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~~~~~ Wood Heat Reference Book ~~~~~

For those who use wood in their efforts at alternate energy production, we suggest the following book to increase your efficiency in the use of wood as a fuel.

# 81094 The Harrowsmith Country Life Guide to Wood Heat

Dirk Thomas, Camden House (paperback, 176 pages)

In this readable reference book, the president of the Vermont Chimney Sweeps Guild and former tree surgeon Dirk Thomas addresses all aspects of burning wood for heat: how do you tell if wood is seasoned? What's the best choice-stove, furnace, or fireplace?

What should you do if you have a chimney fire? Who should and who shouldn't burn wood?

Filled with easy-to-follow directions and over 100 black-and-white drawings, this guide explains how to fell and limb trees, split firewood, select and maintain a chain saw, clean your chimney, and install a woodstove. Other topics include buying, storing, and seasoning firewood; woodlot management; harvesting; skidding; and bucking.

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This page updated on November 29, 2006