Ten Reforms That Will Save America

" A wise prince should therefore find a way of ensuring that his citizens will always and in all circumstances need his help and that of the state; for then they will always be faithful to him."
Machiavelli, The Prince

  MACHIAVELLI knew that the best way for tyrants to control the population was to keep their subjects dependent on government. Liberals have put this philosophy into action - government now controls every aspect of your life. Choosing freedom and personal responsibility is bad for the ruling class - but good for Americans. Can the concept of freedom embodied in America be saved? Only if these Ten Reforms are enacted. For an ongoing discussion of events that relate to these reforms, visit the TEN REFORMS WEBLOG. For a discussion of the forces that are dedicated to destroying our freedoms, visit FOUR PILLARS OF MARXISM.  

Reform #1. Ending America's Judicial Dictatorship

Federal and state judges have become renegade tyrants. A sinngle federal judgee can invalidate the votes of millions of Americans. Examples of out-of-control judicial activism that have overturned the will of the majority:

  • Unrestricted abortion on demand
  • Anti-European Government Racism
  • the Illegal Alien Invasion and Open Borders
  • the Homosexual Agenda
  • Gay "Marriage"
  • Political Correctness
  • Refusal to Enact Simple Vote Fraud Protection
  • Internationalism
  • Elimination of privatre property
  • Citizen rights awarded to unlawful enemy combatants

Lifetime appoointments made sense when judges respected the legislature and the Constitution. Today, judges are elitists who believe their personal opinions trump everything. To depose these dictators, we must make them accountable to the will of the majority - and make them subject to popular vote. Removing the ability to overturn the choice of the majority of voters is critical to restoring popular trust in the judiciary. All judges should be subject to election.

Legislative bodies like the US Congress have the right and the duty to restrict the jurisdiction of the black-robed unelected tyrants in areas where they have become active promoters of the marxist, socialist agenda.

  • Judges should not be allowed to adjudicate cases involving the rights of Unborn Babies, the definition of marriage, the rights of parents and families, or other social or moral matters.
  • The US Supreme Court should be reduced to three judges and reduced to the role of an advisory body to Congress and the Executive, with no powers to overturn legislation.
  • Federal Circuit Courts and Appeals Courts should be eliminated

Further reforms:

a. Civil Law. Trial lawyers buy Congress with massive campaign contributions. They buy State legislators with tobacco money and gun money. American goods and services carry a hidden tax to cover the cost of frivolous lawsuits, outrageous jury awards, blackmail and extortion that trial lawyers perpetuate. The American system is uniquely set up to reward nuisance lawsuits. If we make the loser pay court costs this hidden tax will disappear because the number of frivolous lawsuits will drop to zero. Juries are hand-picked to select people with a chip on their shoulder - the attitude that "someone's gonna pay" - and that someone is always you.

The biggest cost of government lawyers is the time they spend fighting the will of the people. The government also hires outside lawyers who charge hundreds of your tax dollars per hour to fight cases they know they will lose - as a stalling tactic to thwart what the people voted for. And you, the taxpayer, pay these folks lavishly for the privilege.

b. Criminal Law. Criminals should have no Constitutional right to free legal representation. The Constitution should be amended to end the criminal's free ride. It's time for reforms to protect the victim - not the criminal. Make convicted criminals pay court costs, defense costs, and restitution to victims. Make criminals help pay the operational costs of prisons. Make prisons economically self-supporting and prohibit court-mandated country-club living arrangements. Reform the corrupt plea-bargain system, and return to responsible criminal law, swift trial and punishment.

Jury selection wastes everyone's time and wastes billions of dollars each year while opposong lawyers play mental chess with each other. The Constitution gurantees a jury of one's peers - not a scientifically selected, manipulated collection. End the abuse of "peremptory challenges". Institute random jury selection - no getting out of jury duty, and you get what you get.

To learn more about what you can do, please visit these excellent web sites:
American Tort Reform Association
Judicial Reform (Scan for links)
Activist Judges vs The American Family
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Reform #2. Racial Privacy. End Government Identity Politics.

Government perpetuates racial and ethnic divisiveness. The race industry encourage people to concentrate on their differences, portraying western civilization as the oppressor, and minorities as victims. Government maintains a divisive system of racial and ethnic identification programs, generating statistics in a futile effort to prove racsim, and to force organizations to mirror the ethnic proportions of the entire population.    Anyone who challenges this system is slandered with charges of racism.

