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Grammy would have wanted the boys to have her chair. Falling asleep while waiting his turn to get brushed Still waiting his turn When he's really tired, Kodi sneaks away to the back of the house and lays on his 'favorite pillow' I've hung out the car window, but this is the first time they let me hang out a house window! The other end of the previous picture
Above pictures from April/May 1999 added May 25, 1999.
Watch Dog Kodi looks a lot like Shep here More tongue Eating a bone With Spanky and Annie at the gate In New Hampshire
Above pictures from summer 1998 added April 18, 1999.
Waiting for a treat Trying to sneak under the deck gate Begging close up If we look cute they might let us in! Waiting at the top of the stairs Helping Annie learn the WATCH ME command
Above pictures of the boys together from summer 1998 added March 29, 1999.
Even on vacation I have guarding duty. With Grammy. Swimming like a pro. WET DOG! Catching 40 winks. I'll bet they're eating in there!
Above pictures from Groton, NH 8/98 added September 18, 1998.
From 1994 Taking me for a pull 1994 Relaxing in New Hampshire doing the dishes A laying down game; look at the teeth! Guarding the yard 6/98
Above pictures of Spanky & Kodi together from various dates added July 24, 1998.
Kodi smiling sleepy Let's play! relaxing together Want to play with us? Watching!
Above pictures from 1994-95 (my earliest picture of Kodi) added June 22, 1998.
sleepy on couch eating a bone with a little friend still nervous with new family eating a hove
Above pictures from 1994 (my earliest picture of Kodi) added May 21, 1998.
ko3151.jpg ko3152.jpg ko3153.jpg ko3154.jpg ko3155.jpg ko3156.jpg
Above new pictures added March 15, 1998.
XMASboys Kodi215.jpg kodi2241.jpg kodi2242.jpg kodi2243.jpg kodi2244.jpg
Above new pictures added February 24, 1998.

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