NRA Distinguished Program

HP Dist 2

HP Disr 3

INtl DIst

SB Dist

High Power Distinguished

This program encompasses four disciplines: National Match Course (OTC), Mid-Range Prone, Long-Range Prone and International Prone Fullbore. A first time award in any discipline consists of the badge along with the specific rifle bar. To be awarded a bar a competitor must earns four (4) steps toward distinguished in Regionals, State Championships and the National Matches. One step must be earned at the national championship. Competitors must place in the top 10% in the desgnated aggregate course of fire to earn a step. Only 2 steps may be earned for a specific bar in one year.

Mid-Range Prone Distinguished


Distinguished awards may be earned in F-class, Target Rifle and Palma Rifle

Course of Fire

Mid-Range Conventional Prone – Palma/Target/F-Open/F-TR Rifle

Course of Fire –National/Regional – 600 Aggregate

20 shots SF@ 300 yds MR-63/MRFC-63 Target

20 shots SF@ 500 yds MR-65/MRFC-65 Target

20 shots SF@ 600 yds MR-1/MRFC-1 Target

National Match Course (OTC) Distinguished


Distinguished awards may be earned in Service Rifle and Match Rifle

Course of Fire

National Match Course – Service Rifle/Match Rifle

Course of Fire – National/Regional Matches – 800 Aggregate

20 shots SF@ 200 yds – Standing SR Target

20 shots RF@ 200 yds – Sitting SR Target

20 shots RF@ 300 yds - Prone SR-3 Target

20 shots SF@ 600 yds - Prone MR-1 Target