Government uses blunt tactics to get people to pigeonhole themselves into racial/ethnic boxes. If you refuse to play along, the government will put you in a box based on your appearance. If you "look hispanic", they will mark you as hispanic. If someonewho appears to be European-American forgets to check off a racial or ethnic box, the bureaucrats will count that person as "white", or "Caucasian".

When you fill out the Census form and decide to check that you are mixed "caucasian" and "black", you will only be counted as "black".  The government overcounts "minorities" and undercounts European Americans.   Because the census is used to redistribute wealth to protected ethnic groups, and to create artificial "minority" Congressional Districts, the government manipulates the census.

It's time to take the wheels off the government's racial machine. You have the right to claim any race or ethnicity and the government is prohibited by law from disputing your claim or requiring any proof on your part. Let's solve our differences together as Americans, and let's get the government out of the racial numbers game. Prohibit government at all levels from requesting any information or keeping any statistics regarding sex, race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, sexual preference, or anything else that is none of the government's business.

Support Racial Privacy Measures that prohibit the government from gathering, storing or publishing any data on race or ethnicity.

A good first step is the US Census. Race and ethnicity questions on the census form have nothing to do with legitimate government purposes. They are used to create racial gerrymandering, dividing Congressional districts along ethnic lines. Americans don't want to be pigeonholed into racial categories. Race-industry bean counters want to pigeonhole Americans, but they are beginning to meet resistance.

Americans can stop the government's race machine.

On government forms, tax forms, census forms, refuse to check any racial boxes.

Remember: Federal Law prohibits any government agency or employer to require you to indicate race, ethnicity, color, sexual preference, national origin, religion, or gender. The government cannot challenge your declaration of how you want to classify yourself.

To learn more about what you can do, please visit these excellent web sites:
Center for Individual Rights
Center for Equal Opportunity
American Civil Rights Coalition
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Reform #3. Freedom of Thought - especially on College Campuses. Correcting Government Market Distortions in Education

American universities have become a socialist cartel, a collaboration of ideologues with a philsophy that is anathema to American values of liberty, freedom, and respect for human life.

American universities shelter Islamo-fascists and other America-haters. They refuse to cooperate with the most basic and commonsense steps to assist in the apprehension and removal of terrorists.

The English language is being converted into a tool of indoctrination. "Diversity" means disparaging Western civilization - in particular, european-american males, as the Great Oppressor.

University socialists use traditional academic freedoms to protect themselves from accountability.

Americans unquestionably support education as the road to a better life. But the road is beginning to lead nowhere, and the cost grows more and more expensive.

A good high school education should suffice for the almost all workers. Only teachers, lawyers, doctors and a few others really need college level training. For almost everyone, learning to read, write and perform simple arithmetic is enough to be a productive citizen.

After World War II, the government began massively subsidizing colleges and universities to provide engineers and scientists for the long cold war with the Soviet Union. Although well-intentioned these subsidies distorted the marketplace, creating an artificial demand for college degrees.

As colleges became saturated with underqualified students, academic standards declined. Failure was simply not tolerated. Far more college degrees are awarded than are truly required by our economy. As college became more and more like high school, a high school degree became less and less. Today, even advanced degrees are no guarantee against unemployment. Many high school graduates, and even college graduates, are barely literate. Yet the education industry and the corporate system continually require more and more credentials for the most mundane occupations.

We have sacrificed quality education for quantity. We warehouse millions of uninterested students and shortchage the best and brightest, the truly motivated learners, in order to keep troublemakers off the streets.

This has to change.We need to bring back vocational training for students who are simply not interested and not good candidates for advanced academics. Teacher's unions have devastated vocational training. Private schools will circumvent academic bigotry against vocational training. It will help millions of students who don't need university training and who deserve the opportunity to earn a decent living.

At the university level, professors are rarely seen inside a classroom - they delegate teaching tasks to graduate students. College tuition costs more every year, yet the value received goes down.

Academia is obsessed with tenure - lifetime job security, no accountability. Because socialists have infiltrated academia, tenure is used to enforce rigorous adherence to socialist orthodoxy. Faculty committees relentlessly purge any variance from the liberal agenda: socialist, radical feminist, anti-Western, anti-male, anti-family, anti-free enterprise.

