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First, let me be clear - I am not a licensed therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist nor registered clinician.  I have no formal education
nor recognized training that, in any way, qualifies me to provide
counseling services.  I am merely a man who has been through many
of life's struggles and survived.

I have helped many people who seem lost or in need of guidance,
find their way to a more fulfilling journey and I can see things
from a more broad perspective.  I have worked both with couples
and individuals to help them find their way to a more productive
and satisfying path.

I am always willing to help people who are honestly seeking to
improve their lives and are committed to getting it right.  There
are no magic pills nor simple answers to the problems we all face
in life.  The path is different for each of us.  My job is to help you
find your way. 

If you are having troubles that you can't seem to overcome, then it's
time to reach out for help.  If you don't have a qualified counselor
or therapist with whom you have a good working relationship, think
about turning your challenges over to God.  Through His Grace, all
things are possible and I will help show you how.

Contact Information:

All questions or inquiries should be directed to my e-mail first.  After a preliminary contact,
we can discuss possible options.  I charge no fees for any assistance I can provide, but if you
feel you've received any benefit from my services, donations are gratefully accepted.  I have
been in situations where I've needed guidance but couldn't afford a clinical therapist.  The
clergy have always been there for me and this is my opportunity to give back.

My Email address is alanrossk@earthlink.net - Please don't hesitate to reach out.

A Parable:
A man of great faith was the victim of a flood.  As the flood waters rose, he turn to God and
said, "Lord, I believe in your divine power and ask for your help in saving me from this flood."
As the flood waters continued to rise, the man found himself atop his house, standing on the
roof, watching the water fill his home.
An old man in a small row boat soon came by and called to the man on the roof, "Hey, hop in!
I'll take you with me to the Coast Guard station.  They're still on high ground and they're
helping people find shelter."
The man on the roof called back, "No, thank you.  I have prayed to God and he will save me!"
So the old man in the boat shrugged and rowed away.
The man on the roof prayed again, "Lord, I have great faith in you and ask you to please save
me from this flood."
A short time later, the Coast Guard rescue boat came by and told the man that he must come
with them.  He refused to move from his rooftop, declaring that God would save him.
As the flood waters rose to just below his feet, a helicopter flew by and told the man that
there would be no one else coming to help him, he must climb into the helicopter or he will
surely drown.
But the man refused again saying, "If I fail to have faith in God, then I will surely drown.  I will
wait for Him to save me."
And so the helicopter flew away and the flood waters continued to rise and the man on the roof drown.
After his death, his soul rose to meet ST. Peter at the Pearly Gates of Heaven.  St. Peter asked
the man how he had died.
The man said, "I don't understand it.  I had great faith in God to save me, yet even after my prayers
and my demonstration of faith, He did not save me."
St. Peter asked, "What was your demonstration of faith?"
The man replied, "Even when I could have been rescued by a man in a boat, the Coast Guard and a
man in a helicopter, I believed that God would save me.  Where did I go wrong?"
St. Peter smiled and said, "Where did you go wrong?  God sent you a man in a boat and you refused
Him.  God sent you the Coast Guard and you refused Him.  God even sent you a man in a helicopter
and you refused Him.  This is where you went wrong."

The Moral of the Story:
God speaks to us in ways that are often so subtle, we miss them if we are not alert.

For example, on a day when we are in a hurry, but hitting every red light on the highway,
perhaps God is telling us to slow down.  Haven't you ever noticed that you hit fewer red
lights when you are in no hurry?

I've learned to appreciate the red lights.  I personally suffer from intolerance on the highway.
I do not like it when people go slow in the passing lane, or when traffic is too congested for
me to get easily from point A to point B.  But I have come to realize that whenever I have to
stop at a red light, God is saving me from something worse up ahead.  Only God knows what may
have happened if the light had been green.  Perhaps someone was pulling out onto the highway
ahead and if I had been traveling along at that time, there may have been a serious accident.

The point is, God doesn't necessarily speak to us in words.  He finds subtle ways to guide us and
protect us.  Becoming aware of His actions in our everyday lives is a good way to start giving
Him the praise and thanks He deserves.

May God Bless You Every Day!