Valentines Night in Beverly Hills. This photo ended up in "The Daily Mail" newspaper - England.

Leonard and his wife sat up-front, center at my stand-up magic show at his brother's birthday.

Dick was the Master of Ceremonies and David tablehopped at a fundraiser for the Oak Park Theatre.
Natasha Henstridge
and Darius Campbell
With Star Trek's "Mr. Spock"  
- Leonard Nimoy
With the always amazing
Dick Van Dyke.

"That was a terrific show, very entertaining" - Leonard Nimoy

"David, Wow, that was great!" - Peter Krause (Dirty Sexy Money, Parenthood, etc.).

David was the Magical Master of Ceremonies for a show headlined by Patti! "The Daily Mail" newspaper - England. A backstage shot. David performed at a street fair in Santa Monica and got to perform for Ed.

With the incomparable
Miss Patti LaBelle.

Patti hanging on to David backstage (and he was thrilled!).

With Ed O'Neill (Modern Family,
Married with Children)

"I want to extend a grandiose "thank you" for your participation in the "Spider-Man 2" wrap party. Your presence helped make the evening a truly spectacular affair. You are amazingly talented. I can speak on behalf of myself and my Producers in saying we were impressed with your magical talents and overall ability to entertain groups of people. Not only did you knock the socks off at our table, I watched as you strolled to other tables who were likewise blown away. Eyes popped and jaws dropped each time you performed your feats of magic."  
- David J. Grant, Production Supervisor, "Spider-Man 2", Columbia Pictures

Magic Consultant for
"Jane the Virgin"

Gina Rodriguez (Jane) has a much better "goof" face than David!

with Justin Baldoni (Rafael) on "Jane the Virgin"

David performed for the cast and their guests at the World Premiere Party!  

David performed for the cast & guests at the World Premiere Party!


Emmy Award winner Laura Wright (General Hospital) was part of David's finale at a recent event.

Will & Grace's Eric. The delightful Shirley Jones! UNCLE MILTIE!!
Backstage with
Eric McCormack
With "Mrs. Partridge," the
wonderful Shirley Jones.
With Mr. Television -
Milton Berle!

"David, you were an absolute smash at our Los Angeles Screenings Gala. Greeting every guest with your singular brand of magic, you set the tone for the evening and all the entertainment to come. We were thrilled to have you." (The headliner was Debby Harry & Blondie) - Marlene Pacillio, Warner Brothers International Television

"Your performance was flawless, and an enormous audience pleaser ... the consensus is that if there is a magician doing better close-up work on this planet, none of us has seen him or her." - G. L. Blanchard, Festival Manager, Michigan Shakespeare Festival

A One-of-a-kind: Robert Evans. Bob hired David to entertain at the bridal shower of Cassandra Huysentruyt who married Paramount Pictures head honcho Brad Grey. David's loved Debbie since "Singing in the Rain" and his kids lover her for "Holloweentown". The Second man on the Moon - Buzz Aldrin!
With David's client, legendary mega-producer (Godfather, Chinatown, etc.) Robert Evans. With the wonderful
Debbie Reynolds
With the man on the Moon -
Buzz Aldrin

"As always, your performance last Saturday at our annual Spring Party was a rousing success! You have entertained us for a number of years and I am always amazed at how different, new and exciting every performance is! Believe me, amazing this Hollywood crowd is not easy; I know - - I try every day! Put on your calendar the Saturday prior to Memorial Day every year from now on so you can amaze us again…." - Gary Martin, President, Sony Pictures.


“Dave, we heard nothing but raves from all the movie location scouts on your mind blowing performance. Everyone’s still scratching their heads wondering how you do what you do.” Ariel Penn - Filming and Events Manager, City of Pasadena

He looks great with the beard! Another party with Hugh and another.
With Wyatt Earp himself - Hugh O'Brian. Again with Hugh And another - David has been
Hugh's magician for many years.

David -- Your talent is Magic personified, which makes you "the" "Top Gun." - Hugh O'Brian

"On behalf of the students, volunteers, alumni, staff and trustees of Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY), I would like to thank you for your magic show at Hugh O'Brian's 80th Birthday Bash cocktail party. The event was unforgettable and our guests had an extraordinary time." - Christopher J McCarty, CEO, HOBY Youth Leadership

Andy was such a gentelman, and was 0ne of eight guests at a party in Palm Springs. Yes, it's the very same card! David keeps it by his desk. I've known Simon since his Charmed and Just Shoot Me days! A really nice guy!
With Andy Williams, who signed the card for David's "signature" card effect (pun intended). David kept Andy's card. My favorite alien, Simon Templeman of "Neighbors".

"Your show was wonderful - - you are great, great!" - Andy Williams

"David, you're not only a wonderful actor, but an incredible magician!" - Charlotte Rae (David appeared on "The Fact's of Life" with her and years later she attended a party where David was the Magical Entertainer)

She was great on teh George Lopez show - looking forward to her next project. This was at the "Feast for the Freedom Fighters" at Vitellos. At least he didn't handcuff it!
With Constance Marie
(The George Lopez Show)
Magic for Eric Estrada and family. Always a CHiP,
Eric arrests a card.

