"...there is more than life
in a man in whom devils
and angels dwell with the
harmony of rain and

J.P. Donleavy from
an introduction to
Barry Lyndon, 1975


Although Donleavy often claims to read very little contemporary writing other
than journalism, for which he holds a high regard, he has written blurbs and
reviews of novels and non-fiction. He has also written introductions and forwards
to several books.

Below is yet another list in progress. Research indicates he has written blurbs or
full reviews for works by Dick Francis and Brian O' Nolan. When more
information can be found on these, they will be added to this page.

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"Train of Thought"
Donleavy's review of the book Cadenza by Ralph Cusack
- Saturday Review, April 18, 1959

"The True Beauty of Uselessness"
Donleavy's review of the book What is the Stars? by Arthur Roth
- Saturday Review, September 12, 1959

Barry Lyndon
By William Makepeace Thackeray
Penguin Books, London, 1975 - ISBN 40040064
Introduction by Donleavy

Her Most Bizarre Sexual Experience
By Michael Wilding
Norton, New York, 1991
Blurbed by Donleavy

Kiss Out
By Jill Eisenstadt
Knopf, New York, 1991
Blurbed by Donleavy

Ireland, the Taste and the Country
By Mike Bunn
(UK ed.) Anaya Publishers, Ltd., London, 1991 - ISBN 18547002551
(US ed.) Sterling Publishing Co., New York, 1994 - ISBN 184700251
Forward by Donleavy

The Good Ship Venus: The Erotic Voyage of The Olympia Press, Paris
By John de St Jorre
(UK ed.) Hutchinson (a division of Random House), London, 1994

Venus Bound: The Erotic Voyage of The Olympia Press and its Writers
By John de St Jorre
(US ed.) Random House, New York, 1994 - ISBN 0679443363
Blurbed (both editions) by Donleavy (*also reviewed by Donleavy;
see below)

Knee Deep in Paradise
By Brett Butler
Hyperion, New York, 1996 - Cloth ISBN 07861363
Trade Paperback ISBN 0786889144
Blurbed by Donleavy.

An Author and His Image
By J.P. Donleavy
Penguin/Viking, London, 1997 - ISBN 0670801933
Among the collected short nonfiction in this book are several book reviews,
introductions, forwards, etc. Original publication information is not given
and is being researched.
A review of...
Evelyn Waugh: A Biography
by Selina Hastings (UK ed.) Sinclair Stevenson, London 1994 (US ed.)
Houghton, Mifflin, NY, Boston 1994

An introduction to...
Remembering How We Stood
by John Ryan (later edition?  Not in the first edition published
by Taplinger, 1975)

*A review of...
The Good Ship Venus: The Erotic Voyage of The Olympia Press, Paris
by John de St Jorre (see blurb information of this title above for publishing
information on UK & US editions)

A brief writeup of playwright/author Shaun Beary titled "Shaun Beary
- a Portrait of the Playwright as a Man"

Ireland, the Taste and the Country
By Mike Bunn
Cloth | Collins & Brown, August, 2000 - ISBN 185585841X 
New edition with the same forward by Donleavy as the '91 & '94
editions listed above.

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