The following short story was the background for a campaign game I played against my friend Josh. In the previous game, an ambush scenario, I got trounced pretty badly and one of my gangers was captured by his Delaque gang. In the game following this story, I failed to rescue brother Neros, got my leader killed and now things aren't looking too good for the Gloryfire gang. Enjoy.

The ganger clumsily dumped another armful of dried fungus stalks on the fire, sending sparks and smoke in all directions. Those seated around the fire coughed and waved futiley at the smoke, cursing their battle-brother.

"Caetus, you idiot, watch what you're doing!"
"Emperor's blood! Do that again and I'll cut off your arms!"

Etrigan, leader of the Gloryfire gang, stood and motioned his followers to silence. The cowl he normally wore in battle was thrown back, revealing the black facemask which covered much of his features. Still visible, however, were the large rivulating scars running down one side of his face and neck. He put one foot upon a broken drainage pipe, as if it were a footstool.

"Be still, my brothers. There now, sit down Caetus. If brother Caetus acts indelicately, it is because his thoughts are with brother Neros, held captive by those backstabbing Delaque. Only a House as dishonest as the Delaque could turn our ambush against us." Etrigan paused a moment, then began again with quiet, deliberation, "They've taken one of our settlements, a good and decent village dedicated to living in the name of Imperial glory. What do you think they're doing there right now? What do you think?"

The silence in the underhive was potent. The half-dozen, wide-eyed gangers leaned closer.

"DEFILEMENT!" roared Etrigan with a crazed look in his eye, "CORRUPTION! The ground we toiled upon with sacred labor has been made IMPURE!" Etrigan kicked derisively at the drainage pipe and stepped away, as if it had suddenly become tainted and worthless. The gangers leaned back as one body, aghast at what had become of their former territory.

"Those Delaque snakes cover not their faces but only their eyes; not with humility but with deceit. We Cawdor see the redemption coming and are unafraid of it's awesome power, because we know it will protect us! They conceal their eyes because they are afraid the truth will blind them, and they wish to hide their weakness." Etrigan laughed scornfully. He knew the Delaque would fall before them. It was fortold. "We will purify this hive, no matter what they try to stop us, but first we must show them the error of their ways. We must show them all, that to hold a Brother of the Redemption captive is to receive the righteous judgement of our Emperor. They will feel the gloryfire and they shall know PAIN!"

The gangers rose to their feet and cheered loudly, their confidence restored. They were ready to take on the Delaque, free their brother and take back their land. As they congratulated each other on their forthcoming success a young juve came running up to the fire, carrying a faded brown cardboard box under his arms.

"Boss, Boss! I got that special ammo you asked for!"

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