The following list includes every "playing card" style card produced for Warhammer Quest, including:
Warhammer Quest Boxed Set
Treasure Card Packs 1, 2 and 3
Lair of the Orc Lord Expansion
Catacombs of Terror Expansion
All the cards from White Dwarf WHQ articles

Some of the treasure cards in the treasure packs can be inspirational for designing your own quests. Design a Quest in which the Warriors must collect all the Amulets, or Runestones, or chase after the magic items of Le Marquis. If they fail, huge vortexes of evil magic will descend upon the Empire, etc. etc.

Warhammer Quest Card List:

Boxed Set Event Cards:
Cave-In (E)
Encounter (E)
Dead Body (E)
Old Bones (E)
Portcullis (E)
Scorpions (E)
Trap (E)
2D6 Giant Bats (M)
2D6 Giant Rats (M)
2D6 Giant Spiders (M)
6 Goblin Archers (M)
6 Goblin Spearmen (M)
1D6 Goblin Spearmen & 1D6 Goblin Archers (M)
1 Minotaur (M)
1D3 Minotaurs (M)
6 Orcs (M)
1D6 Orcs & 1D6 Orc Archers (M)
2D6 Skaven (M)
2D6 Snotlings (M)
13x Blank Monster event cards
4x Blank Event event cards
"How-to fill out Blank Event cards" Card

Boxed Set Treasure Cards:
Amulet of Power
Arrows of Death
Boots of Swiftness
Chalice of Fate
Darting Steel Daggers
Dragon Shield
Enchanted Shield
Ensorcelled Blade
Finger of Doom
Flash Powder
Fur Cloak
Gold (3 gp)
Gold (100 gp)
Healing Potion
Healing Salve
Hell Mace
Incense of Healing
Invisibility Ring
Lightning Fire Ring
Lucky Talisman
Magic Potion
Orb of Might
Potion of Healing
Quake Scroll
Shield of Deliverance
Talon of Death
Time Freeze Ring

Boxed Set Dungeon Cards:
Corridor Cards:
1x Corner
1x Stairway
3x T-Junction
7x Passageway
Dungeon Room Cards:
Circle of Power
Dungeon Cell
Guard Room
Monster's Lair
Torture Chamber
Well of Doom
Objective Room Cards:
Fighting Pit
Fountain of Light
Idol Chamber
Tomb Chamber

Boxed Set Spell Cards:
Attack Spell Cards:
Lightning Bolt
Ogre Strength
Pit of Despair
Defense Spell Cards:
Iron Skin
Healing Spell Cards:
Healing Hands
Heal Wounds
Life Force

Boxed Set Equipment Cards:
The Lantern
The Rope
Hand of Death Spell Scroll
Healing Potion (full wounds)

Boxed Set Warrior + Advance Cards:

Blank Event Card Blister Pack:
17x Blank Monster event cards
4x Blank Event event cards

Treasure Card Pack #1:
Cover card
Objective Room Treasure Cards:
Armour of Dargan
Arrows of Loren
Battle Stone of Le Marquis
Blood Sword
Boots of Flight
Bane Sword
Elf Helm
Hammer of Spite
Hellfire Sword
Horn of Vengeance
Power Stone of Le Marquis
Shield Spell Scroll
Sword of Vengeance
Warningstone of Asuryan
The Hammer of Sigmar
Dungeon Room Treasure Cards:
Ancient Vase of Lustria
Armour of Fortune
Arrow of Slaying
Axe of Slaughter
Band of Magic
Bane Scroll of the Undead
Blade of Sea Gold
Blade of Slicing
Bladed Boots
Boots of Tzchak
Bow of Tor Alessi
Cloak of Loren
Cloak of Deception
Cloak of Stealth
Coughing Spell Jewel
Dispel Magic Scroll
Dome of Power
Fanged Death Helm
Firebombs (1D6)
Glory! Spell Scroll
Gold (1D6x50)
Hidden Alcove
Holy Artefact
Lifebringer Spell Scroll
Lifestealer Talisman
Pearl Necklace
Pit of Despair Scroll
Potion of Alchemy
Potion of Flight
Potion of Instability
Potion of Weapon Mastery
Relic Blade
Ring of Sure Seeing
Runestone of Slaying
Spell Ring
Undead Bane
Wall of Steel

