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Still smiling Leg shaved for an I.V. Arthritis makes it hard for Shep to get comfortable in his chair. Shep's last picture :(
Above pictures, some of the last pictures of Shep, added August 1, 1998.
Still smiling Another Christmas picture Doesn't Shep look a lot like Kodi here? In position to have his belly rubbed
Above pictures "Shep starting to show the effects of Cushings disease" added July 1, 1998.
EXCUSE ME! I'm trying to sleep. A smart dog always gets a good sit at the table. Frosty Shep is marking the spot where he was laid to rest.
Above pictures "Shep before Cushings disease" added June 1, 1998.
On his chair, smiling! All tucked in The Champ! Guarding a bone
Above pictures "Shep before Cushings disease" added May 1, 1998.

"Old Shep" by C. Foley
Sequenced by Sal Grippaldi