Taxpayers need to take a hard look at what they are getting for the never ending costs they pay to support an ivory-tower academioc aristocracy. Private schools will bring accountability and responsibility back to the American higher education establishment. Privatizing will remove the artificial marketplace distortions that inflate the need for credentials at the same time that qality is degraded.

Tuition loan programs are a good way for society to provide opportunity, but taxpayers should not subsidize political indoctrination. Government needs to dramatically increase quality control in making grants for university research. Everyone is familiar with ludicrous examples of "research". It's a sad commentary that only the most blatant frauds ever see the light of day. Government education subsidies are a bloated cash cow enabling academic elites to live like royalty with no accountability.

Privatizing reforms will put the academic socialists on notice that their economic survival depends on their accountability to the taxpayers - not the government.

To learn more about what you can do, please visit these excellent web sites:
Students For Academic Freedom
Academic Bill of Rights
Foundation for Intellectual Diversity at Brown University
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Reform #4. Secure Borders are a Pre-Requisite for Freedom.

Why does our government refuse to enforce national borders?

Libertarians believe that protection of its citizens is the only legitimate duty of government. However, this belief conflicts with another libertarian idea - that borders are artificial barriers to the free movement of people and trade. We live in the real world,where theory is not achievable. Open borders are desirable from a free-market standpoint, but only when conditions are comparable across a national border. Otherwise, these unequal conditions create market distortions and false incentives that undermine social compacts and that create chaos. For example, America has an extremely generous and complex system of social welfare programs that were developed during a periopd when the vast majority of citizens understood that only through hard work and honesty can society afford to assist a proportianlly small number of citizens who cannot support themselves. Across the border with Mexico live millions of uneducated unskilled people, an agrarian culture that encourages large families, and a corrupt government based on bribery.

The market incentives created by the radical differences in social systems are so powerful that only a highly enforced border can prevent us from being overrun with poor people looking for generous social welfare benefits paid for by American taxpayers.

America is a western society founded on Judeo-Christian tradition, laws, language and culture that is under attack from Islam, a radically different ideology that is based on an imperative to destroy modern western society and return the entire world to the world of Mohammed in 700 A.D. Only a highly enforced border will keep Islamo-fascists from infltrating and attacking America.

America is being invaded. All talk of measures to apprehend terrorists is meaningless as long as they can simply walk into our country unimpeded. True reform begins with the apprehension and removal of all illegal trespassers, in order to demonstrate a serious intent to establish control. Yet our leaders continue to talk of amnesty as a reward for those who show contempt for our borders, language, laws, and culture. Our government's overwhelming concern for political correctness and the rights of non-citizens has replaced its duty to protect the interests of American citizens.

Because government prohibition has created artificially high profits for drug dealing, terrorists are using drugs to finance their operations (see reform #9). The government has again created an artificial market, this time for drugs, that inflates their value and that provides a lucrative source of financing for terrorists. The black market in over-taxed cigarettes is used for the same purpose. Our government is creating artificial market conditions that finance terrorism.

Aside from the threat of terrorists, our government's open-border immigration policies endanger American culture and values and the stability of society. The biggest factors in America's population growth rate are illegal immigration and high birth rates among immigrants subsidized by socialist wealth transfer programs.

  • America has doubled its population in less than forty years.
  • Third World overpopulation threatens our freedoms.
  • Our government is forcing us to support this invasion.
  • Citizen taxpayers pick up the tab for the social problems that result from this huge influx of unskilled into a society that can't take care of its own.
  • Citizenship should not be a free ride for anyone who can manage to walk across an open border. It should be a precious, earned privilege available to a select few worthy individuals who demonstrate a commitment to Western values.

True immigration reform would remove the market distortions created by open borders, by requiring those who wish to enter the US, and their sponsors, to pay the costs of immigration, including:

  • costs of social benefits
  • deportation and incarceration costs
  • administration costs of INS, Customs Service, etc.
  • environmental damage resulting from millions of new residents each year
  • displacement costs of US citizens whose jobs they take

A 20-year waiting period for citizenship would ensure that these costs are recovered. After making payments over 20 years, each legal immigrant would be eligible for citizenship.

Additional reforms are needed:

  • To protect our culture, by making English our official language.
  • To assure that citizens have more Constitutional rights than non-citizens. Citizenship should mean something.
  • To stop granting automatic citizenship to the American-born children of illegal immigrants (anchor babies)

Most human problems result from overpopulation. America cannot become the dumping ground for world irresponsibility.

