"What really threw me was magician David Neubauer, a Los Angeles-based entertainer booked by Amtrak to provide magic shows for adults and kids alike during the trip." - (Starlight: Cruisin' Down the Tracks) - James Shelledy, Salt Lake Tribune

"The Bonus is magician David Neubauer who performs throughout brunch and who proves again that the hand is always quicker than the eye." - (A Magic Brunch) - Elmer Dills, ABC Television (and the Daily News)

"Magic happens... on the Coast Starlight" - (headline of a full page story about David performing on The Coast Starlight) The Tourist Magazine (the official publication of Amtrak's Coast Starlight.

"David Neubauer performed feats of magic between the second and third acts of the (Rosier Player) comedy." - The Daily News (front page with picture), Greenville, MI

"David Neubauer with his truly amazing close up magic performed both days of the weekend tea." - (Tea Time for Hope) - Michele E. Buttelman, Lifestyle, The Signal (Santa Clarita) Front Page

The Afternoon's entertainment included the inimitable David Neubauer of the Magic Castle, who performed astonishing feats of Magic - (Circle of Hope Sails the High Seas) - Annemarie Donkin, Lifestyle, About Town

"Master magician David Neubauer likes to get close to his audience. He almost dares his audience to be close enough to figure out how a trick is done ... And that's part of the magic." - (Mozart Magic) - Carol Cole, Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise

"A surprise to festival goers this year was master magician David Neubauer ... enthralled and amazed at his expertise ... Neubauer's "Magic Close Up" sold out immediately, causing Showcase organizers to quickly schedule another show." - (OK Mozart Highlights Listed) - C. C. Mills, Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise

"David Neubauer's magic was certainly a hit ... he's certainly the finest." - (OK Mozart Highlights Listed) - Nan Buhlinger, Executive Director, OK Mozart International Music Festival, Examiner-Enterprise

"The beautiful, delighted little faces are lit up with amazement as David Neubauer tops each magical feat with an even more unbelievable one." - (Magic Delights Audience) - C. C. Mills, Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise, Front Page

"People of all ages were amazed at the illusions performed by magician David Neubauer as he performed to a full crowd ... As if by divine intervention, the card appeared." - (Amazing Neubauer Makes Cards Vanish) - Jeff Udin, Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise

"Magic. In David Neubauer's act, that's all it is ... Neubauer is a master illusionist." (Simply Magic - Entertainer Takes Card Tricks to New Highs) - Dave Hoger, Jackson Citizen Patriot

"The magician who performed on Saturday at the Jackson Shakespeare Festival was David Neubauer. Though he performs well over 600 shows throughout the United States each year (he is based in Los Angeles), his ties to Jackson go back to the early '80's. He holds his degree in theater from the Michigan School of the Arts, and he performed with the Etc. Co., The Jackson Symphony and the Rosier Players.." (Performer commended) - Jackson Citizen Patriot

"Yet some familiar veterans who spent many a summer traveling with the Rosiers are coming back One is David Neubauer, who now lives in Las Vegas, where he is a professional magician." (Rosier Players marking 100 years) - Dave Hoger, Jackson Citizen Patriot

”David Neubauer had a busy year. He not only recently ended his almost 5-year run performing on Amtrak's "Coast Starlight", but he also worked with Dick Van Dyke for the Oak Park Theater, entertained celebrities including Beau Bridges, Ed Begley, Jr. and Dennis Weaver at the Environmental Media Awards, and performed for the Dodgers and their top patrons on the infield of Dodger Stadium. He is also doing private shows and corporate events all over the place." - Milt Larsen - The Magic Castle Newsletter

"DAVID NEUBAUER recently performed backstage at the "Jim Thorpe Pro Sports Awards" at the Pantages theatre here in Hollywood. The 2-hour mega awards recently aired on ABC television and hired David to entertain the celebs backstage with his close-up. In attendance were major pro sports figures and a slew of celebs including the host of Copperfields last special James Earl Jones, Tim Conway who did those Carol Burnett era magic sketches and Magic Buff Muhammad Ali who won one of the three Lifetime Achievement Awards." - Genii Magazine

"DAVID NEUBAUER performed magic at Barry Manilow's current tour. David did close-up magic before the show and some stage magic during the finale with Barry" - Genii Magazine
"Amos Levkovitch and David Neubauer recently appeared on the International Channel's "Kobe Eartquake Relief Telethon" All proceeds were given to the Red Cross" - Genii Magazine

"David Neubauer once again performed "Mozart Magic" at this year's OK Mozart International Festival. As with last year, tickets to his showcase event sold out almost immediately." - Genii Magazine

"Actor/Magician David Neubauer performed magic in "Barry Manilow on Broadway" at the Universal Amphitheater. David did close-up magic before the show and some stage magic during the finale on stage with Barry." - Playbill, M.U.M.

"David Neubauer performed close-up magic backstage at Comic Relief VI, hosted by Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, and Whoopi Goldberg." - (Short Takes), M.U.M.

"Magicians David Neubauer and Amos Levkovitch appeared with Amy Hill ("Grandma" on All American Girl) and George Takai ("Sulu" from Star Trek), on the International Channel's "Kobe Earthquake Relief Telethon." ... Other performers included Little Richard, Margaret Cho and Hector Elizondo. - (Short Takes) M.U.M.

"David Neubauer performed walk around magic backstage at the ABC "Jim Thorpe Pro Sports Awards" held recently at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, and afterwards at the party held for the celebrities who attended the affair, (Bruce Jenner, James Worthy, Florence Griffith Joyner, Stan Musial, and Muhammad Ali, to name a few.)" - (Short Takes), M.U.M

"David Neubauer is a unique performer indeed. He performed his magic in two Showcase events... David lives in Sherman Oaks, California, and works as an on-board entertainer on Amtrak on their Coast Starlight Line" - (Short Takes), M.U.M

"David Neubauer performed magic at Barry Manilow's New Year's Eve show at the Universal Amphitheatre, CA" - Inside Magic, Magic Magazine.

"DAVID NEUBAUER was part of the backstage enetertainment at the recent "Jim Thorpe Pro Sports Awards" show taped at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood. The special aired on ABC." - Inside Magic, Magic Magazine.

"David Neubauer performed magic at the LA Opera Opening Night Gala in front of such notables as Placido Domingo, Pierce Brosnan, Drew Barrymore, Martin Landau, Kirk Douglas, Jodie Foster, Natalie Cole, Dino De Laurentiis and Franco Zeffirelli." - Crescendo

"David Neubauer entertained celebrities at Comic Relief VI, performed at the Jim Thorpe Sports Awards, and at the American Music Awards." - Crescendo

"David Neubauer, Interlochen alumnus and professional magician, spent four days entertaining and instructing campers with his slight of hand."- Crescendo

"Magician David Neubauer will amaze and dare his audiences as he showcases his "Mozart Magic" at the OK Mozart International Festival." - Crescendo

"Mozart Magic Returns! David Neubauer works his mesmerizing magic to the delight of the young and not so young." - The Bugle

"OK Mozart is a family affair ... from guest artists André Watts and his wife Joan; Itzhak Perlman and daughter Navah ... and the brothers Neubauer - Paul, violist and director of the Festival Masters Chamber Series, and David, contrabassoonist and magician." - (Family Affair) The Bugle

"David Neubauer is a master magician, and he had us totally enthralled and amazed aat his expertise. I couldn't stop thinking about how good he was, and finally realized that our audiences at OK MOZART would love him as well." -  Ransom Wilson, The Bugle

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