Treasure Card Pack #2:
Cover Card
Objective Room Treasure Cards:
Armour of Meteoric Iron
Axe of Slaying
Blade of Leaping Gold
Crown of Thoughts
Dragon Stone of Le Marquis
Elf Shield
Firestorm Icon
Gauntlets of Soul Rending
Horn of Defiance
Lifestone of Ashraaz
Life Stone of Le Marquis
Ring of Regeneration
Ring of the Warp
Surefire Bow
Sword of Hoeth
Dungeon Room Treasure Cards:
Arrows of Piercing
Arrows of Sure Flight
Bauble of Anurandel
Boots of Battle
Boots of Leaping
Bugman's XXXXXX
Chaos Bane
Confuse Spell Scroll
Crown of Madness
Cure Small Wounds Spell
Exotic Foods of Tilea
Fine Clothes
Fine Elf Wine
Fleet of Foot Scroll
Goblet of Vitality
Halo of Vengeance Scroll
Healing Hands Jewel
Horn of Shielding
Icon of Combat
Icon of Determination
Invisibility Spell Scroll
Iron Skin Spell Scroll
Light of Courage
Obsidian Blade
Ogre Slayer
Ogre Strength Scroll
Orb of Power
Potion of Battle
Potion of Healing (1D6 wounds)
Potion of Pain
Potion of Strength
Quarg Horn
Ring of Power
Spices from Araby
Stone of Bravery
Stone of Transmutation
Strength Spell Scroll
Swords of Doom Scroll

Treasure Card Pack #3:
Cover Card
Objective Room Treasure Cards:
Axe of Blood
Bracelet of Saphery
Chalice of Battle
Dragon Sword
Bow of Loren
Helm of Possession
Pistol & Shot
Ring of Seeking
Speed Stone of Le Marquis
Sword of Heroes
Talisman of Jet
Wand of Diabolum
Wand of Jade
Warp Jump Spell Jewel
Dungeon Room Treasure Cards:
Abandoned Backpack
Amulet of Fury
Amulet of Vindication
Bag of Gold (1d6x25)
Blessed Sword
Blood Pulse Spell Scroll
Bone Blade
Bow of Tiranoc
Destroy Magic Scroll
Destroy Magic Scroll
Dwarf Pick
Eltharion's Bow
Flesh Worm Scroll
Glittering Robe Scroll
Holy Water
Horn of Resilience
Icon of Agility
Luckstone of Anurandel
Potion of Endurance
Potion of Flying
Potion of Keensight
Potion of Lightning Blades
Potion of Toughness
Potion of Water Walking
Precious Icon
Protection Ring
Rapid Fire Bracelets
Ring of Invisibility
Rune of Destruction
Runestone of Death
Runestone of Magic
Salve of Strength
Sword of Might
Window of the Void Scroll
Wines of Bretonnia
Wings of Power Scroll
Wizard's Staff

Catacombs of Terror Event Cards:
Curse of the Dread King (E)
Death Curse (E)
Dwarf Ghost (E)
Horror in the Darkness (E)
Spectral Attack (E)
Vampire Bats (E)
Van Damneg - The Dread King (M)
Gunther Laranscheld - Evil Necromancer (M)
Luthor, Laranshceld's Hunchback Servant (M)
1 Carrion (M)
2D6 Ghouls (M)
1D6+3 Skeletons (Archers) (M)
1D6+3 Skeletons (M)
1D6 Skeleton Spearmen (M)
1D6 Skeleton Spearmen and 1D6 Skeleton Archers (M)
1 Tomb Guardian (M)
1D3 Tomb Guardians (M)
1D6+3 Zombies (M)

