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"How did you end up with that crazy dog Kodi?"

Kodi the Patriots' fan

When my mother was seriously ill a few years ago, we were spending a lot of time at the hospital and Spanky was spending a lot of time alone. We decided he was old enough to have his own dog. I had come to know Maryellen Grace and the Heritage Trail Keeshond Club so I know that there were far to many Keeshonds in need of a good home. Maryellen told me about one dog, but as it turned out, she didn't need a new home. Then she called to tell me about Kodi.

Kodi was then 9 months old. He somehow made it to Maryellen by way of a number of people after his "wonderfully caring family" moved away and left him tied in the yard. (It would be nice if they have net access so that the @#/?& can see that, in spite of them, he's fine today.) In spite of his age, Kodi had contracted Heartworm by this time. He had to endure 2 months of treatment, which included ingesting Arsenic. Kodi was painfully thin and noticeably wary of what he was in store for next when he joined our family shortly before his 1st birthday.

Five years later, Kodi has finally realized he doesn't have to run away every time someone comes near him with a mop, broom or leg. He is not going to be hit or kicked like he undoubtedly was in the past. Kodi is not the perfect dog for everyone. He is still wary of strangers, especially men, but it's easy to see that he's starting to realize humans aren't so bad after all.

Here's some more pictures of Kodi. Kodi was born 7/3/93 (we think). We're forever grateful to Maryellen Grace for leading us to him. Although he's gotten much better, Ko may never be completely socialized, but we're happy that we found him and he found us.

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Smiles Begging at the table
Different Keeshond "Smiles" Begging at the table
Here comes the submissive roll
"Watch" Dogs Here comes the submissive roll

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