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American Lung Association's Healthy Home Construction Video
The Aberdeen Bookstore
Books  - Designing Low Energy Buildings
BuildingOnLine (On-line Building Industry Newsletter)
Books Reviewed by Environmental Building News
CREST's publications and software
E Magazine
E Magazine's Nov. 1997 Article, "The Non-Toxic (Baby) Nursery"
Green Clips
The HomeBuilder's Consumer Guide and Video by Tom Landis -
The Smart Office- resource and energy efficient healthy offices
Really Great Source of Publications and Organizations

Sustainable Remodeling Info:

1.  No Regrets Remodeling, Home Energy Magazine,
2. Eco-Renovation: The Ecological Home Improvement Guide by Edward Harland,
    Real Goods Independent Living Books,
3. Green Building Primer (c) B.E.S.T.,

Governmental Organizations:

DOE's Sustainable Buildings Web Sites and
Seattle City Light Energy Conservation Program

Washington Dept.of Ecology Environmental Resources' Web Sites
Energy Center of Expertise
National Renewable Energy Labs
Sandia Labs

Non-Profit Organizations:

Alliance to Save Energy

Building Industry Exchange
CENET Links to Engineering, Design, and Construction Information

Energy Center of Wisconsin (energy-efficiency research)
Energy Efficient Building Association
Recycling Assistance Organizations
Sustainable Buildings Industry Council
U.S. Green Buildings Council
Educational Organizations:
The Ecological Design Institute (Sim Van der Ryn) in Sausalito, Ca
Energy Conservation Education Program
Environmental Design Graduate Program at SDSU

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Lighting Research Center (lighting education/research)


Toxicity of Lead
Become a Licensed Recycling Buisness

Software for Energy-Efficiency, Water Conservation and Indoor Air Quality Audits:

Alliance to Save Energy’s Business Energy Checkup:

This is an online interactive guide to saving money and preventing pollution through energy efficiency
steps you can take in your business. Business Energy Checkup helps you identify a wide range of energy
efficiency options for your building.

EPA’s Energy Star Buildings’ benchmarking software, Portfolio Manager:

Portfolio Manager is EPA's on-line tool for developing, tracking, and evaluating an organization's
approach to reducing energy costs over time. For certain building types (see Registry of Labeled
Buildings), Portfolio Manager offers the ability to benchmark energy performance on a 1-to-100 scale.
For all buildings, portfolio manager allows energy consumption, costs, and associated emissions to be
tracked over time. Portfolio manager can assist you in making the best possible upgrade decisions for
your portfolio. Use it to identify and reward exemplary performers and find the best investment

EPA’s WAVE, the Water Alliance for Voluntary Efficiency:

WAVE is a voluntary, non-regulatory partnership program between the EPA and hotels and motels.
WAVE's mission is to encourage businesses and institutions to reduce water use while increasing
efficiency and profitability. Government agencies are eligible to join WAVE as sponsors. WSAP
identifies water and energy savings for water consuming devices found in hotels and motels. Since these
items would include toilets, faucets, laundry and kitchen water-consuming devices, the Water Systems
program could be useful for federal office, residential and laundry facilities as well.


I-BEAM is a computer software for use by building professionals and others interested in indoor air
quality in commercial buildings. I-BEAM updates and expands EPA's Building Air Quality (600) and is
designed to be comprehensive state-of-the-art guidance for managing IAQ in commercial buildings.
I-BEAM components that can be used to perform several tasks including: conducting an indoor air quality
(IAQ) building audit; diagnosing and resolving IAQ related health problems; establishing an IAQ
management and maintenance program to reduce IAQ risks; planning IAQ compatible energy projects;
protecting occupants from exposures to construction/renovation contaminants; and calculating the cost,
revenue, and productivity impacts of planned IAQ activities.”

EZ Save Energy Star Power Management Program Suite:

The EZ Save Energy Star Power Management Program Suite provides a range of programs to help you
determine the state of Energy Star usage within your workplace, estimate the potential savings that can
be achieved, and then activate the Energy Star  features on user workstations to achieve those savings.

