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Chant: Om Namah Shivaya
(Om, I honor Shiva)

-Pronunciation and the Chant-
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"Om Namah Shivaya" is a salutation, a salute to the inner self, Shiva. Om is the primordial sound.  (Go to "OM" Page.)  Sometimes Om can be heard in meditation.

"Salutations to Shiva our own true Inner Self".

We exist in two worlds.  When we are alive in this outer world we are Jiva, Identified with the world of the body, the world of matter, the physical Universe.  When we turn our gaze inward we realize we are Shiva. We identify with the peace of oneness, absolute stillness, and become the observer all, the true self.  The mind is the link that is used by the inner Self to interact in the outer world.  When the mind is absolutely still the two worlds merge and become one.  The Universal Truth becomes known.

Chant:  Chant resoundingly, chant softly, and Chant morning to night. Song is uplifting, it massages the body and mind with soothing harmonic vibration.  It harmonizes the breath.  We need not chant to please others.  We chant to please the self.  Chanting is mind cleansing.  It drives chaotic thought from our being.  There are slow chants, there are fast chants many can be danced to.  Depression and stress are melted away.  A smile appears on the face and joy arises in the heart. 
I  chant "Om Namah Shivaya" for 10 minutes before beginning the "Hamsa" mantra for Meditation.  Chanting is meditation too.

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