Last updated: May 6th, 2004 [What's New]

I've decided to make some changes to this website and hopefully make visiting it a little more worthwhile. Some of my old sections don't seem too relevant at this point, so I've take a few things down. The only section I'll be concentrating on in the near future is the photo gallery and updating this front page with my goings-on instead of having them tucked away on a seperate page. The Sanctum Notaris will become an archive page instead of the current news.

On that note, here's the current news: I've added more minis to the Warmachine section of the gallery and 2 new pages in the Lord of the Rings section with shots of the many great tables I saw at this year's LA Games Day. I came in second place in an online painting competition for Warmachine figures in March and in April at the aforementioned Games Day I fulfilled one of my dreams and won a Silver Demon for my LotR Cave Troll in the Regiment/Monster category.

I'll tidy this up considerably later today. At the moment it's a bit of a mess!

Photo Gallery: Recently revamped. All-new pictures of my miniatures and events I've attended (updated May 6th, 2004)

Introduction: What this site is about, and a description of the Sanctum Imperialis on Earth.
Sanctum Notaris: Archived news.

Warhammer 40K
Imperial Book of Names: Names of Imperial footsloggers, servants and heroes from GW publications.

"Etrigan's Decree": The Cawdor get a pre-battle peptalk.
"An Offer...": The Skankpipe Scavvies get an offer they can't refuse.
"The End for Fritch": The Skankpipes are retired. Who'll replace them?
"Shopping Trip": The Spyrer hunt "Glory to Helmawr" plan a Guilder warehouse infiltration.

Warhammer Quest
Warhammer Quest Card List: The complete list of cards produced for the Warhammer Quest game.

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