Web-Sites for Energy-Efficiency Information:


     ACR Systems (meter/monitor manufacturer)

     AAEC (demand side management)

     AGC Manufacturing Services (cogeneration)

     AGL Resources (gas utility holding company)

     Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (trade association)

     Air Conditioning Contractors of America (professional association)

     Air Movement and Control Assoc. International (AMCA)  http://www.amca.log

     Alerton Technologies

     Allen Bradley (automation and control products)

     Alliance to Save Energy

     Allied Signal Inc. (refrigerant manufacturer)

     Alternative Fuels Data Center

     Altus Group

     American Boiler Manufacturers Association (trade association)

     American Consulting Engineers Council (professional association)

     American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (research organization)

     American Energy Crop Association (bioenergy)

     American Gas Association (trade association)

     American Petroleum Institute (trade association)

     American Public Power Association (municipal utility trade association)

     American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers  (professional

     American Solar Energy Society (trade association)

     American Wind Energy Association (trade association)

     Ameritech (building automation equipment)

     Amoco Corp. (oil/gas producer/refiner/marketer)

     Andover Controls Corp.


     API EnCompass: News (energy industry information)

     Architectural Energy Corp.

     Arizona Public Service (electric utility)

     Aromat Corp.

     Asea Brown Boveri (equipment manufacturer)

     Association of Energy Engineers (professional association)

     Association of Energy Services Professionals (professional association)

     AstraLite (exit signs) http.//

     Atlanta Gas Light (gas utility)

     Atlantic Richfield (energy producer/refiner)

     Australian Institute of Petroleum

     Automated Logic Corp. (building automation equipt. mfg.)


     Baldor Motors and Drives

     Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. (utility)

     Bay State Gas (utility) http.//

     Berkshire Gas Co. (utility)

     Biofuels Information Network

     Biomass Energy Alliance

     Boston Edison Co. (utility)

     Boston Gas Co. (utility)

     Blue Mountain Software (engineering calibration software)

     Bonneville Power Administration (utility)

     Bryan Boilers

     Building Environmental Science & Tech.

     Building Industry Exchange

     Building Officials & Code Administrators (BOCA) International

     Building Owners & Managers Association International (trade association)

     Burnham Corp.

     The Busch Cogeneration Facility


     California Energy Commission (state agency)

     Calmac Manufacturing Corp. (hvac equipment)

     Carolina Products Inc.

     Carrier Corp. (HVAC equipment manufacturer)

     Caterpillar Inc. (generating equipment)

     Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology, CREST

     Centerior Corp. (utility)

     Central & Southwest Co. (utility)

     CES Way (energy service company)

     Chevron (oil producer, refiner)

     Chiller Systems Online

     Central Illinois Public Service Co. (utility)

     Chiller Systems On-Line (product information)


     Cleaver-Brooks (boiler manufacturer)


     Columbia Gas System (gas supplier/utility)

     Commonwealth Gas Co. (utility)

     Computer Power Inc. (UPS systems)

     Connecticut Natural Gas (gas utility)

     Consolidated Edison Co. (utility)

     Consolidated Natural Gas Co. (energy and energy services supplier)

     ConstructionNet (consutruction-related companies)

     Consumers Power Co. (utility)


     Control Systems International

      ConWeb NW Energy Conservation News

     Cooling Tower Institute (trade association)

     Copeland Corp. (HVAC manufacturer)

     Copper Development Association (trade association)

     Courtaulds Performance Films

     U.S. government agencies


     Delmarva Power and Light (utility)

     Des Champs Laboratories Inc.

     Detroit Diesel (diesel engine equipment)  http.//

     Dresser-Rand Co. (turbo products)

     Dri-Steem Humidifier Co.

     Drive's World

     Duke Power (utility)

     Dunham-Bush Inc. (HVAC manufacturer)

     DuPont (refrigerant manufacturer)

     Duquesne Power & Light (utility)


    E-Mon Corp.

     E-Source (energy-efficiency consulting firm)

     Eastern Enterprises (energy holding company)

     Eastern Utilities Associates (utility/utility services)

     Echelon Corp. (building automation software) http.//

     Edison Electric Institute (trade association)

     Edison International Corp. (utility)

     Electric Power Research Institute

     Electric Power Supply Association (trade association)

     Electric Utility Resource List

     Electrical Generating Systems Association

     Electro Industries/Gaugetech (powe quality equipment manufacturer)

     Electronic Industries Association (trade association)

     Electronic Lighting Inc.

