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This is the place to find some downloadable files and other fun links.

Play Trivia Blitz!
Choose from Classic, Entertainment or Sports trivia. Register for a chance to win weekly prizes!
Are you
Caught in the Net?
The K.a.o.s. Daily
If you've never read an electronic newspaper, what are you waiting for?

Send a K.a.o.s. Internet Greeting Card
You can send greetings from Spanky and Kodi or you can personalize the greeting with your own images and sounds, or

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Test your typing speed! Mom's Irish
(Soda) Bread

Share a little bit of Ireland with Mom as she shares her recipe with you.
Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul
Spanky & Kodi shutdown screens for Windows 95
Instead of looking at "Please wait while your computer shuts down." and
"It's now safe to turn off your computer", view messages from Spanky and Kodi.
Remembers for you!

Does your "system"
need memory?
K.a.o.s. will remind you for Free!
Get a second phone line for FREE!


Test your typing speed.

First choose your level of expertise,
(Beginner, Novice or Expert).

Put the cursor in the lower input box and click "Start Typing Test". Good luck!
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March 28, 1999.