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Molly Murphy's House of Fine Repute
What Happened To?

Tell us the story of your life after Molly's.  Send Calvin an e-mail and I'll post it the story here.

Who: Hank Wennik

Current Location: San Diego, California

When I was 21 years old, I was transfer from New York to Tulsa with American Airlines. Tulsa was a strange new world for me. My boss at the time, Steve Morris (Poncho), was working his evenings at Molly Murphy's. Steve liked me and asked if I wanted to work there with him. Considering that I was a frustrated actor, broke and with a baby on the way, I decided to take Steve on. Since I could do a pretty good Liverpool ascent, Ringo was my first role. However, John Lennon was shot a month later and I had to change to something else. So I bought orange tights and someone made me a green hood with a beak. I became Super Chicken! It was an experience. I never made it up to waiter, but had a lot of fun trying. Shortly after my child was born, I quit to spend more time with my new family. A year later, I moved to San Diego and lived here since. I'm now 45 and currently work as a Systems Analyst for a large hospital system. Molly's was one of the best places I ever worked. The folks I worked there with were great and very supportive. They will always have a special place in my heart. If anyone wants to get in touch with me, they can reach me at: wenha[at]yahoo[dot]com Thanks for the good times...

-Hank (Super Chicken)

Who: Calvin Nourse-Your Webmaster
Current Location: Orangevale, California
Where am I now? In the suburbs in Northern California....little more than an hour from the Napa wine country, two hours from skiing at Lake Tahoe, up a bit from Yosemite, the Golden Gate Bridge is two hours away. How I got there is the story. After Denise and I started living together in 1984 we made a commitment to get her through college before we got married and had children. In May we found out our first child was on the way and we were married on June 30th....Denise was a June bride with 12 hours to spare.

I suddenly needed a “real” job and in October I started working for a Japanese datacom firm....back to my geeky roots. In June of 1985 Denise and I had narrowed the choices of her college to Cornell in Ithaca NY and The University of California near Sacramento. Upon asking my company to transfer us I was told to quickly find a place to live in Sacramento. We moved in August of 1985 and one year later I applied for a job with The City of Sacramento.....being hired in October.

Denise went to school and worked, I worked and was Mr. Mom finally we bought our first home on December 31st of 1987. Denise graduated from UC Davis with a BS in Biological Sciences in 1992. Shortly after graduation we started trying to have “one more child”...Denise was hoping for a girl. The Twins were born on March 14th of 1994 and suddenly our three bedroom home was *way* too small. After saving and shopping for years, we moved into our wonderful home in the ‘burbs in May of 2001.

Lots of stuff has happened, of course. Denise, being born in Northern California near the coast, has lots of friends that have come to accept me as more than her latest fling. I have a blast at my job (and get to play with some of the coolest geek toys around), I’m well paid and put to work the skills that I honed at Molly’s almost every day as I’m one of the few that enjoy being in front of people and in the spotlight....stroking my larger than life ego. I’ve been involved in politics up to the State level and have worked in various marquee jobs for The City of Sacramento.....the city that’s the capital of the largest state in the union. All in all, I’m one of the luckiest guys in the world.....I’m in love with my mate, I have great kids.....and once upon a time I worked at Molly Murphy’s

Who: Lisa Haase
Current Location:  Lake Keystone, Oklahoma
My name is Lisa Haase and I WAS A MOLLY'S KID!
I hadn't thought about Molly's in some years until my 17 year old son brought up an idea he had for a resturant that would insult people for fun. (MY! I wonder who he takes after?) I then told him about my stint at MM and he was fascinated. We did a search on the internet and found the post of Jeffie's on tulsatvmemories.com and I wrote her. She told me about the site (how fun!) and suggested that I write you my now/then story for posting.
I worked at MM (oh gods, I cant remember dates! I have slept since then!) in 1980-1982 or something like that. I was Pocahantus, the wild injun and worked in the club area. For a young person who is naturally outgoing and dynamic, this was the perfect outlet for me. All the people were so fun and friendly!
Once, after serving a table of Native Americans, I recieved a (negative) writeup in the paper about 'disparaging their heritage'. Gods! Can't these people take a joke? They knew coming in what to expect (insults, idiocy and lunacy). They could have asked for a different server, right? We all had some hearty 'chucks' (laughter) over that.
Currently, I am NOT pushing 50, but pulling 40, live outside of Tulsa at Lake Keystone. I have 3 dogs (for now), 3 cats (reduced from 11), 2 rats (yes, RATS!) and 2 pet Ball Pythons. I am an ordained Minister and I work out of my home running a series of websites that sell products as well as for a Call Center out of Broken Arrow as a home bound agent.
I have 2 children, a beautiful (nutcase) daughter who will be 27 this year, and a 17 year old son who tends to find it enjoyable to pick me up (5'4", 98 lbs when wet) and tote me around the house. HE-MAN!! He should have worked at MM too! Would have fit in perfectly.
I am divorced (3 times now, yet always looking for Mr. Lisa  #4) and like Tina, I rather like it. I prefer to be able to tell them to go home and not have to share my bed as I am a bed hog. LOL
And what woman wasnt in love with the Steve Brown??? <swoons at the memory>  Where are you dude??????? 

Who: Tina Williams (now Beams)

Current Location:  Tulsa, Oklahoma

I originally started at Molly’s in 1979 as Dumbo the Elephant….changed characters quite often after that…..I think one of my favorites was a few nights of "Lisa Lubner" from Saturday night live. I started as a Hostess and when Stacy Farthing (hula) left I worked the podium and took over her "head hostess" duties until leaving in 1982. My last 4-5 months at Molly’s was spent working during the day in the office while Karen was on maternity leave (truth be known, I also had a huge crush on Steve Brown!!!! among others….someday I’ll confess!!!!….). When Karen decided to return I was getting married and my soon to be husband did not care for the Molly’s life so I was asked to quit.

I now have 2 great young men, Grant, 18 and Taylor, 17. I have been a single mother since 1992 and love it!! I was a stay-at-home mom for 12 years until finances forced me to get back in the work force. I went to work for KVOO as receptionist and later moved to the accounting department. After leaving there I went to work for a Tulsa law firm….the head of which recently ran for governor….I won’t name names to protect the "innocent"….. although my time there was working with attorneys who often defended the guilty!!!... I now work for a real estate / probate attorney in Claremore….a very laid back small town independent office….almost like walking into Mayberry everyday!

I know I have babbled on here, but I’m excited about the idea of catching up with everyone…… as it is said in the Story of Molly Murphy’s…. it WAS my life for awhile and a great time it was. I would love the chance to catch up with everyone…I have wondered what happened to so many of you….… you can contact me at:

mollys_kid_1 [at] hotmail [dot] com ….. did I mention I was single??? (hee hee)!!!!

More Stories Soon!

Molly's Kids