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There's nothing like a pillow. I've had a long day! Hey, this is my chair! Tell Kodi not to disturb me. Whenever I can, I crawl under things. sleeping in his basket
Above pictures of Spanky resting added May 7, 1999.
Spanky took a part-time job bartending to help pay for his vacation. That sure is a big water bowl! Spank 'not drowning' with my brother Steve It sure was a long day! I hate it when they go somewhere without me. Spanky Loves his Grammy!
Above pictures taken in Groton, NH mid-August 1998 added September 1, 1998.
This looks comfortable doesn't it? I want another ride and I'm not getting out of this car until I get one! Guarding Grammy Another expensive item under the computer desk that doesn't always do what you want! I need 18 more dogs to fill all the holes! Couch potato!
Above pictures from April-July 1998 added August 13, 1998.
This looks comfortable doesn't it? Spank's undercoat made him look like a 'teddy bear'. Spanky's coat of many colors This is MY CHAIR! Pretty, I mean handsome face Spanky got neutered, we got a 'new lamp'.
The last of the puppy pictures from 1992-93 added July 11, 1998.
Spanky with his first toy Spank didn't like carpeting at first so he slept near the fireplace. Spectacle showing Table dog Guarding my wheelchair Asleep on the job!
Above puppy pictures from 1992 added June 11, 1998.
Cute but tough! Hunting in the snow What a pillow! WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT! Puppies can be expensive. I'm still just a cute!
Above puppy pictures from 1992 added May 11, 1998.
sp3151.jpg sp3152.jpg sp3153.jpg sp3154.jpg sp3155.jpg sp3156.jpg
Above new pictures added March 15, 1998.
Spanky215.jpg Spanky2152.jpg Noselick.jpg spanky225.jpg spanky2281.jpg spanky2282.jpg
Above new pictures added February 24-28, 1998.

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