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The preservation of health is a duty. Few seem conscious that there is such a thing as physical morality.

Herbert Spencer (1820–1903), British philosopher. Education, ch. 4 (1861).

Health Tips

Week of January 27, 2007:     Your Daily Fast

While you sleep, the body works on maintenance, detoxification, repair, and growth of the tissues and organs. Because of these important processes, you need to eat at least four hours before you go to bed. This daily "fast" while you sleep will enable the body to do all the healing and growing that is necessary to maintain good health, free from the distraction of digestion. When you wake up, you can break the fast with a nutritious breakfast. If you have trouble sleeping, try a natural aid to sleep, Naturopatch Sleep Aid (individually wrapped sacheted patches).

Week of March 4, 2006:     Weightlifting for Women

A new study found that by just lifting weights twice a week for an hour, women can battle the buildup of tummy fat that often takes hold with aging. The study, funded by the National Institutes of Health, presented at an American Heart Association conference in Phoenix.

In the study, 164 overweight and obese Minnesota women ages 24 to 44 were divided evenly into two groups. One group participated in a two-year weight-training program. Using both free weights and machines, the women in the strength-training group worked out for about an hour and were encouraged to gradually increase the weights they lifted. The other group was simply given a brochure recommending exercise of 30 minutes to an hour most days of the week. Both groups were told not to change their diets in a way that might lead to weight changes.

Women who did the weight-training for two years had only a 7 percent increase in intra-abdominal fat, compared to a 21 percent increase in the group given the brochure. The strength-training group also decreased body fat percentage by almost 4 percent, while the group just given the brochure remained the same.

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Powdered desiccated Argentine beef liver has done miracles for Lauren Laughlin,
a licensed massage therapist in Missouri. Read her story, Desiccated Liver & Me

One of these rats is healthy

What happened to these rats?

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Many people are quite unhealthy despite the great medical discoveries that have been made in the twentieth century.  Diseases in modern societies such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and heart disease are all preventable.  Prevention is accomplished by taking personal responsibility for good eating habits and not depending on a pill to fix it. Using a pill to fix a health problem is sort of like using a gallon of bleach to clean your swimming pool after filling it up with sewage.

My favorite author pointed out that medical doctors are great for treating broken bones and traumatic injuries but are pretty much useless for treating disease.

The study of medicine is just that: learning how to relieve the symptoms of illness with chemicals supplied by pharmaceutical companies.

It is not the study of health.

It is the study of how chemicals, in the form of over-the-counter and prescription drugs, react on the human body. Man-made chemicals are not the proper remedies for what ails you at the cellular level, where almost all sickness originates. Nor can you cure a nutritional deficiency with drugs.

There are only three physical sources for illness: 1. Lack of sanitation. 2. Malnutrition. 3. Radiation."

Sex, Money and Power: The Bible Shows You How by Michael H. Brown, page 54.

Sex, Money and Power:  The Bible Shows You How

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Who is Michael H. Brown ?

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Mike Brown’s 40 Years of Experience in Strength Training

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The 1599 Geneva Bible

Biblical Nutrition

Bloody Iron: Practical Knife Fighting

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Escape from Outer Alcatraz (a novel)

Good Teeth: Birth to Death

The Healing Miracles of Coconut Oil

The Mayan Prophecies

Professional Cable Course

The Romance of the Wheat and The Upper Crust

The Secret of Life: Electricity, Radiation and Your Body

Sex, Money and Power: The Bible Shows You How

The Strength of Samson: How to Attain It

Unhealthy Food = Unhealthy People

You Are All Sanpaku

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Multiple Wave Oscillator

The Strength of Samson: How To Attain It         $20.00
by Michael H. Brown

Check out the Table of Contents of The Strength of Samson: How To Attain It

How to increase your strength and energy by following the dietary laws in the Bible. In this day and age when so much that's pleasureful is either illegal, immoral or fattening, it's refreshing to have an upbeat book written by an upbeat author through whose own experience and advice we can all start enjoying something that is also good for us.

