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glass #1
modified: July 2, 2002

Doug GillisLooking Glass Studios
364 La Chamisal Lane   Albuquerque, NM 87107   505-341-0596

Artist Statement
The southwest has always been an inspiration for artists. For me, it was the desire to replicate the high desert's beauty that drove the development of many of my early glass-working processes. I initially focused my work on the production of functional pieces that incorporated the light, palette and motifs of the southwest. Later I began to experiment with my processes and expand the viewers' perceptions of this unique medium. I explored including alternate materials in the glass as I worked to develop techniques that allowed me to modify, shape and emboss the glass during its fluid stages. The results are the screens, metallic leafs, glass shards and textured reliefs found in my current works.

As my art has evolved, I have used my experience in graphic design to achieve ordered and balanced compositions - the theme that further unites the components of this series. The processes and materials themselves have inspired The Element Series, an exhibition of art's elements - line, pattern, texture, balance, color, light, and composition - created from earth's elements, sand and ore. They are the aesthetic rewards of letting the elements conspire to express themselves free from the constraints of form, function, and motif.