Building Product Manufactures and Distributors

Low-Formaldehyde Board Manufacturers:

Allmilmo Corporation
PO Box 629 Fairfield NJ 07006 Phone: (201) 227-2502 Fax: (201) 227-2875

Gridcore Systems International *
1400 Canal Avenue Long Beach CA 90813 Phone: (310) 901-1492  Fax: (310) 901-1499

Hexacomb Corporation, Inc.
75 Tri-State Suite 200 Lincolnshire IL 60069-4459 Phone (708) 317-1991 or
800-835-1357 Fax (708) 317-0007

Medite Corporation
PO Box 4040 Medford OR 97501 Phone: (5410 773-2522 or
800-676-3339 Fax (541) 779-9921

Natural Forest Products, Inc.
PO Box 426 Burlington VT 05402
Phone 800-858-6230 or (802) 865-1111 Fax (802) 863-4344

Oregon Strand Board Company
34363 Lake Creek Drive Brownsville OR 97327 Phone (541) 466-5177 or
800-533-3374 Fax (541) 466-5559

Rodman Industries
PO Box 76 Marinette WI 54143 Phone (715) 735-9500  Fax (715) 735-6148

Other Product Manufacturers (Web-Supported Sites):

AFM Safecoat Paints, Stains and non-toxic Products
Non-toxic VOC free paints, low VOC paints, and finishes

Aged Woods
Rustic Recycled Antique Woods

Agripulp is the use of straw material in combination with post consumer waste to make writing
paper and newspaper. The straw is pulped using an effluent-free technology that uses 'free' left
over material from seed producing plants such as wheat or flax. Currently, 50 million metric tons
of this material is available annually in Canada.

Dodge Regupol - Natural Cork Flooring
Natural cork flooring has proven to be one of the most resilient and durable flooring materials
available. Unlike other laminated vinyl cork tiles imported into the U.S, Dodge Cork Tile is the
original non-laminate tile consisting of 100% natural cork and has been supplying cork in the US
for over fifty years..

Dishlex Dishwasher (Extremely Energy & Water Efficient)

Energy Efficient and Environemntal Building Products from Recycled Materials

Envirosafe Manufacturing Corporation
Envirosafe is a manufacturer and distributor of Environmentally safe cleaners, degreasers, sealers, and
coatings for a variety of surfaces.

Gerard USA Roofing Manufacturer
Gerard USA manufactures stone-coated recyclable metal roofing for residential and commercial buildings

Kelly-Moore Paints
Envirocote is a latex semi-gloss with NO VOCs (White has No vocs, colorants have small amounts of VOCs)

Leisure Time Packaging
Leisure Time Packaging specializes in designing and distributing paper and plastic bags and boxes from
already-used materials. The company mission is to educate retailers about recycling.

Non-Toxic Formaldehyde Free Bedding

Milliken Carpet, Earthwise Ennovations Recycled Carpeting
Earthwise Ennovations Carpet is old carpet that is renewed and reused instead of being shredded and

Naturalite Skylights
Skylights for energy-efficient daylighting design

Non-Toxic Paints, Stains and Cleaners

Osram Sylvania 23 Watt Compact Flourescent Lighting for $9.99 ea

Planet Natural
Planet Natural carries a wide variety of items including home care products, cleaning products, body care
products, lighting, and an extensive selection lawn and garden products including a wide range of natural
methods for control of garden pests. They will provide a free catalogue.

RCD #6 Mastic
Non-toxic water-based fibrous adhesive-sealant.  Call 1-800-854-7494

Renew Resources
Plastic Lumber manufacturers with info on plastic lumbers' properties

The RE Store ( Non-Profit Building Materials ReUse Store)
Retail store in Bellingham, WA where you can drop off or buy used building materials.  This web site
also list many other related companies and reuse/recycling programs in Whatcom County, WA.

Solution 2000
Solution 2000, a new colloidal degreasing and cleaning agent, has been introduced by EnviroSan Products,
Ltd. of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. After extensive laboratory and field testing, the inventors have approvals
for, health, safety and the environment, from the Canadian and other Federal Governments. Solution 2000
has no hazardous components and is not safety (WHMIS) regulated.

Soy-based solvent for use in cleaning of  oil-based chemicals.

Green Product Databases & Stores:

Amazing Environmental Organization Web Directory
This truly is an amazing directory with links to many different topic areas and a very good section on products
and services. This link goes directly to the products and services section.

Arbour offers a wide range of green products including clothing, cleaning supplies, solar lights and equipment,
water conservation devices, stationary and office supplies and vermicomposting kits.

Casey Company
Casey Company manufactures products from Eco-Spun fiber, which is made from 100% post consumer
recycled content PET plastic from pop bottles and other food containers. They have a current line of over
30 products include wallets, fanny packs, satchels, briefcases, backpacks, pet products and more. They offer
a free catalogue.

Center for Resourceful Building Technology
Non-profit corp. headed by Steve Loken, promoting environmentally resposible construction practices and
building products.They have published their own books, "Guide to Resource Efficient Buildig Elements" and
"ReCRAFT 90 Handbook" based on the Demo Home they built.

