"And I said hello in
 my heart to neglected
people everywhere."

J.P. Donleavy from
Meet My Maker the
Mad Molecule


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Works in Progress and Projects Being Considered:
(According to the author in various interviews)

    A third book in the current New York stories series (verified; coming soon)
    A fourth book in the Darcy Dancer series
    A second volume in The History of The Ginger Man autobiography
    The Unexpurgated Code of Growing Old
    (notes completed 1993)
    The Unexpurgated Code...Audio Book on cassette
    Song lyrics for Marianne Faithfull
    (at her request)

Finished Unpublished Works

The third book in the Schultz trilogy, title being researched. (Donleavy
claims publishers fear backlash from what may be perceived as an anti-feminist
element in this book.)

Works in Progress Mentioned in Print

A novel titled "Grantz" (as stated in A Bibliographical Guide to Current
Authors and Their Works,
Clare D. Kinsmans & Mary Ann Tennenhouse eds.,
Gale Research Co., 1975

Film Projects

If and when The Ginger Man is ever released as a film, the familiar Hollywood
phrase "Years in the making" certainly will apply as with few other adaptations.
One can only speculate as to why it's taken so long for a film version to be produced.
It's known that major players in the industry have tried to negotiate rights over the
years, among them Robert Redford, Mike Nichols, Sam Speigel, and John Huston.

In an article that appeared in Irish Voice dated 3-29-94, Donleavy speaks of a then-
current project involving his son that was being directed by David Jones ("Betrayal"
| "Jackknife"). Possible leads for the part of Sebastian Dangerfield in this project
were Aidan Quinn and Kyle MacLachlan.

Given Donleavy's long friendship with director George Roy Hill, who did a much
underrated screen version of another challenging book-Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five-
one wonders if Hill, too, at some point, may have been involved in a Ginger Man project
that was never completed.

A Los Angeles Times article earlier this year stated that a Ginger Man project was
in the making with Bob Mitchell producing and John Irvin directing.

The current Ginger Man film project is in pre-production, set in Ireland. Check the
Ginger Man site (now under construction and coming soon) for updates.

Donleavy's first screenplay The Rich Goat,  praised by Orson Wells as one of the best
scripts he ever read, remains unproduced.


In a 1996 interview, British actor Martin Clunes speaks of spending a weekend at
Donleavy's mansion in Ireland negotiating television rights for The Onion Eaters.
This project is being researched for updated information.


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