Storm Shadow

Guild Policies


Storm Shadow's guild policies are provided to let members know what is expected of them and to help new members familiarize themselves with the Guild. We don't have many rules, just suggestions for appropriate behavior and some basic gameplay guidelines.


- Guild Leader -

Olen (Morrek)


- Guild Council -

Pan * Grimwald * Fayyth * Hyrin


- General Policies -

1. Golden Rule Treat others as you would like to be treated. We are a mature Guild and should act like adults. There is nothing wrong with having fun and goofing on one another, but keep it in good taste. Sexual harassment, using profanity towards another member, or threats of any type will not be tolerated.
2. Conflict If a situation or disagreement arises between members it should be resolved in a private chat discussion whenever possible. If one of the parties in uncomfortable with having a one on one discussion then a council member should be contacted with an explanation of the issue. The council member may then choose to handle the issue directly after speaking with both parties, or arbitrate a discussion between the parties involved. If situation is serious enough the council will bring the issue to the guild for a general vote. This would only be a last resort.

If those involved with a conflict are not satisfied with a council members decision / assistance then they may have the Guild Leader assist. The Guild Leader's decision will be final and should be accepted by both parties.

3. Exchange of In-Game Items Guild members are encouraged to give or trade items to other guild members. Sale of rare items is ok, but the price should be reasonable. If you want to sell an item it should really be done on the auction house.
4. Pugging Pugging is encouraged. While we should all to try and group when possible all members should spend some time in Pugs (Pick Up Groups). Pugging is the best way to recruit new members and to learn new tactics for a quest.
5. Recruitment Officer Tags and recruiting ability is given to those who are established in the guild and have shown good judgement on recruiting. The Guild Leader decides who gets them. Any member can still recommend someone for membership
6. Dual Guild Membership Having an alt in another guild is acceptable. No active recruiting should be done in either direction. The Guild Leader and Guild Council should be Storm Shadow only during their term of service.
7. Game Time Storm Shadow has no requirements for guild involvement in regards to raids run, hours played, etc....
8. Character Activity Unless there is a specifc reason characters who have not been active in 2 months will be purged. If you are planning on taking a break from the game and would like to keep your main in the Guild conatact the guild council so that character can be put on a "do not purge" list in the forums.
9. Leaving the Guild If a member would like to leave the guild for any reason that is their right. If they leave for any reason (besides being banned) they should be welcomed back if they would like to rejoin in the future. Any member leaving should always be treated as a friend of Storm Shadow in future groupings.

- Raid Policies -


Any member of the Guild can set up a raid.
  • Raids should be filled first come first serve within the Guild. This can be done via email, forum, or in-game. If certain classes are needed to fill out a raid spots can be limited to that class. If it is necessary to open a raid to non-guild members to fill it then those invited should be treated with the same respect as guild members. Raid loot distribution and raid expectations should be explained before the actual raid begins.
  • The person who organized the Raid should lead the raid or assign the leader. The person with the star has final say in the raid and decides tactics, strategy, etc. Suggestions should be encouraged, but the leader has the final say. Any issues should be resolved in private after the raid (with the help of a council member if necessary)
Raid Loot - Need Before Greed
  • If you pull a Raid Item it is yours first and foremost. If you choose to keep it is your right to do so. Guild members are encouraged to not keep an item if it does not benefit their character (ie. caster item pulled by fighter), but if they do so it is their right.
  • Items like the one mentioned above can be traded if someone else in the group pulled a piece of raid loot that they are willing to trade.
  • If you have a piece of raid loot that you don't want and can't trade then it goes up for roll. If only one person is interested in it then obviously no roll is needed. If more than one person wants an item then a d100 die is roll (/roll d100) and the highest die roll gets the item. In the event of a tie those who are tied will roll again.
Raids - Cleric Fund
  • Guild clerics are eligible for Cleric fund assistance if the Raid group consists of 6 or more members of Storm Shadow. Fund use should be limited to purchase of scrolls and wands.