The Titanic and the Mystery Ship




Did you know that a nearby ship watched the Titanic go down?


Since 1912, several writers have attempted to disprove those portions of the US Senate and British Inquiries into the loss of RMS Titanic which found that the SS Californian witnessed the sinking and that her captain, Stanley Lord, failed to respond appropriately to signals of distress.

This website will examine various arguments put forth by these authors, and allow the reader to compare their arguments with verbatim extracts from the testimony of the 1912 Inquiries and other contemporary sources. Some of the information to be found here will be familiar to Titanic buffs, but other documents may come as a surprise, particularly to those who have read only the so-called pro-Lord authors, whose arguments frequently omit key passages from the testimony - passages which undoubtedly convinced the US Senators and the British assessors of the truth of their findings.



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