The Grand Jury: The Cornerstone of the Constitution

The grand jury is the cornerstone of the Constitution. When it operates as it was designed by the Framers of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights cannot be infringed by the government. When it is a rubber stamp for the prosecutor, the Bill of Rights are seriously undermined. By educating those called to be grand jurors we can begin to reclaim those rights eviscerated by the federal judiciary.

Judges Above the

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The Cornerstone of the Constitution: Part I

Fifth Amendment Fraud: Indictment by Grand Jury

The Cornerstone of the Constitution: Part II

Fifth Amendment Fraud: Grand Jury Secrecy

The Cornerstone of the Constitution: Part III

Fifth Amendment Fraud: Grand Jury Voting Procedures

Jury Nullification

For to say, they [jurors] are not at all to meddle with, or have respect to Law in giving their Verdicts, is not only a false position, and contradicted by every days experience; but also a very dangerous and pernicious one, tending to defeat the principal end of the Institution of Juries, and so subtilly to undermine that which was too strong to be batter'd down.

The English-man's Right by Sir John Hawles, Solicitor-General of England in the reign of William III

Your ability to use the American legal system as a survival skill in our day equals our forefathers' ability to use firearms as a survival skill in 1776. Read "Barefoot Pilgrims" by Michael H. Brown and see how this works.

Barefoot Pilgrims

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