"Dear Mr. Skully,
I have caught my neck in a
mangle and will be indisposed
for eternity.

Yours in death,


J.P. Donleavy from
The Ginger Man


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"Party on Saturday Afternoon" (The author's first published fiction in
John Ryan's sadly short-live publication, Envoy. Later included in the
collection, Meet My Maker, The Mad Molecule.)
- Envoy, Dublin,1950

"Dish of Desire" (Short story later collected in two anthologies,
The Permanent Playboy and Stories for Swingers- another Playboy
publication. Later published in the book, Meet My Maker The Mad
under the title "It Was My Chimes").
- Playboy, Jan. 1959

"Train of Thought" (Book review by Donleavy)
- Saturday Review, April 16, 1959

"The True Beauty of Uselessness" (Book review by Donleavy)
- Saturday Review, September 12, 1959

"A Fairy Tale of New York" (Excerpt from the novel in progress)
- The Atlantic Monthly, January, 1961

"Gustav G" (First publication of the short story; later published
in the collection Meet My Maker the Mad Molecule)
- The Atlantic Monthly October, 1961

"One Suppressed Chapter from J.P. Donleavy's The Ginger Man."
(An excerpt from the unexpurgated version, published in the first issue
of a monthly review marketed by Olympia Press, Paris. There were 3
subsequent issues, none containing further excerpts from The Ginger Man
or other Donleavy material.
- Olympia, #1, printed in Paris December, 1961 (But the copyright notice
reads 1962; release date may have been January of 1962 as the back cover
advertises the Feb. '62 issue forthcoming.

"The Romantic Life of Alphonse A" (First publication of the short story
also later published in the collection Meet My Maker the Mad Molecule)
- Esquire, August, 1963

"Youth, Love, Death" (First publication of 3 short sketches later published
in the collection Meet My Maker the Mad Molecule. The full titles here are:
"Youth: When I Brought the News," "Love: Pins and Medals" and "Death:
A Grave." In the following book, the subtitles Youth: Love: Death:
were dropped.)
- Playboy, September 1964

"Traveler, Consider My Dublin" (by Donleavy, as told to Richard Joseph)
- Esquire, April, 1967

"Rite of Love" (Excerpt from The Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar B)
- Playboy, October, 1968

"A Fair Festivity" (Excerpt from The Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar B)
- Playboy, November, 1968

"A Small Human Being" (Excerpt from The Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar B)
- The Saturday Evening Post, November 16, 1968

"Welcome to Charnel Castle" (Excerpt from The Onion Eaters)
- The Atlantic Monthly, May, 1971

"What They Did in Dublin With The Ginger Man." (Author's account of the
forced closing of the first Dublin production of The Ginger Man at the Gaiety
Theatre. The same work appears in both US and UK editions of the play adaptation
of The Ginger Man and in both the US and UK editions of the collected plays
with  the shortened title: "What They Did in Dublin."
- Audience, Vol. 2, No. 1, January-February, 1972

"A Fairy Tale of New York" An excerpt from the novel appears in the premier
issue of the short-lived magazine from the editors of Penthouse.
-  Viva: The International Magazine for Women, Vol. 1, No. 1., October, 1973

"How to Handle Sticky Situations and Come Out Smelling Like a Rose"
(Excerpt from The Unexpurgated Code: A Complete Manual of Survival
and Manners
- Oui, August, 1975

"The Gentleman's Guide to Death" (Excerpt from The Unexpurgated Code...)
- The Atlantic Monthly, June, 1975

"An Expatriate Looks at America" (Autobiographical essay by Donleavy)
- The Atlantic Monthly, December, 1976

"Writers and Money: Traumas of the Writing Trade" (Article by Donleavy,
later appearing in the collection of short pieces An Author and His Image, Viking,
UK, 1997 under the title "Tools and Traumas of the Writing Trade" which suggests
publication in at least one other periodical.)
- The Saturday Review, April 15, 1978

"An Author and His Image" (Article by Donleavy, again later collected in the
book of the same title)
- The Saturday Review, Jan. 20, 1979

"Bewley's: The Dream in Your Coffee" (Article by Donleavy.)
- The Saturday Review, April 28, 1979

"Schultz" An excerpt from the novel.
- Penthouse, 10th Anniversary Issue, Sept. 1979

"Whither Goest That Bullet: a Consideration of Manners and Violence
 in America"
(Essay, also later collected in An Author and His Image
under the shortened title: "Whither Goeth That Bullet."
- Rolling Stone, October 29, 1981

"Gardens: Highland Airs - Sir Ilay and Lady Campbell's Flowering Forest"
(Descriptive text by Donleavy with accompanying photos by Derry Moore)
- Architectural Digest, June, 1986

"From London to Mullingar" (Article by Donleavy)
- Architectural Digest, Nov., 1986

"My Ireland" (Article by Donleavy)
- The Weekend Australian, March 17-18, 1990

"De Alfonce Bank" (brief piece by Donleavy about the opening of banks
exclusively for ranked De Alfonce Tennis players. Only Donleavy seems to know
just how much of this whole De Alfonce Tennis business is tongue-in-cheek.
- Cimarron Review, July 1992

"The Last Time I Saw Paris" (Essay by Donleavy)
Very interesting that Trinity College included a piece by Donleavy in
their campus literary magazine after snubbing him as a black sheep
attendee (making it clear he never graduated) for so many years.
- Hermathena: A Trinity College Dublin Review; Quatercentenary Issue 1992

"Mullingar: a Singular Place" (Article by Donleavy)
- Independent, August 3, 1996

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