Examples of government surrendering to the invaders:

The INS refused to deport illegal alien D.C. Snipers Mohammend & Malvo. Sniper John Malvo, whose illegal status was known to government agents, was allowed to remain in the in flagrant violation of law. INS say it was "in compliance with procedures". The US government has no intention of stopping the invasion of terrorists and criminal aliens.

The US State Department under Maura Harty knowingly expedited visa processing for Islamic terrorists.

The Head of Homeland Security admits he will not enforce immigration laws.

To learn more about what you can do, please visit these excellent web sites:

US Congress Immigration Reform
Federation for American Immigration Reform
Immigration Reform
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Reform #5. School Choice. Ending the Government-School Monopoly

Every American schoolchild deserves his fair share of tax support regardless of what school his parents choose. Monopolies destroy choice and degrade quality. The government's monopoly on schools is a classic example of this truth. Children's education must belong to parents - not the government. The government must give back parents' right to choose - and not punish children by forcing parents to use government schools because they can't afford double tuition. We must separate church and state by getting the government bureaucrats out of education and letting parents, churches, and communities back in.

By regaining control of education from the edu-crats, parents can begin to reverse decades of socialist, divisive, anti-family propaganda and indoctrination. No longer must American's taxes support this assault on our values, culture, and history.

Teacher's unions have successfully conspired with the education bureaucracy to thwart any attempt to allow parents or students the right to choose their school. This monopoly power must end if we are to save America from the destructive effects on family and society of the totalitarian socialist education bureaucracy.

Learn to counter the mis-information spread by anti-choice activists:

  1. The best students will leave government schools. (False. Students who need extra help are the first to benefit from getting out of the government system. Even if true,this would leave more resources to help poorer students)
  2. Government schools will be starved of money if choice is allowed (False. Reduction in enrollment from school choice means the same amount per pupil will remain in the government schools)
  3. Religious fanatics will start cult schools that will brainwash students. (That's a good description of what's happening now in government schools. They are being brainwashed in the religion of global warming and Karl Marx.)
  4. There won't be any standards. (Bureucratic rules don't result in learning. The fact is that school choice results in dramatically improved learning and scholastic performance.)

To learn more about what you can do, please visit these excellent web sites:
School Choice
Milton Friedman - Champion of School Choice
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Reform #6. Fair and SimpleTaxation For Productivity and Responsibility.

America's tax code is its most embarrasing failure to its citizens, and one of the most scandalous and outrageous injustices ever committed by our government. Even the most cynical politician will admit that it is a complex monstrosity designed to deceive citizens of the extent of their enslavement to the government, and to line the nests of hundreds of thousands of parasite attorneys and accountants.

We can solve the never-ending argument over the proper role of government and fair taxation by following these principles. Fairness dictates that:

  1. Those who receive government services should pay for them.
  2. Those who promote government programs and demand more spending should willingly pay more in taxes than those who want smaller government.
  3. Progressive taxation means that tax rates should go up as the proportion of services received to income goes up.
  4. Productivity, profitability, and efficiency should be rewarded with lower taxes. Non-productivity should be heavily taxed.

The overwhelming majority of Americans support tax simplification - but parasitic lawyers, politicians, and bureaucrats are keeping us hostage to our grotesque tax system.  The Tax Code is the politicians' favorite way to reward their contributors - so don't expect politicians to EVER enact meaningful tax reform.

Long term prosperity requires sacrifice and thrift, but our tax policies reward wastefulness and non-productive schemes. Billions spent on tax attorneys and accountants could be put to better use. Tax policy should have as its primary purpose revenue collection, not social engineering, not creating incentives for certain desired behaviors. Tax simplification will bring many benefits: downsizing the out-of-control Internal Revenue Service; focusing resources on production, not loopholes; creating more small business opportunities; forcing budget discipline on politicians and bureaucrats.

The  Tax Code has been patched over so many times that the government can't even tell you what it says.  It's time for a fresh start and a new approach.  Reward productivity and thrift, stop punishing those who work hardest, and shift the cost of benefits to those who receive them and those who promote govcernment as the answer to every problem.   Stop wealth redistribution schemes, stop double- and triple-taxing,  eliminate all loopholes, and make taxes simple to calculate and easy to administer and collect.

