"Yes eyes.
No eyes.
What things
They see.
Some say happiness
O the eyes
O aye,
The eyes."


J.P. Donleavy from
The Ginger Man


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Donleavy Audio Book Series Starts with The Ginger Man

Best 100 Novels of the Century List a Heated Subject

Donleavy Plays Produced in Seattle, New York & Canada

Donleavy Opens L'Espirit Exhibition

"Wicklow Cows" and other Donleavy Art Shown

Ginger Man Movie Update

Donleavy Among Century's Top-Sellers in Ireland Despite Ban

New Ginger Man Bar  in New York

Donleavy Audio Books...

An audio book edition of The Ginger Man, the first title in a series of
Donleavy books on audio cassette being produced by Philip Donleavy
and Robert Mitchell, is now available directly from The Donleavy-Mitchell
Organization, New York. (See the newly added
JPD Audio page on this
site for ordering details). Expertly read by the author himself, The Ginger
audio book is a handsomely designed limited edition set of 9 cassettes,
each set signed by Donleavy on the spine of the clamshell package.
According to Bob Mitchell, the next audio title to be released will be
The Unexpurgated Code: A Complete Manual of Survival & Manners,
also read by the author.

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Best of Century List...

It's been a while now since the Random House Modern Library list of
the best 100 English-language novels of the century, but there's still plenty
of buzz about it. Much of the reaction is backlash and outrage over omitted
authors and titles (among the skipped-over are such major authors as
Thomas Wolfe, P.G. Wodehouse, Dorothy Parker, John Updike and
Thomas Pynchon). The validity of the entire endeavor has been questioned
by many, and they have a point; a publishing house can hardly claim to be
completely impartial in matters that have an effect on the sale of books.
Indeed,  some contend that the whole thing is just a marketing ploy to further
cash in on millennium mania and crank out low-cost reprints.

Donleavy's The Ginger Man made the list, barely, at the number 99 spot.
When one sees Philip Roth's Portnoy's Complaint in at number 52, ahead
of not only The Ginger Man, but works such as The Catcher in the Rye,
The Alexandria Quartet, Of Human Bondage, A Farewell to Arms and
Finnegans Wake,
it's not at all surprising that the voting panel is under such
intense fire.
Modern Library Best 100 English Language Novels of the Century.

New Productions of Donleavy Plays...

Donleavy's theatrical career has been on the rise again with revivals of his
Fairy Tales of New York being produced by A Theater Under the Influence
at Union Garage, Seattle, Washington Feb. - March, this year and with the
Dublin Theatre Company's production of The Ginger Man performed May -
June at The Irish Arts Center in New York (the play's first New York
performance since its U.S. premier in 1963). This production tours Canada,
with performances in Montreal and Toronto, among other cities, before
returning to Dublin. For more information on these and other performances
of Donleavy plays see
JPD - Playwright.

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L'Espirit Exhibition...

L'Espirit, the work of 12 Irish sculptors and 21 members of Sculpteaurs
Bretagne, Brittany was officially opened June 3, 2000 at 8 p.m. at the Mullingar
Arts Centre, Ireland by Donleavy, himself a talented painter as well as writer
and whose brother T.J. Donleavy is an accomplished sculptor. Mullingar is the
nearest city to Donleavy's Levington park estate and about 50 miles from Dublin.
For more on Donleavy's art, see 
JPD - Artist.

Donleavy Art Shown...

According to a recent article in the Irish Times, a painting titled "Wicklow
Cows" and other J.P. Donleavy art works were on public display prior to a
public auction that took place at the RDS, Tuesday, October 14, 2000. The
article states that this was Donleavy's first public showing in a decade.
"Wicklow Cows" was reported to be "Not for sale." from Donleavy's own
mouth, but no mention of availability was made as to the other pieces on display,
which included a portrait in oils of Donleavy's friend, poet Patrick Kavanagh,
dated 1950. The article was very brief and also did not mention if any of the
Donleavy pieces were included in the auction, and if so, prices realized. Again,
for more on Donleavy's fine art, see
JPD - Artist.

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Ginger Man Movie...

The official Ginger Man site is now under construction. The Donleavy-
Mitchell Organization, headed by (son) Philip Donleavy and Robert Mitchell
is producing a film adaptation of the classic in close conjunction with author
and screenwriter J.P. Donleavy. The official website will soon have more news
regarding all things related to The Ginger Man, including the film project.
Ginger Man site.

A Top-Ten Seller in Ireland...

A recent survey compiled from Easons Books and publishers figures dating
back to the 1940s, provided a list of the top-selling 100 books of all time in
Ireland. Donleavy's The Ginger Man made the top ten in 7th place. Quite
impressive considering that the book is still banned officially (though now
not strictly enforced).
Irish Top 100 List

Ginger Man Bar, New York...


Not to be confused with the 60s restaurant-bar with the same name opened
and operated by Patrick 'O Neal (who played Sebastian Dangerfield in the
first New York production of the play The Ginger Man), this newly opened
pub is the latest in a chain previously operating out of Texas. All four of
their pubs are highly regarded for their extensive beer lists. The businesses
use the name by arrangement with Donleavy, unlike 'O Neal's former
establishment. The pub (pictured left) is at 11 East 36th Street. Phone:
(212) 532-3740. Website:

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