Catacombs of Terror Treasure Cards:
Objective Room Treasure Card:
Sceptre of Zandri
Dungeon Room Treasure Cards:
Amulet of Charadris
Axe of Khemri
Chalice of Vigour
Helm of Alcadizzar
Silver Stone
Stone Icon of Ghamaluk
Orb of Sigmar
Talisman of Alcadizzar
The Blessed Gem
The Kingshield of Tilea

Catacombs of Terror Dungeon Cards:
Corridor Card:
Chasm of Despair
Flames of Khazla
Dungeon Room Cards:
Hall of Death
Objective Room Card:
Dread King's Throne Room

Catacombs of Terror Special Cards:
Grimoire Necris
Necromantic Magic
Undead Minions

Lair of the Orc Lord Event Cards:
Bogoff The Snotling (E)
Challenge! (E)
Falling Block (E)
Get The Little Git (E)
Gubbinz The Jester (E)
Map (E)
Spikes! (E)
Spore Fungus (E)
Trip Up (E)
Wounded Knight (E)
1D6 Black Orcs (M)
3 Goblin Fanatics (M)
1D3+1 Goblin Wolf Riders (M)
Gorgut And Minions (M)
3 Gorgut's Big'Uns (M)
1D6 Orcs And 1D6 Night Goblin Archers (M)
1D6 Night Goblin Archers And 1 Fanatic (M)
4 Night Goblin Netters And 4 Clubbers (M)
Skabnoze The Shaman With Minions (M)
2 Squig Hunters With Cave Squig (M)
1D6 Wild Cave Squigs (M)

Lair of the Orc Lord Treasure Cards:
Bograt's Krown
Fungus Brew
Magic Arrers
Plergit's Stabba
Pritty Stonez
Ring Of Life
Scroll Of The Chimera
The Hammer Of Hargon

Lair of the Orc Lord Dungeon Cards:
Corridor Card:
Collapsed Passage
Dungeon Room Card:
Shaman's Den
Objective Room Card:
Gorgut's Lair

Lair of the Orc Lord Special Cards:
Shaman's Den
Skabnoze's Spells
Squig Hound
Sword Of Malediction

White Dwarf 185:
Gaol Key Equipment Card
Gaol Board Section
Gaol Dungeon Card

White Dwarf 186:
Flames of Khazla Board Section
Flames of Khazla Dungeon Card

White Dwarf 187:
4x Treasure Cards:
Freezing Death Spell Jewel
Moradrel's Boots
Reaper Sword

White Dwarf 189:
Treasure Map Equipment Card
2x Treasure Cards:
Gem of Passage
Globe of Destruction

White Dwarf 190:
8x Dark Secret Cards:
Personal Supplies
Secret Map

White Dwarf 191:
2x Treasure Cards:
Blessed Water

White Dwarf 192:
3x Board Sections:
Dead End
Collapsed Passage
Into The Dark
3x Dungeon Cards:
Dead End
Collapsed Passage
Into The Dark

White Dwarf 193:
4x Event Cards:
Orc Ambush (M)
Rat Ogre (M)
Spider's Lair (E)
Treasure Trove (E)

White Dwarf 195:
Rat Golem Event Card (M)
Skreek Deathstrike Event Card (M)
Quirrik Event Card (M)
Quirrik's Laboratory Dungeon Card
Quirrik's Lab board section
6x Warpstone counters

White Dwarf 197:
4x Event Cards:
Alarm (E)
Shifting Sands (E)
Sliding Wall (E)
Snake Pit (E)

White Dwarf 201:
Affliction of Nurgle Event Card (E)
Chaos Dwarf Anvil board section (no Dungeon card)

White Dwarf 204:
Sewer Board Section
Sewer Dungeon Card
Fascination of Slaanesh Event Card (E)

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