"Honor is that quality
one cherishes, keeps,
proclaims and exemplifies
until such time as you are
damn sure certain it would
do you no bloody damn
good to keep, cherish,
proclaim or exemplify it
any longer."

J.P. Donleavy from
A Singular Country


The second (to date) of Donleavy's part-autobiography/part-essay works concerning Ireland
and his struggles before and after publication of The Ginger Man. I have found no paperback
edition of this title yet. It appears to be one of the few works by the author not published by
Penguin in soft cover.


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A Singular Country

Cloth | Ryan Publishing Co. Ltd., Peterborough,
England 1989 - ISBN 1870805011 - 198 pages

First UK edition.

A Singular Country

Cloth | W.W. Norton & Co., NY 1990
ISBN 0393027600 - 198 pages

First US edition.

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