Environmental Choice Program and EcoLogo Products
The Environmental Choice Program (ECP) is Canada's national eco-labelling program and it certifies a broad
range of environmentally preferable products, services and technologies. To date over 1,600 products and
services have received the EcoLogo - the mark of the Environmental Choice Program. This link will connect
you directly to a list of suppliers of EcoLogo certified products and services.

Environmental Home Center *
Seattle's Best Retail store for environmental building products, everything you need to build your green home

The Marketplace Section of E - The Environmental Magazine
E Magazine is one of the premier magazines in North America on environmental issues. This link takes you
directly to a marketplace of products and services.

The EcoMall features information on both companies and products and bills itself as the "first green shopping
center on the Internet".   They also have a wide range of topic areas including daily eco news, eco quotes and
activism. They also have a long list of links to other sites.

EcoTradeNet is a directory and search engine for environmental and clean energy products, services and
technologies worldwide. EcoTradeNet is modeled after a traditional tradeshow to create the meeting place
and market place for environmental and clean energy businesses.

EPA's List of Building Products with Recycled Content
EPA's procurement list of building materials made from recovered materials

This site includes body care products, home products, shoes, cleaning products and laundry products.
Products can be ordered directly from the site.

Global Recycling Network
The Global Recycling Network offers information on a wide range of topics related to recycling. part
their site is dedicated to a virtual store listing green products and services.

Green Building Resource Guide
The Green Building Resource Guide is a database of over 600 green building materials and products
selected specifically for their usefulness to the design and building professions, rather than merely their
green material content. At their Web site you will find a basic description of the database and some
examples of how it works. It is available on CD-ROM.

Green Construction Materials Criteria Generator
This is a downloadable tool that will permit users to insert criteria questions into specifications for new
construction and renovation. This tool contains product specific advice but it does not list individual
products or services which meet the criteria

GreenDisk is the manufacturer of GreenDisk High Quality Recycled Diskettes and is also the world's
leading software recycler. Their home page is filled with information about the product and how they
obtain disks for recycling, and it has contact information for local suppliers.

Green Market
This site offers information on "progressive and ecologically conscious Green Market companies and
their innovative and inexpensive products and services." They have an excellent index of "surf spots"
that relate to sustainable living.

Green Market
Shopping for a Sustainable Future

Green Product Information
This document has been developed by Environment Canada to provide federal departments with a starting
point for sourcing green products. The study identified environmental standards, guidelines and criteria as
well as performance standards for over 100 commonly purchased products. Buyers can use the criteria
when sourcing products or tendering contracts.

Green Seal Product List
This link connects directly to the Green Seal product list.

Green Sources of Construction Material
This is a listing of green construction materials found in the Rainforest Action Network site.

REDI Database
Excellent source for green building info and products

Sources of Tree Free Paper
This is a listing of suppliers of "tree-free" paper found in the Rainforest Action Network site.

Strategis - Canadian Companies Capabilities Page
Strategis provides access to a multimedia database with over 25,000 Canadian companies and
186,000 products and services. This database is searchable and can be used to find suppliers of
environmental products and services. The Strategis site itself is an excellent resource for businesses.

 Green Services Databases:

C&D Waste Web
If you are trying to "green" construction services, this site may be helpful because it provides information
on companies that will accept construction and demonlition waste. It responses to a need for an up-to-
date directory of facilities, and stores that will reuse, sell, or recycle waste which is normally landfilled.
This includes plumbing fixtures, windows, doors, drywall, wood, metals, hardware, etc.

EcoExpo Inc. hosts east and west coast trade shows for environmental products every year. In October
of 1995, they launched EcoExpo On-line to establish a year round marketing presence. They offer both
product and company information, but they are stronger in the latter.

Green Building Resource Center
Books, research documents, specifictions, professional contacts, resources and links for designers,
builders and homeowners

Green Building Information Council
Important site for architects, designers, builders and researchers on the issues of energy efficiency
and sustainable design

Recycling Council of Ontario Home Page
This site features RCO publications, databases, events, recycling information and electronic trade
show. Most information is free, but some databases and publications are available to members only.
The products, equipment and technology database is available to members only.

 Non-Web Supported Product Manufacturers:

Advanced Foil Systems (AFS)
Insul-foil Radiant Barrier
820 South Rockefeller, Suite A, Ontario, CA 91761
Call for free brochure and sample: 1-800-421-5947

Air Quality Sciences
Indoor Air Quality Test Kits
Tel: 1-770-9-0638

Allens Naturally
Laundry Detergent Free of Perfumes & Dyes
P.O. Box 339, Dept. H, Farmington, MI 48332-0339
Send $1 for smaple & catalog

Allergy Research Group
Dietary Supplements/Formulations
400 Preda St.
San Leandro, CA 94577
Tel: 1-800-545-9960

American Environmental Health Foundation
Less- and Non-toxic Building Products
8345 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 225, Dallas, TX 75231-4262
Call for free catalog 1-800-428-2343

