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Top of Keeshonds and other stuff The front page contains a little of everything. You'll find a brief overview the the Keeshond's history. You can see, hear and read about Shep, Spanky and Kodi. Also, you'll find a memorial dedicated to all who have battled cancer. Please follow the links on this page to sign my guestbook and to register for notification when this page changes.

Shep's page We had Shep with us for 12 years. Share our memories of Shep by visiting this page.

Spanky's page You know you want to see pictures of Spanky and read about the "boy genius." This is the place.

Kodi's page Go here to look at more pictures of "rescue boy" Kodi and to read his amazing story.

Spanky's and Kodi's Special Friends Spanky, Kodi and I have met many friends and well-wishers on the net. Many were kind enough to add a link from their page to ours. Keeshonds and other stuff is happy to reciprocate.

K.a.o.s. Favorite Links This is a list of some other interesting web sites which don't necessarily have anything to do with dogs, Boston sports or dogs sports in Boston.

K.a.o.s. Trophy Case Our thanks to all the humans and animals who have recognized the hard work that Spanky, Kodi and I have invested in this web site. Please take a minute to view some of the sites who have honored us.

K.a.o.s. Fun Page This is the place to find downloadable files and who knows what else! Play a game of Trivia Blitz! Also, why not send a FREE electronic greeting card to any and all of your cyber friends while your here. You can send greetings from Spanky and Kodi or you can personalize the greeting with your own images and sounds.

K.a.o.s. Keeshond Gallery This is the place to come to see pictures of Keeshonds, Keeshonds and more Keeshonds. They'll be pictures of other dogs and animal friends too and, occasionally, humans.

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March 28, 1999.