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"Tell us about the 'boy genius' Spanky"

There's the camera. I better bark.

We purchased Spanky from a "backyard breeder" before we knew any better (about the urgent need to rescue). You can see by this picture, (for those who can't lip read, he's saying "WOOF!") that Spanky would like to be the Alpha dog (leader) in our pack/family. I think if Spanky had his way, he would like to enslave us humans like his friend Dogbert.

                Click Spanky's nose but

After going through "puppy classes" and "companion dog classes", at the Angell Memorial Animal Hospital in Boston, Spanky earned his Canine Good Citizenship Certificate. He's now active in Pet Visitation Therapy through Helping Hounds, LTD. When he visits patient's rooms in the various hospitals and nursing homes, I always lament about what could have been. "My Son the Doctor." He reminds me of one doctor covering for another because he goes into each room, spends about 2 minutes with the patient and then leaves on his own and goes to the next room.

Here's some more pictures of Spanky. Spanky was born 12/15/91. Spank's hobbies are finding rocks of all shapes and sizes, eating celery and visiting hospitals and nursing homes as a registered Therapy Dog. He'd never admit it but Spank likes playing with Kodi too.

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S-T-R-E-T-C-H Waiting for celery
S-T-R-E-T-C-H Waiting for celery
Good Sit! P L E A S E put the camera away!
Good Sit! P L E A S E put the camera away!
We're being good; give us something!

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"The Wind Beneath My Wings" by L. Henley & J. Silbar
Sequenced by Stephen Boyles

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