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(a is pronounced as a short o)

Ham-Sa = "Thou Art That".  You already are, who it is, you are looking for.   You are the Self, become aware of the Self, be the Self.  When the Ham and Sa merge into one and disappear, You have become the perfected Self.  "The Self in you is the Self in all."  So the great sages have said. 

Sitting for Meditation
     Sit Quietly, relax.   When your breath comes in of it's own accord, Mentally say "Ham".  When your breath goes out of it's own accord, Mentally say "Sa".  If your mind becomes distracted, attract it back with the mantra.  If your mind is lured away, gently coax it back with the mantra.  Let your entire body relax into the space that surrounds it.  Become the Witness to the thoughts passing through your mind, be the watcher, the one that quietly observes. You truly are the quiet observer in a vast sea of soothing stillness. 
    The mantra is your center, it is a thought that you have consciously willed.  It is by your will that the mantra is present in your mind.  The mantra is you.  You are the source of the mantra thought waves, that pulsate in your  mind.  All other thoughts are only mental interference, noise, racket, tumult.  Just ignore the confusion and turn your mind back to the mantra.  Do this for 10 minutes, do this for 20 minutes, do this for a half hour.   If you wish, sit for an hour.  Do what is appropriate for you and the time that you have available. 
I  chant "Om Namah Shivaya" for 10 minutes before beginning the "Hamsa" mantra for Meditation.

Meditate All the Time
    The moment you wake, quietly, gently do the mantra.  Through out the day repeat  the mantra.  Rather then allowing your mind to rule, rule the mind.  But treat it gentle, our minds sometimes act like a naughty child that needs a little discipline.  As a loving mother disciplines her beloved child, discipline the mind with the peaceful grace of the mantra. 

When it is time to retire into sleep, 
 Repeat the mantra and a blissful rest, you will reap.

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