     Electronic Specialists (power quality/protection)

     Electronics Representatives Association (professional association)

     EnerAction (energy-efficiency software)

     Energis Resources

     Energy Buyers Group L.L.C.

     Energy Center of Wisconsin (energy-efficiency research)

     Energy Concepts Inc. (energy management services)

     Energy Conservation Education Program

     Energy Efficient Building Association

     Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network

     The Energy Group

     Energy Information Administration (U.S. government data)

     Energy Interactive http://www.  OR

     Energy Managers Daily (information for energy managers)

     EnergyOne (energy supply/services)

     Energy Online (utility restructuring and competition)

     Energy Owens Home Page (energy manager G.R. Owens's home page)

     Energy Research Corp. (manufactures fuel cells, batteries)

     Energy Research News

     Energy Source

     Energy Star Buildings

     Energy Star Small Business

     Energy Wise (energy-efficiency database)

     Enova Energy

     Entergy Corp. (electric utility/utility services)

     Enviromation (automation and energy consultants)

     Environmental Business Association of New York State (environmental
            and energy-related technologies)

     Environmental Organizations & Trade Associations

     Environmental Support Solutions (environmental management support)

     EUA Nova


     Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

     Federal Register (federal government regulations)

     Full Circle Inc.


    Gas Research Institute (trade association)  http.//www/

     GE City of Light (lighting applications)

     GE Lighting (lighting equipment manufacturer)

     GE SupplyNet (electrical products distributor)

     General Electric Co.

     Green Lights

     Green Market (sustainable living)

     Gridwise Power Guide (directory of electricity resources)


    Heat Pipe Technology Inc.

     Heil Heating & Cooling Products

     Herrmidifier Co. Inc. (humidification systems)

     HiR Concrete Block

     Hitachi Ltd. (chiller manufacturer)

     Honeywell Inc. (building automation and energy service company)

     Howard Industries Inc.

     HVAC Mall (HVAC information)

     Hy-Save Inc.


    Icynene Insulation System (insulation manufacturer)

     Idaho Power (utility)

     IES Utilities (utility)

     Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (professional association)

     Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission

     Institute of Applied Science of Virginia

     inter.Light (lighting products/design)

     International Approval Services (North American gas equipment approval association)

     International Centre for Gas Technology Information

     International Energy Agency Coal Research

     Internet Oil and Gas Directory (compilation of Web sites)

     Interstate Natural Gas Association of America

     Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (trade association)  http.//


    Jersey Central Power & Light (utility)

     Johnson Controls Inc.

     Johnson Yokogawa (metering/monitoring equipment)


    Kele & Assoc. (building automation) http://www.

     Kewanee Boiler (boiler manufacturer) http://www.

     KN Energy (natural gas)

     Krueger Division of Tomkins Industries


     Landis & Staefa (building automation equipment)

     Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

     Lighting Research Center (lighting education/research)

     Lightstat Inc.

     Lincoln Electric Co.

     Lithonia Lighting Co.

     Lutron Electronics (lighting equipment manufacturer)


    Mammoth Inc. (HVAC equipment)

     McQuay (hvac equipment)

     Mechanical Contractors Association of America (trade association)

     MicroWorks Inc.

     Mobil Corp. (oil/gas producer)

     Motorola Inc.

     Mule Emergency Lighting http://www.

     Munters Cargocaire (hvac equipment)

     Mytech Corp. http://www.eden/com/nmytech


    National Association of Energy Service Companies (professional association)

     National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
           (professional association)

     National Energy Board of Canada (federal energy regulator)

     National Energy Information Center (DOE statistics and information)

     National Fluid Power Association (trade association)

     National Hydrogen Association (trade association)

     National Institute of Standards & Technology

     National Propane Gas Association (trade association)

     National Renewable Energy Laboratory (government agency)  http.//

     National Roofing Contractors Association (trade association)

     National Rural Electric Cooperative Association
            (electric coop utility trade association)

     Natural Gas Page (information on gas and gas industry)

     Natural Gas Supply Association (trade association)

     Nebraska Public Power District (utility)

     NECA Inc.

     New Energy Ventures Inc. (power marketer)

     New England Gas Association

     New England Power (utility)

     New Mexico Solar Energy Association (trade association)

     New Mexico Solar Energy Industries Association (trade association)

     New York Mercantile Exchange

     New York State Electric & Gas (utility)

     New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

     New York State Public Service Commission (utility regulators)

     Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. (utility) http.//

     NorAm Energy Management Inc.

