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Note: Unlike most websites, I'm not even going to pretend that this section will be regularly updated.  So if it's June 2004 and you're reading the latest news from January '03, don't think any less of me.

As promised, the magnificent Jonsey (2/16/04)

Flames of War sweep through my apartment (1/31/04)

My humble studio played host to a jolly old game of Flames of War that was thoroughly enjoyed by all last night.  We had to call the game on accounta it was late and we got a late start; here are some hastily snapped pix taken towards the end of the evening. (For some reason the flash made all the colors look a shade or two richer than they really are.  Deal with it.)

You (by which I mean none of you) demanded it, here it is... (9/16/03)

The long-awaited photo suite of my trip to Las Vegas last May, when I went to see my dear bro Gabe risk life and limb in the name of drag racing custom Harleys.  My brother is cool.

There's Something Eerily Familiar About This (4/17/03)...

How to Change Your Life in the Course of One Night (3/11/03)

The answer is simple--go see a Henry Rollins spoken word performance.  We all, of course, know Henry as legendary frontman for Black Flag and Rollins Band.  Perhaps we even know of him as underground author/poet or as host of TLC's own Full Metal Challenge.  But if you've never seen him live, performing spoken-word, brother, have you been missing out!

(Spoken word, at least as Henry presents it, is somewhere between stand-up comedy, political thought, social commentary, music history, anecdotes, and so much more.)

I saw Henry about two weeks ago down in Hollywood.  He talked for two-and-a-half hours and left the stage looking like he could talk for two-and-a-half more.  The intensity of simply listening to this man wore me out and energized me at the same time.  I'm still processing all the thoughts, feelings, emotions stirred up that night, so all I can say right now is if Henry is rolling through your town, GO SEE HIM!!  He's not some kind of mystic guru, swami,  new age Mars/Venus shit peddler, just an intense, thought provoking, battle-scarred veteran of the underground who will challenge and illuminate that mass of gray matter sitting comfortably in your coconut.

The Great Toenail Removal of 2003 (1/18/03)

After months of procrastinating, I finally went in to see a podiatrist about my wickedly ingrown toenail.  I acquired the little gem from wearing Converse All-Stars, a shoe that, although stylish, ultimately proved far too narrow for my hoof-like feet.  Combine compressed toes with long periods of standing at my job and, well sir, you've got yourself an ingrown!

Now, mind you, I did try on a couple of occasions to make an appointment with my HMO's podiatry department.  I was told on both occasions that they were "booked up."  There must be some sort of epidemic of foot problems plaguing my fair city.  So I nursed the damn toe along for about six months.  It didn't really hurt that just looked gnarly and kept getting infected.  And finally, at long last, I found podiatry able to take an appointment, so in I went on Thursday (1/16/03).

Twenty minutes later I was walking out with one less toenail than when I went in.  Just like that.  I'm still recuperating even as I type.  And now, because I know you all so desperately want to see it, I hereby present a photo of my nail-less toe: