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Welcome to my part of the web site........
Sinister Sculpture
     Hi! My name is Dan Loftis. I'm glad you stopped by. This site is intended to keep all of our customers updated on what's new.  You might want to check back occasionally as I will be updating about once a month with new work.
I'm in the process of updating these pages with lots of new and different things(11/17/11) and  will get them posted ASAP. If you've got questions about any of the pieces that you see please feel free to email me.

First a little background....

I am 25 years old and have been sculpting most of my life. Some of my artistic influences are Todd McFarlane and Gerald Brom, and musical influences that include Tool, Slipknot and Mudvayne. 

Currently I am doing 2 different styles of finishes on my work, handpainting and raku. Each of the pieces that I sculpt are one of a kind, no molds are used in the creation of my work. The handpainted pieces are sculpted in stoneware and then the base coat is airbrushed in latex paint. Some of the details are airbrushed and some are painted by hand with a regular brush.

The raku pieces are sculpted in stoneware and raku clay, but I'm finding I like how the stoneware pieces look a lot more. An explanation of the raku process follows.

For those of you that are not familiar with raku, a little bit of information. Raku is an ancient form of firing in which pieces are fired once (bisqued) then glazed and put into a kiln and heated to 1800 degrees. At that point the kiln door is opened and with a pair of tongs the piece is taken red hot from the kiln and put into a container filled with some type of combustible material (straw, paper, leaves, etc.) On contact the material is rapidly heated and ignites.  The piece is then covered with more straw etc., and then a tight fitting lid. Once covered the fire burns the oxygen in the container very quickly and in order to keep burning must take the oxygen it needs from the glaze. This process is what produces the distinctive colors and patterns that are unique to raku.

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Questions?? Email me!
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