"Thank you David - I LOVE magic and you are the best I've seen! - Eric Estrada at Feast for the Freedom Fighters

"I want to thank you (and our troops want to also) SO very much for your wonderful magic!! My stage crew raved about how much the crowd loved what you did! You're very charming and it's been a pleasure working with you!"
- Pamela Waizenegger, Coordinator, "Benefit for our Bravest" May, 2007 (David was representing Hollywood's Magic Castle at this event).

David emceed, John sang his heart out! Bill was the special guest and David was the roaming magician in the pilot of "Music that Cooks". It was great hanging out with Ty backstage while we were both waiting to go on!
With Country Superstar
John Michael Montgomery.
With Bill A. Jones (Glee) on the
set of "Music That Cooks"
David and Nashville
Country Star Ty Herndon.

"I've had the pleasure of working with several magicians over the years, but David's unique and original spin on magic - well, to borrow a phrase - Blew my Mind, and left me "Glee-ful." Or as 'Rod' would say, "Boffo!" - Bill A. Jones, "Rod Remington" on Glee.

"David, you absolutely blew my mind! - Amazing!" - Joey Heatherton.

One of the last surviving little people from that most iconic movie! I've actually done a few events with Lee - a real great guy! Our second run in. On our first, we were both working. this time just me.
With David's favorite Munchkin, the one and only Jerry (Lollipop Guild) Maren. Los Angeles Dodger Lee Lacy at Riviera Country Club in a joint appearance for Maryvale Orphanage.. With Alan Young -
"Wilbur" of "Mister Ed" fame!

"I just wanted to thank you for your show-stopping slight-of-hand skillfulness at Vista Del Mar's 2006 "Sports Sweepstakes" at the Beverly Hilton, and again at the "Superman Returns" advance screening benefit. Your professionalism and presence added so much to our fundraising events. Both were very successful and a great time was had by all. I love it when I hear screeches of disbelief from our guests when you somehow make things appear and disappear right before their eyes!"  - Susan Gordon, Associate Dir. of Development, Vista del Mar

"The participants had a great time and all commented how wonderful you were." - Rhonda Laugeson - Relay for Life

Mac actually OPENED for David! That's a switch, but he's almost impossible to follow. Another cast member from Will & Grace. Always funny and outragious!
With Mac Davis at a show they both
starred in at the Bel Air Country Club.
With Shelly Morrison --
"Rosario" on "Will & Grace".
Getting cracked up by the
hilarious Marty Ingels.

"Thanks" - Dick Clark (David worked two of Dick Clark's "American Music Awards" entertaining the celebrities).

"David, On behalf of all of us, on behalf of our delighted audiences, we are sincerely grateful for your contribution to the Fourth Los Angeles Conference on Magic History. Your effort played a tremendous part in the success of the weekend."
 - Mike Caveney, Joan Lawton, John Gaughan & Jim Steinmeyer (Organizers)

Johnny also has a Big Band - Big Bands are one of David's passions! KTLA and LA Magazine threw a big party at Warner Brothers and hired David to stroll throughout the event! David was performing at a street fair and performed for June.
With Johnny Crawford -
the "kid" (Mark McCain) on The Rifleman.
With Sam Rubin, Entertainer
Reporter for KTLA
With "Lassie's Mom", June Lockhart

"Tell David Thanks" - Stacey, Production Division, Paramount Pictures

"On behalf of the Oak Park Theater Building Committee, we wish to thank you for helping to make our Comedy Night such a tremendous success... we hope we can count on you to help us again next year. Without a doubt, our Second Annual Comedy Night will not be the same without you!"
- Sue Mantyla & Susan Soffer, Comedy Night Co-chairs.

The stories she can tell! We were both guest performers at the OK Mozart International Music Festival - David got to have breakfast evey morning with Peter! He's the best! What a talented Pianist!
David, a huge "Rat Pack" fan, with Altovise - Mrs. Sammy Davis Jr. With one of David's favorite people - Peter Schickele
-- the alter ego of PDQ Bach.
Albert Schweitzer's granddaughter
- famed Pianist
Christiane Engel

"You literally added a touch of magic to the evening!" - Susan Gordon, Special Events Manager, L. A. Opera

"Sunday was amazing and everyone is still talking about you! Thank you again! Everyone had a blast!" - Suzy Hogtanyan, LA Magazine

Art was the narrator, David played "The Devil" (with magic), Jill was the dancer and Bob was the Soldier.

A great gag picture!

Sam holding a daughter and watching some MAGIC!
The cast of "A Soldier's Tale" - David, Jill Weiss, Art LaFleur and Bob Evans At the Superman Returns screening at the Director's Guild, even Superman picked a card! Working a KTLA event at Warner Brothers.

"Merci Beaucoup! You came in and magically made our [Nutcracker] production complete! I am hoping to collaborate next year and make it even more magical (is it possible?!?)... Thank you, David!" - Patricia Raffy, Rozann-Zimmerman Ballet Center

Magician David Neubauer kept everybody spellbound by his amazing feats of magic" - Opera League of Los Angeles

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