DURING THE DAY   by Bob Swanson 

When I wake in the morning I check to see, 
Do I still have a body and am I me. 

The mind is still for a moment or two, 
It then scans around for something to do. 

I start my mantra right away, 
So I'm in control of my mind this day. 

For if I don't,  I'll be a slave, 
to a restless mind until the grave. 

Brush my teeth,  comb my hair, 
Look around for something to wear. 

I talk to God right inside, 
If I give him attention he does not hide. 

Down to the car and off to work, 
A song, a chant would not hurt. 

I work  hard so I don't get behind, 
I do my mantra to focus my mind. 

On my way home, day slips into dark, 
But I'm as happy,  as a lark. 

I'm relaxed and it's time for bed, 
I lay on my back and rest my head. 

I do my mantra and become aware of myself. 
I live in my body, but where else? 

I begin to expand out to the stars. 
I feel I encompass Jupiter and Mars. 

Off into sleep into a conscious sea, 
Together at last my guru and me. 

CALM MIND     by Bob Swanson 

True greatness is simplicity, 
Steadfast implicitly. 

For if you move, for if you blink, 
The image is blurred, you've started to think. 

A pond with ripples diffracts the light, 
A mind with ripples, becomes dark as night. 

Calm your mind with two syllables, 
For mental movement is not permissible. 

The man of knowledge   by Bob Swanson 

Life is short, the universe so vast, 
The man of knowledge,  senses future and past. 

He knows the tendency,  he knows the trend, 
His conflicts of mind,  he seeks to mend. 

To the work of truth he will attend, 
With single mind he will transcend. 

Who and what am I    by Bob Swanson 

Who and what am I? 
I trust I shall know before I die. 

I am myself but what is that? 
With a restless mind, the truth will scat. 

If my mind is calm the answer is perfected, 
It is the Pure Self that I've detected. 



     GOD    by Bob Swanson

God is Love.
God in me?
God is everything I see.
That must include, you and me.
That is, our reality.
God is, everything I see.

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 © copyright 1998 by Robert E. Swanson, Jr.