Flat taxes, value-added taxes, and national sales taxes are all good candidates for tax simplification.  They are all progressive taxes. In each case, the wealthy will pay more taxes in proportion with their ability to pay. The key is to find methods of taxation that force the promoters of big government to pay a larger share of the programs they endorse.

To learn more about what you can do, please visit these excellent web sites:

Required Tax Reforms
Tax Reform Now!
Benefits of National Sales Tax
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Reform #7. Bureaucratic Accountability.

Under current law, bureaucrats are immune from the consequences of their actions. Bureaucrats can stop progress and strangle growth, but they never pay the price. No other occupation enjoys such protection. Let's make bureaucrats personally responsible for their actions and remove the shield which allows bureaucrats to act, and not act, with arrogance and impunity. Make bureaucrats personally liable and accountable.

  • Remove blanket immunity from lawsuits.  Allow damages for bureaucratic overreaching and obstructionism.
  • Outlaw sting operations, entrapment, asset seizures, and other corrupt government practices.
  • Enact Sunset Laws laws that force the expiration of all programs and regulations.
  • Force bureaucracies to justify regulations by demonstrating real measurable benefits that clearly outweigh the costs of compliance.
  • Force bureaucracies to determine and to publish all costs of compliance, direct and indirect.

In addition to reforms that make bureaucrats personally accountable, we need to make government agencies pay settlements and court costs out of their operating budget. Any citizen who challenges the government and wins should have all legal expenses reimbursed from the operating budget of the agency - and better yet, from the bureaucrats personal funds - not the general fund.

For example: no one knows how many billions of dollars Americans have wasted complying with ethnic quota laws (or pollution control laws, for example) over the last thirty years. Yet the same bureaucrats, year after year, spend untold millions of dollars generating statistics proving that these programs have made little or no difference in the ethnic distribution of jobs (or the spread of pollution). If the programs aren't working, why are we spending all that money? Bureaucracies exist to perpetuate problems, not solve them. Make bureaucrats accountable for the money they spend - make them demonstrate real progress, or get rid of them.

To learn more about what you can do, please visit these excellent web sites:
Getting Rid of Bureaucracy - How Corporations Do It
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Reform #8. The Right to Private Property Includes Ownership of Retirement Funds.

Anyone born after 1944 is subject to the biggest pyramid scheme ever invented - Social Security/Medicare. Retirees in America today constitute the wealthiest class of people ever assembled on Earth. As young taxpayers deal with environmental degradation, rotting schools, endless traffic, burnout, shell shock, traumatic stress syndrome, high divorce rates, depression, suicide, and panic, America's pampered seniors have very little to complain about. Their political power is so overwhelming that even the most fiscally conservative politicians are compelled to lavish benefits on them - by borrowing at a rate that ensures the enslavement of unborn generations of Americans to our foreign creditors.

It is arguable that Government intervention may have been justified in the middle of the Great Depression, when thousands of poor old folks were going hungry, but those horrible conditions were created by government manipulation of the marketplace, and the failure of society to take care of itself was the result of over-dependency on government solutions.   As time went on, politicians could not resist the temptation to borrow money from future generations in order to buy votes. Older voters quickly realized their new political power, and began relentlessly demanding more subsidies, resulting in today's level of benefits that is out of control.  Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep a dying old person alive for a few extra days puts health care out of reach for struggling young families.  Sending monthly checks to retired millionaires today destroys the ability of today's young people to ever save for their own retirement. 

The most basic duty of government is to tell the truth about what it is doing. Our government is willfully turning its back on the truth and perpetrating a monstrous fraud. The Social Security program is supported by a catalog of lies and deception.

  • It is not an individual savings or investment program.
  • Social Security account numbers are meaningless. You do not have an account anywhere in the government.
  • The taxes collected for Social Security are indistinguishable from the general fund and are spent before they are even collected, on all sorts of things having nothing to do with Social Security.
  • You have no property rights to any of the money that is taken from you, nor do you have any right to the additional retirement benefits that Social Security provides.
  • You have no right to the interest or dividends that you might have earned if the money was prudently invested. In fact, it is never invested. It is immediately spent on things like $600 toilet seats.
  • The Social Security law only gives the government the right to take your money.
  • The money that is taken from you is spent on people who have already retired. Do you expect them to be thrifty with your money?
  • If you ever get a retirement check, it will come from the paycheck of a young family. Not your family, and not your money that was taken from you earlier. And maybe not even a US citizen. How much loyalty to you do you think they will have? Especially after our government has been telling them for your entire lifetime what a worthless hateful racist you are?
  • Congress does not participate in Social Security.

