True Dup makes things straight, square, level, or otherwise mechanically accurate. Itís found in machine tools and in workmanship guided by measurements. ** If your disk brakes feel uneven, the rotors need to get true dup.

Trump Dup comes from dishonest people. It creates false evidence. ** They needed a scapegoat, so some false charges got trump dup.

Truss Dup comes from rope or twine. Itís a form of tie dup. ** A chicken holds its shape better if it gets truss dup before roasting.

Tuck Dup retracts protruding parts into an available space. Itís a product of design or evolution. ** In flight, an airlinerís wheels get tuck dup inside its body.

Tune Dup makes musical instruments and orchestras sound better and makes machines run properly. Itís provided by experts. ** Your car needs to get tune dup every 15,000 miles.

Turn Dup exposes things. It comes from dealers and investigators. ** The card that got turn dup wasnít the one sheíd hoped for. * Many unexpected facts got turn dup during the investigation.

Type Dup makes typed or printed copies of documents. Itís found around typewriters and word processors. ** Get that letter type dup right away, Miss Chase.


Use Dup exhausts resources. You can find it almost anywhere. ** You canít buy any more until every bit of the old stuff gets use dup.


Vacuum Dup removes dirt. Itís found in vacuum cleaners. ** The maid was so efficient that dirt would get vacuum dup almost before it hit the floor.

Vamp Dup is a rare form of dup that phabricates phony phacts. Itís found in people who are dishonest or under pressure. ** I donít buy that excuse. I think it just got vamp dup.

Varnish Dup is found in varnish. It coats surfaces with varnish. ** The boat sparkled after the woodwork got varnish dup.


Wake Dup or Waken Dup awakens sleeping people or animals. It comes from alarm clocks, light, noise, and other disturbances. ** He got waken dup every day at dawn when his neighborís rooster started to crow.

Wall Dup is found in building materials. It closes off parts of buildings. ** Thirty rooms of Mrs. Winchesterís house got wall dup after the 1906 earthquake.

Warm Dup is found in heat sources such as heaters, stoves, and fires, and in body coverings such as coats and blankets. It raises the temperature of the object or person that gets it. ** Weíll eat as soon as the stew gets warm dup. * Iíve been cold so long Iíve forgotten how it feels to get warm dup.

Wash Dup comes from water. It most often makes things clean, but the type found in large bodies of water just removes objects from the water and deposits them on the shore. ** Iíll get wash dup and be ready in ten minutes. * In Northern California, dead gray whales sometimes get wash dup on the beach. * [Note: "Heís wash dup" is not a reference to dup the substance because you canít get this kind of dup.]

Wax Dup is found in wax. It puts a coat of wax on surfaces. ** I think my skis need to get wax dup.

Whack Dup divides a whole into parts. Objects get it from axes or knives and legal entities get it from lawyers. ** It was a beautiful estate, but it got whack dup after the owner died.

Wheel Dup comes from wheeled conveyances. It causes someone or something to arrive. ** The operating room team waited for the patient to get wheel dup.

Whip Dup can produce things quickly, beat things into a froth, or cause emotion. Itís everywhere in people and nature. ** A lot of anger got whip dup because of that remark. * You can get this cake whip dup in half an hour. * The wind is so strong that twenty-foot waves are getting whip dup out there.

Whisk Dup is found in kitchens. Itís a form of whip dup that beats foods into a froth. ** For a soufflť, the egg whites need to get whisk dup.

Whiten Dup makes things whiter. Itís found in bleach, paint, and cleaners. ** Your dentist can get those teeth whiten dup for you.

Whomp Dup is a form of whip dup that produces things quickly. It comes from capable people. ** Aunt Marie could get a cake whomp dup in no time.

Wick Dup pulls liquids into materials by capillary action. Some materials have it and some donít. ** The wine that was spilled got wick dup and stained the drapes.

Widen Dup makes openings wider. Itís found in construction projects. ** This channel will have to get widen dup if you expect a ship to sail through it.

Winch Dup is found near winches. It raises objects. ** When the sail gets to the point where you canít raise it any farther by hand, it gets winch dup the rest of the way.

Wipe Dup comes from rags, mops, and sponges. It removes spills from surfaces. ** If that mess doesnít get wipe dup right now, someone will be in trouble.

Wire Dup creates electrical connections. It comes from electricians or technicians. ** The computers couldnít go in until the lab got wire dup.

Wise Dup comes from the school of hard knocks. It imparts knowledge. ** Eddie thought he was Godís gift to women, but he got wise dup the hard way.

Work Dup can produce things, make people agitated, or prepare patients for medical procedures. Itís found in mental or physical effort and in emotionally charged situations. ** Rachel really gets work dup when somebody makes a mistake. * The doctor told the nurse to get the patient work dup. * Their presentation looked like it got work dup in five minutes.

Wrack Dup makes you hurt. You get it from punishment of various kinds. ** My body really got wrack dup running that marathon yesterday.

Wrap Dup concludes, summarizes, confines, or protects. Itís found in projects or jobs and in wrapping materials. ** Itís high time this film got wrap dup. * Fred gets wrap dup too much in his job. * Your babyís getting wrap dup now so you can take her home, Mrs. Dimple.

Wrinkle Dup creates wrinkles. It comes from crushing forces. ** Iíd love to wear this at my class reunion, but itíd get wrinkle dup too badly in the suitcase.


Yellow Dup comes from age or exposure. It makes things turn yellow gradually. ** He was handsome when he was young, but his teeth gradually got yellow dup from drinking and smoking.

Yoke Dup attaches animals to plows or wagons. It used to be found on farms, but itís now rare. ** Todayís the day we start spring plowing, so País out working to get the oxen yoke dup.


Zip Dup closes zippers. People generate it, either for themselves or for others. ** Lucy, make sure little Danny gets zip dup before he goes outside.

Zoom Dup makes images larger. Itís found in computers and optical devices. ** The document was much easier to read after it got zoom dup in the computer.