     North American Electric Reliability Council

     North American Insulation Manufacturers Association

     North Carolina Electric Cooperatives

     Northern States Power Co. (utility)


    Oak Ridge National Laboratory

     Oarsman http://www.

     Offshore Technology Research Center (offshore oil, gas technology)

     Oglethorpe Power Corp. (utility)

     Ohio Edison (utility)

     Ohio Semitronics Inc.

     Ohm Tech Labs (measurement/verification vendor)

     On Power Systems (ups and power quality equipment)

     On-Line Power (power protection manufacturer)

     Osram Sylvania (lighting equipment manufacturer)


    Pacific Enterprises (utility holding company)

     Pacificorp (utility)

     Parex Inc. (exterior insulation & finish systems)

     Peco Energy (utility)

     Pella Corp. (window manufacturer)

     Pennsylvania Power and Light (electric utility)  http://www.pp&

     Petroleum Industry Data Exchange

     Petroleum Information Corp. (energy data)

     Petroleum Technology Transfer Council
           (oil and gas technology information)

     Philips Lighting (lighting equipment manufacturer)

     Phillips Petroleum Co.


     Planergy Inc.

     Potomac Electric Power Co. (electric utility)

     Power Association of Northern California

     Power Marketing Association

     Power Rates Now (utility rates/tariffs)

     Power Technologies Inc. (listing of power generation consultants)

     Proplan (building automation research)

     Public Service Electric & Gas (utility)

     Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (regulatory body)


    Rapid Engineering (direct-gas-fired air handlers)

      Renewable Resource Data Center'


    Sacramento Municipal Utility District (electric utility)

     San Diego Gas and Electric (utility)

     SCE Corp. (utility)


     Schuller Corp.

     Seattle City Light (electric utility)

     Shell Oil Co.

     Shooshanian Engineering Associates (energy engineering firm)

     Siebe Environmental Controls

     Sierra Pacific Power Co. (utility)

     Snohomish County Public Utility District (electric utility)

     Solar Energy Laboratory, University of Wisconsin-Madison

     Solarex (photovoltaic equipment) http.//

     Source for Renewable Energy (renewable energy information)

     South Carolina Electric & Gas (utility)

     Southern California Edison (utility)

     Southern California Gas Co. (utility)

     Southern Co. (utility)

     Southern Indiana Gas & Electric (utility)

     Square D Co. (electrical distribution equipment manufacturer)

     Standard Enterprises

     Stulz (environmental control equipment manufacturer)


    Taco (HVAC equipment manufacturer)

     TCS/Basys Controls (controls, thermostats)

     Teletrol Systems Inc. (building automation manufacturer)

     Tempstar Heating and Cooling Products

     Tennessee Valley Authority


     Thomason Mechanical Corp. (machinery maintenance)

     Toshiba Intl. Corp.

     Trade Show Central (trade show information)  http.//

     The Training Center/Boiler Licenses Unlimited

     Trane Co. (HVAC equipment)

     TU Electric (utility)


    UE Systems Inc. (ultrasonic leak detection)

     Union Electric Co. (utility)

     U.S. Department of Energy

     U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Research

     U.S. Energy Controls (HVAC&R services)

     U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

     U.S. EPA Stratospheric Ozone Division

     U.S. General Services Administration

     U.S. House of Representatives

     U.S. Senate


     United Energy Associates (power and lighting specialists)

     United Technologies (manufacturer)

     Utilicorp United (utility)

     Utility Connection (list of utility & association sites)

     Utility Data Institute (utility and power generation statistics)

     Utility News (electric utility industry news)

     Utility Savings (utility bill auditing)


    VEnergy Corp Online Energy Database (energy marketer database)

     Veris Industries

     Virginia State Corporation Commission (utility regulators)

     Vogt Tube-Ice Division (HVAC mfr)


    Washington Water Power's Energy Service Company

     WaterWeb (water technologies database)

     West Kootenay Power

     Westar Energy

     Western Resources (utility)

     Westinghouse Electric Corp. (manufacturer)

    White House

     Wisconsin Power & Light Co. (electric utility)

     World Gas Conference

     WSA Engineered Systems

     W.W. Grainger (distributor)

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   York International (HVAC manufacturer)

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