Caring for old folks is a family responsibility. When government relieved families of this responsibility, America began a long process of disintegration and alienation. If America is to survive, we must take back our responsibility and our freedom. Take back the freedom to prepare for retirement and the responsibility to care for aging family members. Take back the private property rights to save and invest our own money. Stop the inter-generational rip-off that makes false promises. Make Social Security voluntary. Allow Americans to invest their own money as they see fit.

To learn more about what you can do, please visit these excellent web sites:

Top Ten Lies being Told About Social Security Reform
Project Privatize
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Reform #9. Morality is not a government responsibility. Decriminalize Petty Vices.

The war on drugs maintains the high profit margin that makes drug pushing so attractive. The war on drugs finances terrorists. International terrorism by Muslims and North Koreans is financed by billions of dollars in profits from drug smuggling - money that would not be available if the price was not being kept artificially high by prohibition.

Prohibition did not work with alcohol and it will not work with drugs. Alcohol use was actually higher during the Prohibition years - and societies that have decriminalized drug possession have found that drug use actually declines. It's simple human nature - that which is forbidden is made more attractive. Talk to any judge who deals with drug cases. Judges advocate decriminalizing possession. They know how the war on drugs has corrupted law enforcement and the court system.

Decriminalize drug use, and drug use will decrease.

More arrests and stiffer sentences won't work - they increase the risk , reduce competition, and increase the profit margin. Take away the profit, take away the incentive, and pushers will find another way to make money instead of selling drugs to school kids.

On the other hand, government should not be exploiting people's weaknesses. State promotion of gambling shows the hypocrisy of government involvement in moral issues. When big money can be made, they don't seem to have a problem.

Busybodies who feel the need to stick their noses into people's personal lives should not be allowed to intimidate lawmakers into perpetuating "nanny government".  It's time to allow people the freedom to face the consequences of their own behavior. Our national survival may depend on ending the easy profits that drug prohibition provides to our enemies.

Unfortunately , the trend seems to be in the wrong direction. Liberal legislatures that have achieved most of their early socialistic goals are now looking at nanny regulations for Soda Pop, guns, fast food, and lilitless other ways to run everyone's life.

To learn more about what you can do, please visit these excellent web sites:
War on Drugs
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How Property Seizure is Corrupting Law Enforcement
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Reform #10. Term Limits for All Politicians.

We know term limits are Constitutional - the President is limited to two terms. But activist judges are trying to thwart the people's vote for broad term limits on Constitutional grounds. The 'freedom of choice' argument is a red herring - the only choice we have now is which representative of the special interests we would rather have -organized labor and teacher's unions, or big corporate money. Term limits give us another choice - citizen legislators without the temptation of building a political career on special interest money.

So-called "campaign finance reform" is a cynical design to protect incumbents. Term limits are the only proven antidote to the system of incumbency protections that have been erected over the last half-century.

To learn more about what you can do, please visit these excellent web sites:
Term Limits Now!
US Term Limits
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bonus - Reform #11. National Initiative/Referendum.

Responsibility, accountability, and freedom of choice make a better America. Government is the problem - not the solution. Government wants to perpetuate problems - no one in government has ever worked themselves out of a job.

Many of these reforms have been talked about for years, but our politicians won't act on them. Special interests own our politicians, and they're part of the government that keeps itself so busy maintaining the status quo.

A national initiative and referendum process will allow informed citizens to take the necessary steps. The current legislative process is too compromised and too corrupt to act. We can't afford to wait for reform. America is rapidly being overwhelmed with illegal aliens, terrorists, and liberal busybodies who want to end private property and everything else that made America strong and free. We need a national initiative and referendum process that cannot be thwarted by a single judge.

This will be the most difficult reform to achieve, because the government will use all of the taxpayer resources it can muster to resist giving control back to the people. In fact, corrupt legislatures are busy right now trying to reduce the rights of initiative and referendum in states where they are available.

We can become a healthy society again, but we must take responsibility and take action to make it happen. These reforms will put us back on the right path. Support these reforms - vocalize and vote. Visit the links on this page to find out more. Copy this text and e-mail it to Congress at the e-mail links shown here.

To learn more about what you can do, please visit these excellent web sites:

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