Yes, it's nice to read a how-to book that both tastes good and doesn't contain any artificial ingredients, chemical flavor enhancers, saturated fats or FD&C coloring dyes. Here, in Mike Brown's The Strength of Samson, you will learn about diet, exercise, proper living, attitudes and the development of sheer physical strength in a way that is not only radical, but heretical. You will laugh, have your doubts, and maybe even get a little angry--but you will turn the pages, one after another.

Brown's approach is an unusual one. He himself is a long-time bodybuilder and practical nutritionist who has taken and interpreted a number of key health-related Biblical passages to develop an overall regimen that is sure to do the conscientious reader some powerful good.

Maybe you're not into slaying a thousand Philistines with the jawbone of an ass, but old Samson didn't accomplish that or the single-handed destruction of one of their palaces by chomping on white bread, slurping homogenized milk or jogging through the streets of ancient Gaza in $60 sneakers. He had a diet, a regimen, which had scientific reasons behind them--a method which, when viewed in the light of what we know today, will enable the average man to accomplish levels of strength that may even surpass those of the Biblical strongman.

The Strength of Samson comes with a cautionary note that may sound a little fantastic:

Warning: Some of the methods described in this book may enable you to lift weights in excess of 500 lbs. within a few weeks. A normal barbell--Olympic bar--is NOT designed to handle such weights and may snap apart at the inside collars. It has happened before.

In 1974 the author was featured in Ironman Magazine, lying flat on his back, lifting 840 lbs. straight up with his hands and arms (a "partial" bench press). One of his trainers did the same movement with 1,000 lbs.

The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator

Georges Lakhovsky claimed his machine could cure diseases at the cellular level by restoring sick or diseased cells to their proper oscillating frequency through the use of high frequency radio waves. Our units are sold for experimental purposes only. We have no FDA approval. Do not confuse this unit with so-called "Rife" machines (named after Royal Rife). This unit is an extremely low watt, high voltage radio transmitter. You can sit four inches away from the antenna that comes with this unit, have someone else touch the argon bulb that comes with the unit to your skin, and watch the bulb light up (that's how much electricity is going through your body). If you have to make physical contact with a "Rife" (or similar) machine you are dealing with a transformer. I.e., the technological equivalent of an electric blanket with a frequency multiplier you can get from Radio Shack.

Multiple Wave Oscillator $975.00

The Secret of Life by Georges Lakhovsky $25.00

For Georges Lakhovsky, life consisted of "the dynamic equilibrium of all cells, the harmony of multiple radiations which react one upon another." In other words, living cells, living beings radiate energy (electrical, for example) and are in turn affected by the energy radiations from life forms and other external sources.

Disease, then, for this pioneer in the field of biological resonance, is "the oscillatory disequilibrium of cells, originating from external causes . . . the struggle between microbic radiation and cellular radiation." If microbic radiation is predominant, Lakhovsky argued, disease will result. And when one's resistance is completely overwhelmed, death ensues. With this radical new theory of the origins of disease, it was Lakhovsky's aim to restore the ascendancy of vital cellular radiation and bring the individual back into a state of health.

This book contains the essence of Lakhovsky's evolving theory and the many experiments and extant scientific knowledge he drew from in his research that led him to the development of the Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator. There is evidence that this device, which the scientist utilized in the treatment of many diseases, including cancer, was in fact the brainchild of Nikola Tesla, whom Lakhovsky turned to for assistance at several critical junctures in his research.

The author was a Russian emigrant who lived and worked in Paris in the 1920s-1930s.  His formal training was in electrical engineering. Lakhovsky moved to New York in 1940 where he died in 1942 at the age of 73. In 1935 he wrote:  "My only wish is that my work be understood by all, even by those who are not familiar with scientific literature. I shall be more than gratified if I have succeeded in my attempt."

Check out the Table of Contents of The Secret of Life

Read the Foreword to The Secret of Life and decide for yourself:

Did Nikola Tesla invent the multiple wave oscillator?

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