Auro Narural Plant Chemistry
Paint products from plant materials
Sinan Co., P.O. Box 857, Davis, CA 95617-0857

Chem-Safe Products
Enviro-safe Paint
P.O. Box 33023, San Antonio, TX 78265
Tel: 1-210-657-5321

Cotton Unlimited, Inc.,
Insulcot, cotton (75%) and polyester (25%) batt insulation
Old Mill Rd, Post, TX 79356

Dona Designs
Organic Cotton Pillows, Futons, Furnishings
1611 Bent Tree St.
Seagoville, TX 75159

Non-Toxic Handwoven Fibers
Tel: 1-413-549-6271

Earth Source Insulation
Air-Krete insulation
P.O. Box 325, Lone Pine, CA 93545

Eco Design Co.
Livos and Bio-Shield plant based paints and Bio-Shild Casin paint
1396 Rufina Circle, Santa Fe, NM 87501

E. L. Foust Co., Inc.
Foust Air Purification Systems
P.O. Box 105, Elmhurst, IL 60126
Tel: 1-800-225-9549

Endura Hardwoods
ENDURA HARDWOODS is a company with a different philosophy than
any other regional hardwoods and hardwood products supplier.
We inventory, custom manufacture, and market only independently certified
EcoSmart tm forest products.
P.O. Box 1276, Bend, OR 97709
Ph:503/383-5003 Fax:503/317-8391

Environmental Housing at Raintree
Allergy Solutions: Products, Services, Consultants
8324 Meadow Road, Dallas, TX 75231
Tel: 1-800-435-2899

Forbo Industries, Inc.
Natural Linoleum
Humboldt Industrial Park, P.O. Box 667,
Hazleton, PA 18201

Furnature Inc.
Fully upholstered furniture free of chemicals, turpins, tannins, and toxins
319 Washington St., Brighton, MA 02135
For brochure, call: 1-167-782-3939

The Glidden Company
Glidden Spread 2000 a claimed no VOC paint
Cleveland, Ohio 44115

GTE Engineered Ceramics
Ceramic tile with recysled glass content
1 Jackson St., Wellsboro, PA 16901

BJ Harris Directory
New 9th ed. directory of materials and products with recycled content
for Mac or Windows
Tel: 1-505-995-0337

The Healthy House Institute
430 N. Sewell Rd.
Bloomington, IN 47408
Tel: 1-812-332-5073

Heavenly Heat Saunas
Home Saunas Designed to help the Chemically Sensitive
Call for a free brochure: 1-800-697-2862 (Pacific Time Zone)

Hendricksen Natürlich
Flooring and interior finishes
6761 Sebastopol Ave., Suite 7
Sebastopol, CA 95472-3805

Homasote Company
Formaldhyde free and recycled news paper construction products
PO Box 7240, West Trenton, NJ 08628-0240

Skin and Allergy Comfort, The Cotton and Soothing Way!
198 US Highway 46, Budd Lake, NJ 07828-3001
For catalog, call 1-800-Janices

The Living Source
Products for the Environmentally Aware and Chemically Sensitive
Retail Store: Lake Air Mall, 5301 Bosque Blvd., Waco TX
Mail Order: P.O. Box 20155, Waco, TX 76712
Tel: 1-800-662-8787

Nautre Guard cellulose fiber insulation and FiberBond fiber-reinforced
gypsum panels
111 SW 5th Ave., Suite 4200
Portland, OR 97204

Medite, Div. of Sierra Pine
Medex, formaldehyde-free, exterior grade medium density fiberboard
P.O. Box 4040, Medford, OR 97501
Tel: 1-503-773-2522

Miller Paint Co.
Solvent Free, Low Biocide/No Fungicide Paints
317 SE Grand Ave., Portland, OR 97214
Tel: 1-503-233-4491

Home Shopping Service for the environmentally aware
527 Charles Ave., #12-A, Syracuse, NY 13209
For free catalog, call: 1-800-634-1380

Nigra Enterprises
Environmental Purification Products, Paints and other products
for the chemically sensitive
5699 Kanan Road, Agoura, CA 91301

Old Fashoned Milk Paint Co.
Casin paint products
P.O. Box 222, Groton,MA 01450

Organic Cotton Alternatives
Organic Cotton Futons & Accessories
Call for free brochure: 1-505-232-9667

Pace Chem Industries, Inc..
Crystal Aire and Right On paint products
779 S. LaGrange Ave.
Newbury Park, CA 91302

Radiant Heater Corp.
Ceramic Radiant Heat
P.O. Box 60, 74100-2 West Front St., Greenport, NY 11944
Tel: 1-800-331-6408

Robbins Environmental Medicine Center
400 S. Dixie Highway, Suite 210, Boca Raton, FL 33432-6023
Tel: 1-407-395-3282 or 1-305-421-1929

Stoneware Tile Co.
Ceramic tile with recycled glass content
1650 Progressive Dr., Richmond, IN 47374

WF Taylor Co. Inc
Envirotec, environmentally sound adhesives
13660 Excelsior Drive
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670