homes and our environment

green-haus is a free on-line research tool to assist architects, builders, and
homeowers with information on "green" home  design.  "green" homes are
energy-efficient, earth-friendly, sustainable, and low-toxic.

green-haus services can be extremely beneficial to people with chemical
sensitivities to standard building materials.

green-haus can also provide  consultation and drafting services for the
construction of sustainable homes including a personal search assistance
with "green" building products.

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Search green-haus for info on:
Non-Toxic Building Materials for Chemically Sensitive People
formaldehyde-free carpeting, and insulation 
Non-Toxic Interior Finishes 
paints stains soy solvents 
Non-Toxic Fixtures
cabinets  counter tops  furniture 
Building Products with Recycled Content
roofing  siding flooring 
Energy-Efficient and Energy Saving Products
sola tubes  window film  dc power convertors 
Info on Metal Framed Homes and Energy Efficient Mortgages
steel framing pricing  construction  energy audits 
Green Building Resources For Architects:
Environmental Building News

LEED Program of the U.S. Green Building Council

California Indoor Air Quality Guidelines

Information on Non-toxic Paints and Stains

Info on Formaldehyde and Indoor Air Quality

Environmental Information on Paint and Insulation

Scottsdale, AZ Green Building Residential Rating Worksheet (revised August 2001)

 Washington American Lung Association
1997 WA ALA Health Home in Renton, WA

1996 Louisiana American Lung Association's
Healthy Home Project.

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